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The plot boiled over shortly after the tents were pitched. I REST MY CASE. Summer Storm is available to watch and stream, download, buy on demand at Amazon Prime, Sling, Amazon online. Waste of TIME!! Release date(s) Say, that's just what I was thinking. Summer Storm is an Comedy, Drama movie that was released in 2004 and has a run time of 1 hr 38 min. As Achim’s relationship with his girlfriend grows more serious, Tobi becomes confused and increasingly left out. Summer Storm (2004) - "No. Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2007. Foolishly, I interjected my opinion and both of them turned on me saying that wasn't wigs was a bit out of my area of expertise? Achim is willing to leave behind boyish emotions to awkwardly pursue the beautiful Sandra. Best coming-of-age movie ever! Summer Storm envisions a world where adolescents find their affections and orientation up for grabs, with the outcome a bit more important than winning gold, silver or bronze. Starring: Robert Stadlober, Kostja Ullmann, Alicja Bachleda-CuruÅ›, Miriam Morgenstern, Marlon Kittel, Hanno Koffler, Jürgen Tonkel, Ludwig Blochberger, Tristano Casanova Filmed at the Bever Dam, a popular sailing reservoir in Germany's northern Rhineland, "Summer Storm" is another coming-of-age story in which innocence is lost in a sunny and idyllic setting. The film is full of humor and emotional upheaval. Mostly they gab about it, and all the talk, if not the rowing, takes them in circles. Stream & Watch Online Powered by JustWatch When the truth comes out into the open, sometimes the friendship ends and if not it is changed forever. CTHD is really not all that special.) Sometimes a critically-acclaimed foreign movie comes along that makes you sit back and think--now what in god's name was so good about "that"? Spurned by Achim, Tobi is devastated, but is partly consoled by his new friendship with Queerschlag member Leo. Most of the film, however, goes down easily enough. I mean, no." The story is set to the background of a rowing regatta, which climaxes into a summer storm. The sub-titles did come fast and furious in places but I was so entranced by the film that it made little difference to my enjoyment. Handsomely shot, well-acted and enlivened by strong songs, Summer Storm is sunny, earnest and, in a strange way, almost innocent. Once the hormones got to really raging and the fighting broke out, I calmed. the sexual scenes arent even explicit.. they're really sweet and the cinematography and direction of photography is SUPERB. It is very difficult for both young men. The handsome men that populate this film are also well worth a look, and can also act. Your favorites, all in one place. ", LA Weekly: "..A lovely wallow in the sweaty pains and joys of mostly gay adolescent love. Yet it betrays an ax-grinding gay agenda. 18A,VM14,16,R,-16,B15,18,13+,MA 15+,14A,18 r. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. ***** JustinEtre Justin E His fate is as predictable as the rest of the film, which is recommended for its endearing performances, captivating locations and a poppy soundtrack that amiably underscores the bubbly sensuality of a summer in the sun. When the best bits involve Hanno Koffler's gay stud Malte trying his level best to seduce homophobic coxswain Georg Schorsi (Tristano Casanova), who "literally" runs away screaming after being kissed!, the general blandness and cliches that surrounds Tobi's struggle is thrown into ever sharper relief. Video availability outside of United States varies. The tension between the members of the two teams culminates in a scene set to the backdrop of a summer storm, during which Leo confronts Tobi about his homosexuality in front of his teammates. Cinematography: Daniel Gottschalk In short, it's just what an after-school special might look like if it were made for older teens and shown on Showtime. In my mind, Summer Storm suffers a little from this syndrome. Then the gay team from Berlin arrives and Tobi is totally confused. ", Chicago Tribune: "Summer Storm is a contemporary teen summer romance with a modern sexual twist..." "...believable characters...", "...beautifully produced and very authentically played...", Time Out London: "...the story's main strength lies in its characters...", Los Angeles Times: "..Kreuzpaintner displays a natural gift with actors and a clarity in storytelling that result in a fresh take on what otherwise might have been a familiar coming-of-age story. **½Gary S However, by a stroke of fate, the Berlin girls' team cancels and is replaced by Queerschlag ("Queerstrokes"), a gay youth rowing team, and these boys are out, proud, and vocal about it. When it becomes increasingly clear that Achim is straight, Tobi tries to prove he can make it with girls too, and woos the luckless Anke (Alijca Bachleda-Curus) when their rowing team joins a host of others at an isolated patch of river for summer camp. Also brings back great memories of summer camp! For all its R-rated moments, the film is more about sexual tension and delayed gratification than hedonism. "Why is everything about being gay?" The plot follows the members of the RSC rowing club from southern Germany as they train for the regatta. Tobi, the crew captain of his team, struggles with the deep love he has long felt for his best friend Achim. Wonderful coming-of-age film. There really isn't anything "wrong" with this movie. But Achim isn't gay — he has a girlfriend — and Tobi is afraid to come out, anyway. But it's all just a little bit "too" by-the-numbers. interesting idea, badly made film. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 17, 2013. A close friendship between two crew teammates is tested when one slowly discovers he's gay and attracted to the other. Physical intimacy is second nature to Tobi and Achim, best friends who wrestle, lift weights and row boats together. ***½ Josh J a coach asks kids in Summer Storm. March 7, 2006 Summer Storm Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can watch 'Summer Storm' right now, here are some finer points about the Claussen+Wöbke Filmproduktion drama flick. The different teams arrive, each with their own prejudices and baggage. Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Summer Storm nicely captures the awkward confusion of first-time sexual encounters (gay or straight) and the collateral wounds caused by deceiving others and oneself. Achim's girlfriend Sandra is on the girl's team and he enjoys spending more time with her. United States: / 17 March 2006. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 8, 2017. Thousands of Free Online Movies . She was discussing the pros and cons of each lace front style with a friend. September 20, 2006 The boys on Tobi's Bavarian rowing team are excited. Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2020. Both funny, sad and eye opening. Trust me--I speak Mandarin and grew up watching kungfu flicks.

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