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His energy owned stage and microphone alike.Busta is likely the most underrated rapper, but that might be largely to his albums being not so great outside of the few hit singles each has, but should he feature on a track, he’s the best. Born in the Canadian region of Toronto in 1986, Drake has garnered immense fortune particularly for his music charisma which encompasses rapping and singing. Best flow, best lyrics, best beats, best singing, voice, best rapper ever he's best artist ever. His lyrics don't need a second look by any stretch, and his flow is limited. It is hard to decide who is the best rapper. For all the obvious reasons Dre must be moved up to the top of the list. DOOM comes up with such innovative raps and never disappoints. I want to cry when I see this legend placed under so many trash rappers (Nicki Minaj). He and Big Daddy Kane invented lyricism. Also very lyrically talented. In 2017, he launched Good for You, marking his first studio album as an artist. He spits truth. Not to mention his crazy and unique flow/delivery. Just listen to some of his stuff like, we right here, party up, no love for me, we in here, etc. "you just got ethered").Underrated by the latest generation because of his seriousness and old school style which are gold to find these days.A true legend MC, ...more. As far as his generation of rappers, there aren't a lot of people even close to TI in terms of natural flow and being able to make great songs.T.I. Graduation fused a rap, pop, and electronic sound all together. 35. Besides, he produces songs under Roc Nation (the record label he signed in 2014) and Def Jam Recordings (the record label he signed in 2008). His vocabulary and fluency. Also he was part of the best rap group ever NWA. So incredibly well thought out. Ruled.Oh, AND he found Kanye? He has great style. 18. Jay-Z6. SKIES THE LIMIT. Snoop Dogg10. DMX is the really legit rapper! People insult his flow but that is because he wrote his first album in the underground with beats coming after the songs were already written. His presence on a track makes a person want to listen. B were brilliant in showcasing Rakim's lyrical skill. KRS-One may be the most popular golden-age MC, which he deserves the title. Earl Sweatshirt: Some new blood deserves a place in this list, and who better than one of the most creative rappers out there at the moment. This guy needs to be in the top 10.Wish there were more rappers I could vote for, there are so many so it's hard but I'll put my vote to 3 stacks since he's currently at 22 and that's ridiculous. Kool G Rap is The Godfather of Mafiaso Rap. If 808s changed the game, Graduation, his next studio album, might have changed the music world even more. Vote on the hip hop rap artist you think should be number one. Ice Cube has proved that he is the definition of the term raw in hip hop. 50 Cent is a rap legend. This MC is a monster and for many in 2011 he made his first album Section 80 that was by far the best album of the year for many. for examples of his dissing ability. Essentials: 'What's The Difference featuring Eminem and Dr. Dre', 'Don't Approach Me'. For Christ's sake, who else would rhyme "rubber band" with "green eggs and ham". Great lyrics, done so much for the industry, can freestyle unlike Lil Wayne, doesn't do depressing songs like Eminem all the time. In fronta Rebel, Twista, Tonedeff, Tech, or anybody else you can think of. Essentials: 'Witness', 'Let The Spirit', 'Movements'. Rakim has maybe THE best flow of all time. Hell, he only ever did a one minute feature and he managed to own the song with it. He was born in the US region of Rockville, Maryland in 1990. 32. All of his songs sound different, and he's a mastermind. Going by the name “Psychological’’, he launched a mixtape titled Logic. Despite Rakim transforming the Golden Age into an age about gold chains and stacks, the competition and hunger behind his lines will always be his legacy. Next album, more of the same. By the way I started listening to tupac a while after he died, I actually started listening to eminem first. Essentials: 'Ghetto Gospel', 'Burn', 'Early'. his life after death will be forever remembered and will live on as the greatest rapper of all time. Really? And all these rappers we see these days, even all the ones from back then, they all turned out to be sellouts or hypocrites. Liquid Swords is evidence enough - GZA spits with a matching viscera of an fresh rapper on the scene right now embedded in a profundity that can only be achieved by years of excelling in the chambers. Slick Rick: The master of storytelling, we forget that proficient MCing is about reflecting reality. Also one of the great storytellers in Hip Hop, The Notorious One had every element an MC could dream of. Essentials: 'Show U Love', '4th Chamber', 'Impossible'. Therefore, he doesn't have money to spend on high-profile producers or advertising. Best Freestylist ever! Or maybe first. Essentials: 'Vibe', 'Jazz' and 'Drink More Water'. Under two record labels namely Epic and Slaughter Gang, 21 Savage produces songs characterized by notable music genres such as rap and hip-hop. GZA: Regarded as the 'cerebral' member of the Wu-Tang, GZA's wordplay and expansive grasp on the world order makes him the third strongest and verbose member of the rap Shaolin. Listen to one song on Magna Carta Holy Grail, and you'll be scratching your head to the lyrics. Essentials: 'Hypnotize', 'The Wickedest Freestyle' and 'Warning'. Would have easily been number 1 if not for his untimely death in 1997. He don't edit ...more, Kool G Rap is The Godfather huh? Some of the notable awards Macklemore has bagged are Best Hip-Hop Video (under MTV Video Music Award) and Best Rap Song (under Grammy Award). Essentials: 'B.O.B', 'Aquemini', 'Elevators'. Born in the US region of Chicago, Illinois, Chance the Rapper is known outside of music as a generous character who contributes to charity causes. 38. Click or swipe ahead to see the definitive list of the 50 best rappers of all time - ranked in order of greatness. He is the dude that brought you his hit song:StrongerRunawayPowerJesus Walks and more!This dude is a musician and deserves all of it. Roots Manuva: Since everyone believes grime is the UK's sole rap export (it's not), it's good to shake things up a bit and play the Roots Manuva-card. Following the launch of Overly Dedicated, Lamar started rising into prominence and a year after this, he came up with his debut studio album titled Section 80. Through the partnership, the duo was identified as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Best song: South Bronx. he flows like no other, and has great stories to tell, and both of those things have made other rappers be inspired by big. His lyrics are not just about money and girls, in his song famous he had very strong bars and his impact and influence is so huge that he influenced a whole generation and a that every single new rapper has lil in his name and he helped a lot of rappers to blow up like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga and a lot of other rappers! The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show all shine brightly in uniquely different ways, from the warped and deranged alter ego of Slim Shady on 'Brain Damage' to the ferociously precise spitting of Eminem on 'Till I Collapse'. You obviously know nothing about southern music. 808s and Heartbreak was the most ambitious move of his career. Big L: After fierce debate, L slips just out of our top 10, but his influence on a sea of huge rappers is pretty undeniable. Eazy puts the G in OG if you ask me. His unique style, voice, and lyrics are near impossible to replicate as he influenced those like Earl Sweatshirt and Joey Badass. Without a shadow of a doubt if more people knew him he'd be a top 5 rapper of all time easily. Black Milk: Curtis Cross is a rapper/producer and an underrated veteran in the world of rap. Essentials: 'I Used To Love H.E.R', 'So Far To Go'. Born Symere Woods, Lil Uzi Vert is one of the hip-hop recording artists originating in the United States. Since he rose into immense popularity in 2009, Logic has maintained his stance among the world’s best rappers. KRS-One has the quantity (unlike Biggie or L) the beats (sorry Em) the voice (sorry Em) and most importantly, his lyrical content keeps it real (unlike Jay and Wayne). Dr Dre is a producer and a rapper. That was 2011. Born Jeffery Lamar Williams; Young Thug is a professional record producer, songwriter, singer, and writer hailing from the United States of America. Killer Mike: The inherited chief of Atlanta, Michael Render spent too long edging the borders of the greats before he became widely appreciated via the success of Run The Jewels. State of mind is jazzy and very smooth while lyrical. Jay-Z should be in the top three. In 2017, he launched Good for You, marking his first studio album as an artist. Get rich or die tryin his best album sold 15 million he should be in everyone top 10 rapper list, To me he should be 2nd behind Eminem. He also has flashes of brilliance when he raps absolutely relentlessly. Examples are the references he uses and than puts it together and he in general has good rhymes. Being a true musician there both good. Its pop music, not hip hop.50 cent, Jay-Z, Lil'Wayne and the like are traitors to their kind and should be ashamed of themselves. Tags: Top 20 Best Rappers In The World Right Now 2020, Your email address will not be published. Essentials: 'Award Tour', 'Excursions', 'Feelin'. 33. Big L from my opinion is the best mcee cause his first album was a real fire and he could do more albums like that if he would be alive today, and another thing that I like in big l is that he could do real dis freestyles! He makes serious culture references in songs which make him less commercial yet the most thought provoking MC in the game. Tupac treats rap as what it should be, an art-form, not just entertainment. Badass –a 23-year-old rapper –was born in the American state of New York and since 2011, he has remained a talented artiste to reckon with. Renowned for his effortless flow and storytelling prowess, L bounces on every track with accessible intricacy and crisply cool assonance. Considered one of the world’s leading rappers, Badass has a number of albums including 1999, All-Amerikkkan Bada$$, B4.DA.$$, and few others.

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