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Takis is owned by Barcel, a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, one of the words largest baking companies. This review is for the Takis Nitro Habanero & Lime tortilla chip. Snack History participates in the Amazon Associate and Ebay Partner Network programs and receives earnings from qualifying purchases. The red bag with the picture of a habanero pepper and lime indicates what’s to come before eating, a spicy experience. Takis is praised for being an innovative and unique snack, winning awards for its innovation and creating a slice in the market for itself. We liked the Scorpion BBQ flavor slightly better. However the enjoyment of Takis has spread like wildfire among the youth of the United States, with Takis appealing strongly to the teenage and young adult crowd. Which will leave a sizzling burning sensation so please keep an ice-cold beverage near. This is a crunchy snack, but easy to bite into. @SnackGator ordered the chips from the Target website, but said they should be available in stores soon. Delish editors handpick every product we feature. Takis is often compared to Flamin' Hot Cheetos in terms of its spiciness, although Takis is a much more dense and crunchy snack then crunchy Flamin' Hot Cheetos. At first taste, you don't notice too much, but in a few seconds, you have a fairly spicy buffalo flavor. Takis was introduced into the American snack market in the year 2006, where it quickly became popularized in the U.S. Several sources report that the inventor of Takis is an individual named Morgan Sanchez, but little information to confirm this exist. Barcel is owned by Grupo Bimbo, a large Mexican multinational food manufacturing company. Not only does it taste closely to guacamole, but it has the perfect hint of lime and a little spice. Snack History has no affiliation with any of the products or companies mentioned on this site unless otherwise noted. Takis are shaped like small tortillas and seek to be viewed as a type of chip in the snack market. they wrote in their caption. Takis made two new flavors of chips, volcano queso and scorpion bbq, that change color with every bite. A comment on Takis twitter said in 2018 that the company was not offering sponsorship at that time, though it may have just been a joke to a fans comment. This review is for Takis Guacamole. Some of the original flavors include fuego, nitro, and guacamole, but the new limited-edition chips come in volcano queso and scorpion BBQ. My favorite Flavor being the Fuego Flavor pictured above, which are the most popular flavor of Takis and of course are 100% Vegan. The tortilla chips seemed fresh and did not resist biting much and were crunchy. Takis has taken the North American continent by storm, quickly climbing from obscurity to popularity. Information about snacks, food, and candy. The name Takis may not be Takis true original name, it may have once been called Taquis, though little confirmation of that could be found and it may just be a rumor. This review is for Takis Wild, which has the flavor of spicy buffalo. Takis is said to be invented by a person named Morgan Sanchez, though little information about this person and how exactly did they invent Takis could be found. Takis was originally intended by Barcel to be aimed towards the Hispanic demographic of the snack market, as lime flavor is popular in regions around Mexico and Central America. This snack does deliver on its promise to give a hot chili pepper and lime flavor experience. Bitting into Takis Wild, the texture is firm but easy to bite into. The dark green bag with a fire symbol indicating that it is extremely hot is not as accurate as i had expected. Safe to say when I see these in stores, I'm buying out the shelf. Learn more here! Chipotle Shared Its Tortilla Chip Recipe On TikTok, 21 Celebrity Alcohol Brands That You'll Love, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Within the first few bites of this spicy tortilla chip, you instantly taste the lime attempting to overpower the flaming hot spice. The food account said that they were definitely worth the order: "We tried them both and really enjoyed them! Seeing this bright white bag of guacamole avocado greenish tortilla chip makes my mouth water a bit. Takis (formerly called Taquis), a spicy, roll-shaped snack fashioned after the traditional Mexican taquito, prepared in the following presentations: Fuego , a hot chili pepper and lime flavor. Takis may have been invented by someone in the employ of the company Barcel, who appears to have owned the product since its beginnings. Takis worked its way into consumers hearts and minds through small stores and gas stations, becoming popular with the teenage crowd for its spiciness and the daring of those who tried the popularized snack. Takis flavors tend to include varieties such as Fuego, which translates in Spanish to “Fire”, as well as flavors such as Salsa Brava and Guacamole. While Takis technically come in 19 different varieties/flavors I’ve only personally ever seen a few different flavors of Takis in person. New flavors do get released from time to time, such as “Zombie” flavored Takis, that have the taste of Habanero and Cucumber.

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