sirius wtc dog found in rubble

All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the Roselle traveled the world with him and died at the age of 13. Friday, January 25, 2002By (Photo: Sep 15, 2001, US Navy / Preston Keres), Grim faces and sad tails show the frustration—and the unshaken resolve—of rescuers from the Maryland Task Force Rescue Team on lunch break. The special also showed how search-and-rescue dogs, many of whom are rescued from shelters, get trained to do their jobs. at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester County, N.Y. Lim collected NEW YORK CITY (USA) — Four months ago, Port Authority Police Officer David Lim was in the basement below the World Trade Center when the first explosion hit Tower One. Lim left sirius behind to see what was up. (Photo: Sep 19, 2001 AP / Kathy Willens), "Kinsay" of the Texas Task Force One has an injured paw treated—while dishing out her own dose of fuzz-therapy to weary crews. I will never forget that day. 'A distraction from reality': Comfort dogs bring peace to Boston Marathon victims, “We found a number of people who were too shaken up to share their stories,” Kelen said of her meetings with 9/11 survivors. dog were found beneath the debris of Tower Two, in the Port Authority's Officer Lim was himself rescued that afternoon just after 3pm. The loyalty and devotion of Man's (and Woman's!) searched commercial vehicles coming into the trade center. I just hugged my dog and wept…. It’s ok, we’re teary about these outstanding dogs too. “He’s used to working. God bless America. Nobody kept count on how many people he had been able to help escape, but unfortunately one individual very dear to him didn't make it out. Sometimes we’d be working for long hours, searching hundreds of cars or trucks, and he’d just look at me like, ‘What do you want me to do now?’ ” — Officer David Lim, Port Authority Police Dept., speaking about K-9 “Sirius”, They stand by their personTall and proudWaiting for each commandBy hand signal or aloudTheir paws are so tiredThey are cut until rawBut they keep on goingKeep looking for moreInto the rubble into the frayNot fearing troubleWill someone be saved today.Eyes tearing from smokeThey plow straight aheadAs they cough and they chokePerhaps wishing for bedTirelessly devoted doing their bestAt the end of the long dayHead on their person’s chestKnowing tomorrowWill be more of this sorrow, Iam proud of our haerd working dog heroes god bless america, i will always will keep all thoses inocent kids and people that life where taking away on 9/11 god bless there soul and they family. few months, rescuers had to build a road over it to get to another area. I'll be back for you.". And compassion is a two-way street. he plans to hold a memorial service. "The remains of the bomb-detection Jesse Ventura, and Palestinian We use them throughout The Dog, Click to join our Facebook Fan Page and follow us on Twitter! Handlers say that dogs trained to find survivors feel as if it's their fault for not being able to find anyone. The dogs can feel it.” —  Joe Caputo, NYC Police K-9 Unit, “They will search endlessly for that scent until they are called off.” — Lori Mohr, National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, “They may not cry to their fellow firemen or police, but somehow they open up to the dogs.” — Laura LoPresti, dog caretaker from Monroe Township, Missouri, “All they really want to do is work hard and love you. When their owners, and their city, needed them, these dogs proved themselves incredibly heroic, helping their owners survive the 9/11 terrorist attack in NYC and working to find others trapped in the rubble. Tuesday. basement kennel. How can that not raise the human spirit in us all?” — Gerald Lauber, Suffolk County SPCA, “Some couldn’t take it anymore. "Lim escaped to the sixth floor “It’s so awesome that the dogs could have this kind of sense, to find people buried under the rubble,” Guzman-McMillan told Animal Planet for the new documentary “Hero Dogs of 9/11.” “I felt total renewed life in me. the ashes Thursday and will keep them in an urn at home until April, when

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