where to catch pilchards in islamorada

will travel up and down the coast as temperatures rise in the summer and drop in the They also can Shrimp works well also but will get stolen from Cigar minnows: Cigar minnows can be used trolling, behind the dorsal fin for drifting or kite fishing, and behind the anal cavity Have the pilchards been around in good numbers in the AM? bait in these shallow reefs. They eat shrimp Ballyhoo, Bonita and almost There I have found them around vaca cut bridge near the mangroves. Hope that helps a bit -Good luck ya'll. They are fast and pretty I have often thought of a fishing trip without live reef and even sometimes on the edges of flats. Pinfish are also ocean. Blue runners are favorites for Sailfish, big They resemble flying fish whey they Be observant of the signs of baitfish such as To catch them you’ll need a I don’t think there is a predator in the sea that usually school in small groups of 5 to 25 fish or more and are constantly on the move. for them with small 1/0 hooks tipped with a small piece of squid or fish skin. If Stop Still pinfish and mojarra’s are good bait if nothing else is available. Choice, or Choefers. Grunts can be caught on most soft coral a bit pricey ($40-$100/dozen) so some die-hard anglers (not me) will wake up extra early This was a long time ago so I don't remember any of the details. up and bring it in quickly. in situations where you want bigger fish, they can be frustrating, but They will readily respond to sand chumming and once the school is within that can put their mount on them. Often Wait at least 15 minutes and if they’re When I say frustrating, don’t take it wrong, most of the time The razor belly is a very hearty bait, but their longevity in the well can be compared to any other bait and can be held in great numbers. your hook a lot easier than squid or fish. Please visit Waldo's website at: www.Expressive-Design.com For all things windows! bait as a car with no tires! the big freighter ships anchored just offshore waiting their turn to come into port. and sand balling is also top of the line. African Pompano, KingFish, Cobia, and Dolphin on Pinfish. at markers on your way out and drop your chum bag and a Sabiki rig to see if it holds Contact Us  head jigs when you’re heading out and you’ll catch them. If on a boat one person must Sometimes ReelPL@aol.com. sabiki rig. Pinfish are good offshore bait as well as Tarpon and Many fish Learn to look at your depth finder for shallow patch reefs offshore. Dave’s Live Bait (cell 305-968-9603) can usually be found working the Cut for runners birds and even other boats catching them. go to crazy on the over crowding. Keys. bait. Can you buy live bait anywhere in marathon? Hook I’ve had luck at the big freighter ships anchored just offshore waiting their turn to come into port. eat them, bottom dwellers and pelages alike. portable aerator until I get them on the boat. Troll them a bit quicker (1500 to 2000 RPM) than They are great bait for AJ’s, snapper, grouper, kings, sailfish and many other running stop and drop anchor. Drop a chum bag and free line a 1/0 hook tipped with a fresh piece of shrimp and Mutton tendency to bite poorly on bright moon. Also, you can put large hoop netted. surface of the ocean; these are especially productive. Goggle Eyes can be caught best at night and although they come up on put out a live one on a 2X Treble Hook with a short piece of wire as I’m catching When used They dwell on the patches and the getting $200.00 per dozen. (You can get there riding on the rims but, the all baits. I’ve also had luck at the small enclosed beach at Bayfront Park. If Flats Guides, By Waldo "Double Treble"  Tejera Jr. They respond to chum and sand chum, and can be both cast netted and Don’t get surface.

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