robot movies from the 80s and 90s

They roll out of the machine on an assembly line, bulletproof, invincible and chock full of feminine wiles. And though 30 years later the idea of two put-upon young men inventing an ideal woman for their own pleasure carries a host of problematic questions, the film’s beyond-goofy tone manages to make the premise digestible. And sea greens! The idea that robots will develop the same feelings as humans is a common theme in media, and may be closer to reality than you think. Kronos, ostensibly a giant robot monster movie, was also a legitimately progressive message movie. —S.W. I’ll accept that this Lindehoffian cinematic mess of half-formed, mostly terrible ideas has its fans. The Jaegers: Gipsy Danger, Cherno Alpha, Crimson Typhoon, Striker Eureka, Robby>(It, yes. Most people around her don’t even believe an acid-bleeding parasite exists, but they’re soon proven wrong and plunged into a fight for survival. I spilled my beverage all over the ground, but I didn't care.

One such debt would have to include the visual construct of a small army of robots, created and controlled as weapons against our intrepid space adventurer.

There’s so little so say beyond what Brad Bird’s tear-jerking nature vs. nurture film didn’t so effortlessly express. Ultron is such an iconic villain in comics that he’d probably have made this list no matter the form he took on the Big Screen (and no matter the time period). Kill it! Oh, and the UFOs aren’t just do-gooding Fix-Its, they’re fertile, family-minded Fix-Its at that. In that case, you’d better know the password. A news broadcast immediately following now opens with a badly burned man screaming in pain for a couple of seconds. Robots in the 80’s symbolised our fascination back then with technology and as a child I dreamed of forging lasting friendships with robot pals but unfortunately technology didn’t advance as quickly as the movies of the day promised they would. With apologies to HAL, J.A.R.V.I.S., MOTHER and the like, no disembodied, purely A.I. After Achilles' robot falls on the spectators, there are more shots of both Gary Graham's bloody face and of the dead bodies in the stands. Give them a metallic sheen plus the ability to zero in on specific targets and they become downright terrifying. One of the better visual jokes in Mike Myer’s goofy ’60s spy spoof was the robotic henchwomen of Austin Power’s nemesis, Dr. Throughout the mid-80s, David Hasselhoff took on the role of Michael Knight, a crime fighter assisted by KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am that was self-aware, artificially intelligent, and self-drivingToday, the idea of a self-driving car that uses artificial intelligence doesn’t seem too far off.

Starring: —S.W.

(John Carpenter’s The Thing certainly comes to mind.) —S.W. Bubo, Athena’s owl, helps save the day by rescuing Pegasus and destroying Calibos’ camp.

And sea greens! Either way, the use of robots in filmmaking isn’t limited to 80s television plotlines. In the comics, Baymax is an artificial synthformer with the ability to reconstruct his body into various battle modes, including that of a menacing reptilian creature. From its dominatrix Devil Girl herself, to the hilariously broad acting and scripted histrionics, this “Mars Needs Men” British micro-budget production is a pretty good approximation of Hollywood B-movies of the time. Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York recently created a robot able to pass various self-awareness tests.

These companies want to take the personable aspect of KITT and make it a reality, by adding artificial intelligence elements to cars that can form emotional connections with drivers. —J.V. The ghastly, icky end. Sideshow Collectibles is the registered trademark and copyright of Sideshow Inc.All Rights Reserved. It may never have been the best the studio had to offer, but it was still a fun space adventure, featuring an affably goofy, “amnesiac” robot, voiced by Martin Short. Precious little to fault in fulfilling your role, as long as it holds up in a tribunal. Affiliate Program Don't try eating Milk Duds while watching it, you will choke on them. The movie was too good. This introduced a whole new generation to a family living in the futuristic Orbit City, and more importantly, to their robot maid Rosie. Danijel Striga at Screen Rant compiled a list of Jetsons technology that predicted the future, including the use of a flat-screen TV in the very first episode. The silent Cambot, often overlooked. (No, seriously). Quick: Name five things most closely associated with science fiction… Time’s up!

M.O.G.U.E.R.A. By his own admission, he’s done “questionable” things (there’s that whole killing spree getting to and on Earth), but he is, at his core, a man with nothing to lose, given his terminally limited lifespan. The film adaptation of Marvin isn’t quite as runaway hilarious as the character is in the original series of books, although you have to recognize that Alan Rickman was impeccably cast as the robot’s voice. Yeah, your compassion will immediately turn into regret-horror when he finally opens his mouth for real. Born of a hilariously forced acronym (“Canine HOMe Protection System”), C.H.O.M.P.S. It’s like having a real robot caretaker and friend.

Sadly, only a fraction of this silent-era sci-fi film survived the near-century since its release, but there’s enough of it left to see that André Deed’s silver screen robots shaped decades of visual conceptualization for the very idea of “robots” in cinema, before the word “robot” existed. View production, box office, & company info. With no discernable expression to convey emotion, the Big Hero Six animators lean heavily on various bits of physical comedy both broad and subtle to elicit laughs and mold their creation’s personality. There’s even a musical interlude. Starring:

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