watch dogs 2 helicopter mod

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Alt ~: Switch to a lower convergence preset for some cutscenes. This is a game bug What you think about it? No need to thank for that. I was wondering is there any solution in getting 376.33 to work on my 1080tis without bricking my cards, or having issues? Hi,for the first time I have an issue with the 3dfix patch. This fix hasn't been updated in forever, and still runs fine on my system (Win 10, 419.35) albiet with the SLI performance issues mentioned in the description. The lens grit texture has been moved to depth to look better. Should fix Ansel in all circumstances along with any other shadows, reflections, etc. So what does this file do? Thanks for doing that test. You can also specify several preset You can use, Fixed road dirt decals (happened to notice they were out while taking an Subscribe for news and discussion on the games. Can I use this without 3d vision? Might be playable. And regreattably SLI still can't activate. I want try it, if this possible. Won't look as good. Not certain. I'm afraid you have too many moving parts - this is a 3D Vision mod, not a VR mod, and while I recognise that it can be combined with certain third party software to render on a VR headset there are simply too many pieces well outside my control to consider providing support for that. As far as we know our 3D fixes have never triggered a ban with these type of This fix don't work, the game crash on lauch without any error message., THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM - 3D Vision All in one, Borderlands 2 3D Vision Patch New Version, Dragon Age Inquisition - 3DMigoto DX11 3D Vision Fix: Beta v12 (Game v1.04), Re-fixed reflections, etc. But anyway 3d migoto still can't be installed in automatic mode. Definitely not. I'll circle back to this. for WATCH_DOGS2 v1.09.154 update, Fixed new rediculous shadow map size being stereoised (3DMigoto update), Disabled compatibility mode that was added in the 378.48 driver, Fix is now distributed as a 7z file to keep the filesize down (it would have By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Game play sounds, but nothing on the screen.I think NVidia drivers or Experience do wrong something. I reinstall game, reinstall driver and reinstall 3D fix and still look to blackscreen in game. satellites and one or two other cases where the other convergence presets are Keep doing this great job! If it helps you to make the fixes better we all benefit from that:)Ironically i don´t have much hangs. This is one of the games supported by NVIDIA Ansel, which allows you to been a 150MB zip file, compared to a 7MB 7z file. But hey, i´m happy that i can play it at least:) Thanks guys for all your great work. If using 3D TV Play, set the (Vive) Performance is not particularly good, this has a *lot* going on, but it works. If anyone got some advice i would be very grateful. If that is not an Anything up close will have blur/smudges/halos as part of the way CM works. My specifications: top (in list) custom windows 10 worktable resolution 2960x2880 (becouse of some bug it set in game aspect ratio for Watch Dogs 2), worktable resolution before game 2442x1188 (nvidia now scale custom game resolutions to worktable resolution and this resolution is the top among stable, biggest can crash game), in game resolution 1776x1728 (optimal for good sharpness on my VR device). But when I uninstall fix game lost blackscreen bug and displays correct game image.Regreattably my HDMI to VGA adapter is die and I can't test it anymore. Not clear, but that can sometimes be caused by a bad driver install. Maybe not so good as 476 driver (I don't test it, info from here), but better than single card mode.I find info on other forum VR SLI is can be activated in Stalker now. with the -eac_launcher option. Still, I'd be super surprised if this file was causing your problems. Want play it, but...1080ti sli, Windows 10 pro, 12gb ram, 6 core Xeon.It maybe a most unlucky game in my life. Don't try the menu while the HUD is Helixmod team makes me think to the Z team from Dragon Ball Z.For "normal games", one member creates a fix for the games, but for "AAA Games", many members from Helixmod team work together in the creation of a "super fix". WD2 is 60 FPS (without a limited) in 2D - and (around) 30 FPS in 3D - is this normal for this series? And sorry for my bad english:). The depth can be but if you run into problems, try that driver first. Without nvapi64 there are no hangs. It worked. the semicolon) the line that reads: Then, in game press F11 to cycle output modes. Otherwise we won't get 3D injection. Probably only noticeable if you freeze the game For those who didn't know, by default the helicopter doesn't have any camera meaning your camera gets fixed to 0, 0, 0 which is under the middle of the map. I think new blackscreens bug is result of some combination VGA compatibilty and/or corrupt new version of fix manager.It probably all what I can rememeber about this situation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Can you please put here url to the generic 3dmigoto? !I'm now supporting you on Patreon. (and the blue glitch was prominent throughout the whole game). search for "Ansel" and uncomment the two ShaderOverride sections. Maybe drivers&codecs&shadowplay use some function of some virtual desktop and it broke game which patched in 3D fix?BTW updated fix manager do not install fix correct and do not uninstall correct it too. assembler. Maybe some little tweaks in ini files can help me? values to cycle between with the F2 key by editing the [KeyHUDDepth] section. No hangs that I saw. @DarkStarSword @bo3b I may not quite correctly write bug report. personally I find the stereo screenshot option to be lacking (no off-center He managed to give the helicopter its own camera which is so much better than having to rely on your RC. I think it may be some bug in SBS optimisations. I tried almost everything possible.The game just starts fine, except for the loading time of more than 5 minutes, i can live with that. We are much more compatible with them now, but in general overlays are poorly coded and can introduce crashes like this. Hi.Thanks for another good fix :).I know this wouldn't have anything to do with using the wrapper but I have been googling and reading the 17 pages on the GeForce forum post that has the fix links directed to here.Everyone seems to say this game runs like crap on high end systems.I just installed and playing around with graphics settings.Nvidia released a new driver yesterday I read release notes saying added sli support for watchdogs 2.The frame rates I'm getting are a jokeWith comparability mode on both gpus are not close to being fully lo utilized and getting a solid 60fps.Everything on ultra.With comparability off Gpu loads are around 80%.CPU usage 50-60% all cores.Gets me like 38-45 fps on ultra/very high high around 50 but all over the place.Turned off basically everything post processing etc.Still won't get me 60fps.My main specs areSli 1080s7700k at 4.832gb ram @ 2600mhzSsdsIs this another Ubisoft unoptimized looks good can't play on anything game that needs 100 updates?.I turned sli off for curiosity 30fps 99% usage on gpu so sli definitely working and my CPU isn't close to maxing out on 4 cores.Thanks for any info appreciate it. that might have been missing in any rare circumstances.- Fix is now distributed as a 7z file to keep the filesize down (it would have been a 150MB zip file, compared to a 7MB 7z file. I haven't hit 60 - I haven't tried - I used to game on a laptop and I can tolerate low framerates, so it just doesn't bother me. Played the game yesterday 4-6 hours without any problems. that occurs in 2D as well. Please help! The only way to see anything is either via the minimap or by using a bug that allows you to control your drone together with the vehicle you're riding. No trouble since then. Update v1.5 (WATCH_DOGS2 v1.09.154)- Re-fixed shadows, etc. flying into them with the quad copter. WD3. K: Cycle between three crosshair modes: auto (enabled only when aiming), on There are also separate adjustments for 3D HUD elements in z and w. The units Community-driven subreddit for the Video Game series Watch_Dogs. I open the camera, press click and it freezes immediatly. So it seems v1.5 is the culprit of the performance problem.. omw i must start playing games right after the fix is out man. I always start with eac off, otherwise the game won't start cause eac detects all fix files as "bad" and deletes them. I hope someone reads this after this long time and can help. Maybe this is causing troubles?! I doesn't know where it placed. If done correctly you will get a message when the game launches that the z sets the convergence override I don't recall off hand whether that version also benefited single GPU, but if it did it certainly wasn't as pronounced as SLI. It's specified Cancel state in complete IRP.after reboot, the game is not lauching anymore (but without error message). Just wanted to follow up - DDU'd and still the same problem. Hi Shane, thank you for your much appreciated input. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Community-driven subreddit for the Video Game series Watch_Dogs. Late-comer again - freaking amazing work!! That strongly suggests we have a bug of some form with the nvapi wrapper.Doesn't always happen though. Update v1.1:- Fixed clipping on thick San Francisco volumetric fog- Fixed another type of fog - should make fog 3D under all weather conditions- Fixed more instances of 2D transparent effects in nethack vision (glass panels on the Temple of New Dawn glass & shrink wrap)- Fixed wrong reflections on some hair- Fixed blood decals- Fixed brick decals floating a few milimeters above pavement with shadows falling through them.- Added shotgun crosshair to auto adjust list- Fixed glow of sun/moon when viewed through the thick San Francisco fog- Fixed steam explosions, Update v1.2- Fixed several crossairs: Sniper scope, Grenade launcher, X hit indicator, red crosshairs- Moved bullets and Police sniper laser back to 3D (was caught by a HUD adjustment)- Fixed a few minor issues on the horizon & around sun. View entire discussion ( 17 comments) More posts from the watch_dogs community. So i think you´re presumption may be right.Yet i don´t have figured out how to play the game with EAC on, cause everytime i´ll try EAC tells me that d3d11.dll is an untrusted system file and refuses to start. I start the game with the "-eac_launcher"command but it stops at loading. Stalls were from spinning disk install, moved to SSD and it's smooth. Watch dogs 2 : what do you do when the "cabbie for hire" is not available in the driver sf app Watch dogs 2 : in the mission watched I need to select "cabbie for hir.. How do I get into the coit tower Shadowplay stream 2560x1440,60fps which scaled to 2960x1440(1480x1440x2) on my VR screen. Try updating the d3d11.dll with v1.3.16 from here:

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