the pilliga princess

Speaking of the Pilliga Forest, eerie stories around this area, seemily are not exclusive to just ghost-like figures, but also to Yowie sightings — Australia’s counterpart to the infamous Bigfoot. There are some very interesting stories of the Pilliga Princess and the Yowie in this area. I was stuck out their for two days and night’s after I blee a front wheel barring on my old F100. Set my alarm for 20 minutes 1 talking about this. Immortalised in Henry Lawson’s poem, The Pilliga Princess, Newell Highway, NSW, Anti Gravity Hill, Straws Lane, Woodend, VIC, In  there are countless anonymous stories online that speak of a girl in a white dress that appears on the Middle Creek Bridge in Wakehurst Parkway west of Sydney as unsuspecting drivers go through her, or a nun apparition that sits in the back seat of cars. Nobody knows just quite where the rumour that Lemon Tree Passage Road was a spooky hotspot stemmed from, but many locals or tourists passing through have told of chilling experiences. Facebook user, Sean K, mentioned that once, when he was driving along a rural stretch of road, he came across a thylacine, otherwise known as the now extinct, Tasmanian tiger. There’s even a film documentary (trailer below) that. She is said to wear a red fishing hat, pulled down to eye level, and a World War I army coat. Rest in the Pilliga. The Pilliga Princess, Newell Highway, NSW; The Pilliga Princess is supposedly an Aboriginal woman that used to be seen travelling on the Newell Highway between Narrabri and Coonabaraban in New South Wales. That was how terrified truckie Bruce Cambell described the massive apelike beast that approached him on a Pilliga scrubland road near Narrabri. omg, thats scary 0.0 Hey guys, I would love to hear them regardless of how scary/strange they may be. We were finally out of the arid and semi arid regions. Overnights devoted the program to strange happenings in the bush and outback by sending the usual host of the show Trevor   Chappell out to the Pilliga to look for Yowies. Accounts of Min-Min lights, the ghost of the Pilliga Princess, flesh-eating Yowies, and other strange happenings abound. “It was hairy and had hair probably two inches long, all over its body. It has been noted that she was actually a homeless woman who would walk along this road, often seen by truckers late at night. Then talk turned to the matter of Yowies, Bunyips and the Pilliga Princess. Known by various names like kianpraty, they all mean evil spirit. Despite the lack of roadside assistance, probably the real reason you don’t want to get held up here is because it stretches past the infamous Wolfe Creek crater, forever connected to the gut-churner film “Wolf Creek” about a serial killer. I think dad did see her once as well but he was up and down that road every 3 weeks for 30 years and if he did see her ghost after that he never mentioned it. We wouldn’t either. Truckers swear that they still see the woman walking the roads, late at night, only now, she has been described as a ghostlike figure, with a mop of wild white hair and glowing eyes. He said his hair turned white after the experience, in a matter of minutes, and that he spent the next 20 years in a mental institution after the trauma. We heard later she had been killed after being hit by a truck . dressed like and old English style clothing all white . One night in 1993 the Pilliga Princess was hit and killed by a truck. We saw or heard nothing out of the ordinary. This is the story of the Pilliga Encounter. one night a scruffy grey\blond haird woman jumped up into my truck while i was stopped at goondawindi.she said can i give her a lift as i was heading south . I believe you %150! I just found this facebook page about a pilliga film that is now in 70 countries? Many truckers and other travellers report seeing an apparition of an old woman walking along the road pushing a trolley of bags. Truckers reported seeing her at night, an eerie figure in their headlights. You’ll have to watch to find out. This road, located between the Princes Highway and the South Coast railway line in New South Wales, has earned the name “The Bloody Mile”- and for good reason. It was 10 ft tall, hairy and had an overall fearsome appearance. Whatever it was, it was in the scrub between us and the ute. Pauline has worked in-house at Smith's Lawyers and has written for publications such as Domain, Real Living, Traveller, Time Out, Sitchu, and Houzz. Her spirit is said to remain because she is earth bound due to not finding peace . Running through the giant Pilliga Forest of NSW, there’s a 20km stretch called the Newell Highway, where a great amount of spooky stories have originated, regarding that of the Pilliga Princess. Others driving through the area claim to have seen Min Min lights – a light that floats above the horizon and follows you across the land. I have been told the same thing has happened to other different drivers in the past. When we got into this particular part of the forest it was late afternoon and the forest was extraordinarily dry and eerily lifeless. In the morning my mate woke me up complaining, saying why the F did you unzip my swag. Coonabarabran was creepy enough back then, the bush fires on the hills in the distance would light the night sky up orange, the last truck stop before leaving the town had an old circus trailer with a big scary clown painted on it and the door on it was always open and I would see it year after year but I would never dare to go in there. From ancient times, humanity has enjoyed few activities more than the sheer inhumanity of scaring the living daylights out of each other, so it’s no shocker to find entire tourist industries built on doing just that. Anti Gravity Hill, Straws Lane, Woodend, VIC. Now, after stumbling across the stories people have told of the pilliga, I am not so sure that I dreamt what had happened. she was just sitting there, I locked the brakes on the bike and yelled out to my mate to come back but the girl was gone, he thought i was just talking out my ass, but it was so freaky, and there is noway any human could of got through the trees and thick scub, nor could a branch so thin hold someone’s weight. Once I had settled I went back to sleep and put the whole experience down to maybe a bad dream and after telling the boys what happened we left the forest the next morning. i was about 24 at the time and she looked in her we drove away i heard other truckies talking on the cb saying the princess was hanging around looking for a lift. im gunna use this story for my new ute so i have a kinda theme behind it. Could anyone who has had authentic experiences with the Pilliga Princess or any other happenings in the Pilliga please contact me at if you are willing and happy to share your experiences. A Yowie is an apelike creature with no neck likened to Big Foot or the Yeti. Listen to it; judge this slice of Australian folklore for yourself. For many years, she was a familiar sight to regular travellers, particularly truck drivers along that stretch of road. "This thing scared the absolute crap out of me," he told The West Australian. Sometimes they were part emu, or crocodile. But a quick look around the room proved all were in bed. Years ago I lived in Thirlemere near Picton. Yowies, Bunyips and Mysterious Tales from the Pilliga Forest. The Pilliga Princess was the name locals gave to a homeless lady who wandered the Newell Highway with her shopping trolley of collectables. We continued our walk. the scary thing is after her dead, people still seeing her?? We heard noises like a moaning and groaning but it was almost like it was on the wind . No breeze no noise no crickets not a sound The Pilliga Princess was the name locals gave to a homeless lady who wandered the Newell Highway with her shopping trolley of collectables. The Pilliga Princess, Newell Highway, New South Wales. But this was not the only reason. They have been around for a long time; aboriginal rock paintings depict them. i grew up around the pilliga scrub and cuttabri wine shanty my great grandmother was Lorna Dowd she ran it from 1974-1997, awesome! The result was the Pilliga Scrub. She was often seen hitch hiking between the two towns and getting lifts with truckies. The lady who served struck up a conversation asked where I was going .. etc ,, lovely lady , she said don’t stop hun! My brother who is the most logical and sensible person kept mentioning getting through  “The Pilliga” as early as possible and well ahead of any really bad weather. Ever wonder what happened to the people of Brackenwood? This blog brought to you by Braun Transport Brisbane Darwin. Many locals and those travelling along the Newell claim to have seen her in the decades since her death, still pushing her trolley along the highway. Have you got goosebumps yet? This has entered Australian late night lore. As it turns out, nothing to note happened that particular night, but almost a decade earlier, at approximately the same time, a bike went off the road and both the riders (husband and wife) had died — it still gives me shivers thinking about it, and I remember it like it was yesterday.”. But if aboriginal artists could represent the boats of a Chinese fleet with such accuracy that historians know that the Chinese visited Northern parts of this continent around the tenth century, and that these drawings are easily distinguishable from the vessels of Malay voyagers also depicted in rock paintings, I think they would have done a more accurate job of depicting spacemen and their craft than their pictures of Yowies. How often, however, do you consider roads to be haunted? Do you have any stories about the Pilliga or the princess?

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