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The first reactor of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, near Haiyan on the northern coast of Hangzhou Bay, began operation in 1994, with more units coming on line there in the early 21st century. The Hangzhou district produces the famous Longjing (Dragon Well) green tea. How many of these China Facts did you know beforehand? 15.There are many different types, and every region has its own specialty noodle dish. So pull up a chair, get comfortable – and enjoy this awesome list of the top 200 most random and fun facts. Since they only can have one child per family, it has led to the fact that a lot of parents want a son and not a daughter. China is still very traditional as a country, and because of parents only wanting a son, it has led to the problem that about 30-40 million men can’t find a Chinese wife to marry because they’re already taken. With these 100 tech facts, you’ll find interesting tidbits from computers and the internet, to gaming gadgets and tech giants such as Google, Apple & Microsoft. You can thank me later! 31.Ice cream is believed to have originated in China around 2000 BC. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Zhejiang-Jiangxi line runs south and southwest from Hangzhou and links Zhejiang with southern and central China; a branchline extends to the southeast from Jinhua to Wenzhou and Longwan. Fun Facts! Join in the celebrations here at National Geographic Kids with these cool facts about China, from its ancient empire to the modern day… Facts about China. Today more than 3 billion fortune cookies are made each year, but it’s not a traditional Chinese custom, even if many westerners think otherwise. 26.Tea is served at dim summeals and often comes in flavors like Green Tea and Chrysanthemum. Then you’ve come to the right place! 11.The “Eight Culinary Cuisines” of China  are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Zhejiang cuisines.12.Fujian Cooking in the East – Chinese clear soupsSome of Fujian’s famous dishes are clear soups and seafood. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'uselessdaily_com-box-4','ezslot_5',108,'0','0']));18.An example of Dim Sum is dumpling. Hangzhou emerged as a major industrial city after 1949; it produces a wide range of industrial and consumer goods, including machinery, textiles, agricultural implements, chemicals, radios, and televisions. Intriguing Facts About Iceland 1. 22.Beijing Cuisine in the North – Beijing cuisine is the style prevalent in Northern China, and its emphasis is on light and subtle flavors. 4.The staple foods of Chinese cooking include rice, noodles, vegetables, and sauces and seasonings. In the well-watered hilly areas, tea is grown. I like durian, explosions, and the abelian grape joke. 13.Both rice and wheat are grown in Fujian, so rice and noodles are the staples. Share your result in the comment section below! One in every five people in the world is Chinese, Random facts about China and the Chinese people, Facts about Sri Lanka – 25 Things you should know, Facts about Laos – 25 Things you should know, Shanghai Tower – Facts, Tickets, and Information for your visit, More than 35 million people still live in caves, There’s a bridge between mainland China and Macau, where cars switch from left to right-hand drive and vice versa, Ice Cream wasn’t invented in Italy, it was invented in China 4000 years ago, Many Chinese emperors considered themselves to be, Table Tennis is considered the national sport, All of China uses the same time zone despite the country’s size, 100 million people in China live on less than US$1 per day, More than 45 billion chopsticks are being used per year, A soup that’s made from bird saliva is considered a delicacy – Bird’s nest soup, The Chinese language is the oldest language still in use in writing in the world, About four million cats are eaten every year in China as a delicacy, The Chinese consider number 8 as lucky. Improved methods of tea cultivation and processing were introduced and new plantations established, and the province resumed its position as China’s leading tea producer. Zhejiang has also been long famous for its sericulture . In addition to this, youths should not start eating before the elders start eating. India is not far behind though with 1.3 billion people, and they’re estimated to take over the 1 place in a few years. 29.In larger cities, a wide variety of Chinese bakery products are available, including baked, steamed, boiled, or deep-fried sweet or savory snacks. Most farmers raise pigs and poultry on their small private plots, and many also raise fish in village ponds, reservoirs, or lakes and rear silkworms during the slack farming season in spring. The designation of Ningbo and Wenzhou as two of China’s “open” cities stimulated programs promoting foreign investment and technology transfers. The world’s first soccer ball was a leather ball filled with feathers and hair, and the game was called ‘Tsu’ Chu,’ which literally means ‘kicking ball.’. 8.Unlike in most world cuisines, the soup is part of the last course in Chinese cuisine. Although historically there were numerous harbours along the Zhejiang coast, coastal shipping accounted for only a small percentage of the total freight volume for some time. But, still, every cosmetic product that’s on the Chinese market has to go through tests on animals. Huadiao, a type of rice wine made in Shaoxing, is a well-known local traditional product. The Pingshui district, south and east of Shaoxing, has the largest tea acreage and the highest production of processed tea. Featuring a variety of random, interesting, weird, and funny facts and trivia that are added on a regular basis. This in part reflects the province’s historical role as a commercial and handicraft centre and a significant textile producer since the 1890s. With that said, most people use other social media channels such as Baidu, WeChat and Sina Weibo. 14.Noodle is famous in Fujian and other parts of China. Below these are districts under municipalities (shixiaqu), counties (xian), autonomous counties (zizhixian), and county-level municipalities (xianjishi). In a period of a year (365 days), China gets at least 73 new skyscrapers! It's free! 27.Generally, seasonal fruits serve as the most common form of dessert consumed after dinner. Important commercial catches include drums (or croakers), cutlass fish, and cuttlefish. Because of the province’s hilly topography, only about one-fifth of its land surface is arable. Most of Zhejiang’s wealth derives from light industry. About 1 in 5 people worldwide are Chinese, which in a percentage equal to 20% of the total population in the world. As a result, many kinds of fish come there to spawn; more than 100 varieties of fish are found there. Amazing random stuff, useless knowledge, interesting trivia, odd historical facts, weird news, funny jokes & totally useless information you probably don’t know, September 22, 2016 By Maria-Elpida Flessa 1 Comment. 17.Some of the well-known dishes include stir-fried beef and peppers with black bean sauce, chicken and Dim Sum (a meal made out of different snacks and it is served in the early morning). Well, get your answers here, and so much more with these 200 random, fun facts that will actually make your life better! Filed Under: Food Tagged With: chinese cuisine facts, chinese cuisine trivia, chinese cuisine unknown facts, chinese dishes facts, chinese food facts, chinese food trivia, chinese food unknown facts, noodles facts, noodles trivia. 1.Chinese food has the world’s biggest variety of flavors. The province has become a significant exporter with a number of specialized export centres for light industrial products and handicrafts. 1) The Chinese New Year celebration lasts for 15 days. How many of these China facts did you already know before reading this? Finally, a line between Hangzhou and Beilun connects the southern littoral of Hangzhou Bay with the rest of the province’s rail system. 12.Fujian Cooking in the East – Chinese clear soupsSome of Fujian’s famous dishes are clear soups and seafood. About four-fifths of Zhejiang’s arable land is irrigated—one of the highest ratios in eastern or southern Asia—and about two-thirds of the arable land is used to grow the staple food crops of rice, wheat, barley, corn (maize), and sweet potatoes. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 | hangover mediaHomepagePrivacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsSubmit. China is the world’s most populous country, 3. Guess again. The rest of the farmland is used for either green manure crops or such industrial crops as cotton, jute, ramie (a shrub yielding a fibre used for textiles), rapeseed, sugarcane, and tobacco. No country on Earth is growing as fast as China. Chili paste, garlic, and ginger are some of the most common ingredients. It’s mandatory for cosmetic products to be tested on animals, 12. 3.In the south, Chinese eat bowls of rice or rice noodles with almost every meal (as well as far greater varieties of fruit and veg), and only occasionally eat wheat. That’s an unremarkable average of 2 or 3 pairs a month for its approaching 1.4 billion population.

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