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I sensed that Arthur had metaphorically screwed Lee at the law firm and was now about to, or had, literally screw(ed) his wife: hearing this mirrored on the phone may be too much for Arthur here. What seems to be a fairly day-to-day conversation can mean so much more when Salinger puts his spin on it. Salinger we have the theme of conflict, honesty, deception, betrayal and paralysis. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Great story for anyone looking to read a "thinker.". Salinger may be using light to put or place the focus on both Joanie and Lee (who many critics suggest are the guilty party in the story). Lee grows frustrated with Arthur's drunken nonsense and, losing his cool, the conversation is over. The important fact in this story was that the winner became a loser, and the loser became a winner at last. /Title (ninestories.doc) Eyes would commonly be perceived to be the window to an individual’s soul and by leaving it unclear as to the true colour of Joanie’s eyes Salinger may be suggesting that just as Joanie’s eye colour is unknown, likewise Joanie herself remains somewhat of a mystery, particularly when the reader is left unsure as to why Joanie would actually cheat on Arthur. Salinger we have the theme of conflict, honesty, deception, betrayal and paralysis. &�:��]��*��A�#�דSmt�cZ� �%�CLJ�P�Ӧ嚩4�i�W�4ѥ~��¾ It is amazing how a little conversation between characters can create assumptions that we will never know if they are correct or not. For me the answer is yes.) The tension between the two characters over the phone is remarkable. The whole time you question yourself if the girl with Lee is Arthurs wife but you are actually never completely certain. I do and I don’t.’ This line is important as it further suggests that Arthur remains unsure or is in conflict with himself when it comes to his relationship with Joanie. Your email address will not be published. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, but I'm still unable to have the opportunity, what with the unceasing demands of college. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It would be interesting to look at the story in a different way and imagine that the girl is not Joanie but still look at the friendship between Lee and Arthur. The way I read it I believed that Arthur was using his lawyer strategies to get the truth from Lee. All the signs do point to it being Joanie in the bed with Lee. 'Rose my color is. endobj Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes is a required reading for my English 11 (Literature and Society) class. The way I read it I believed that Arthur was using his lawyer strategies to get the truth from Lee. /Producer (pdfFactory Pro 3.16 \(Windows XP Professional Farsi\)) On several occasions, Salinger makes reference to cigarette ash. Jerome David Salinger was an American author, best known for his 1951 novel, “Christ, it's embarrassing--I start thinking about this goddam poem I sent her when we first started goin' around together. >> /Filter /FlateDecode McManus, Dermot. I spent time to clarify who "the girl" is. I don't know. “Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes” is a short story by J.D. i find this short story a wee bit hilarious. (The question is, "is that Joanie in the bed?" In Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes by J.D. La tensión que logra crear con una sencilla llamada telefónica es enorme y sabe aumentarla línea tras línea. They’re supposed to be friends but obviously Lee does not value the friendship. I guess I expected a bit more from Salinger. Best wishes. Salinger sabía hacer sus historias pesar sobre el lector. 4 0 obj Did anyone else feel like possibly Arthur tried to wrap up loose ends in terms of his reputation and place his relationship with himself in a less pathetic and bitter light... because he was like fuck it all and decided to kill himself? He was giving advise (he just said you shoul relax, so I don't think it worked for him), and Arthur was being trouble. However it may be significant that Lee does tell Joanie to ‘just sit still’ after the cigarette falls onto the bed. In "Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes" I was pretty sure that the girl in bed with Lee was the Joanie that Arthur was searching for. and white, Pretty mouth and green my eyes.' The tension between the two characters over the phone is remarkable. By doing so it is possible that Salinger is suggesting there will be no movement from Joanie that she will continue her affair with Lee and things will not change. This is noticeable when Joanie tells Lee that ‘I feel like an absolute dog!’ However the reader does not get a sense that Joanie wishes to end her affair with Lee or at least Salinger does not explore the possibility of Joanie ending the affair. >> Despite it being clear to Arthur that he can’t trust Joanie, he is unable to completely let her go (something that is also noticeable at the end of the story). But does it really? Christ, it's embarrassing--it used to remind me of her. However, when the second call happened, Lee lost his voice. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. It’s hard to tell really what Salinger was trying to convey especially because he literally writes down a conversation between two lawyers and we aren’t actually told anything besides what we read between the lines. All the while a girl, who may or may not be Arthur's wife, is in bed with Lee. Throughout the story the reader never knows for sure what colour Joanie’s eyes actually are. << I don't know. Abuelita made a balm out of dried moth wings and Vicks and rubbed my hands, shaped Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of. Salinger, Just Before the War with the Eskimos by J.D. Remembering the poem prompts Arthur to say Joanie's eyes aren't even green; they are the color of "sea shells," he says. This is an very audience engaging short story. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. A=y�3���� �Cu��Mx��:��O�1�i�K. /Type /Page After reading it a second and third and even a fourth time a lot more was revealed. By having Joanie face Lee with ‘one eye – on the side of the light closed tight’ it is possible that Salinger is placing the spot light or focus on Joanie, though the fact she has her eye shut suggests that she is unaware that the spot light is now on her (she does remain unsure of what Arthur has said on the phone). Yes, I didn't have to find out who she is. Basically--in the last analysis--I don't love her any more, either. Thanks for the comment. /Length 5 0 R Finally, I got an answer which was it is not important in this story. << Salinger also tells the reader that Arthur is unsure as to whether he loves Joanie – ‘I don’t know. Though conflict is a literary device I think it can also be considered to be a theme. Arthur supposes in the beginning that Lee sleeps alone (he is sorry to have waken him up) so there shouldn’t be a woman with him = that woman shouldn’t be there. At first read this story looked like a simple exchange between two men. Lee, keeping cool, tries to convince Author he's crazy and needs to go to sleep, keeping him in the dark about his affair. In the second call, Arthur was keep telling him how Joanie is nice to him, and their dream that is moving out from NY. Thanks for the comment Mattia. Or I start thinking about the first time we drove up to New Haven for the Princeton game. Also the fact that Lee drops Joanie’s cigarette onto the bed after hanging up on Arthur may also be important. He was giving advise (he just said you shoul relax, so I d. At first, I thought "the girl" in the story is Joanie. Thanks for the comment Luis. A game of wits commences as Arthur babbles belligerently about his wife, wearing down Lee's patience. There is also some symbolism in the story which may be significant. But then toward the end Arthur calls back and tells Lee that Joanie just got in. I think Lee was a winner at first. My hands began to fan out, grow like a liar's nose until they hung by my side like low weights. I spent time to clarify who "the girl" is. Be sure to r. Good Read. It is possible to read the tale without deducing that the girl in Lee’s room is in fact Joanie. I've been terribly desperate to read J.D. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. How he is perceived by others (and society) dictating how he is to live his life, rather than base his life on any sort of truth (and in turn leave Joanie). H��V�n�0��+|,�{��Ω��"R�h$$n�v�� ��Vl6&]��=4�,��|�]5K�Z9)�B��Y/�X|'�"�Kj��L�]���XY�Y�G7˹�E-��v]ߪ���v�}�[�@[���U�~Ԑ�\,L&\t2Ob=[�cS&u�i�p��@�q�6�� Even though I also believe she is the one in bed with Lee, it’s just an assumption. stream She doesn't have green eyes--she has eyes like goddam sea shells, for Chrissake.”, “She doesn't respect me. It may also be important that at no stage in the story does Lee appear to feel any guilt about the fact that he is deceiving and betraying Arthur. It shows he was surprised, shocked. Who do you think that the girl was? %PDF-1.2 Refresh and try again. Other symbolism that may be important is the ash from the cigarettes that Joanie and Lee are smoking. I'll definitely be reading this again! Salinger may also be using Joanie’s eyes as symbolism. Of course he could have been lying. gray eye beaming at me and burning holes in my suspicions. ��Bp�������Y�����ߏ�u�7��:�kV�eD[S��mWT��kf"-T染�M�H�37�����[ԖI�U?� y�} ��8�DZ�I���ƞy3�͛��%��[�ƻ3%{�4����a�� ?�`�����࠙�����usb����ӕ���*%����1CPe�:�L;v~��'U���p�C��C��+��r��a��@��1FŘO��p�|��AY�C9������*��7���W�"H4�\P��!��a��������X�6�2���˜0Dz�D†��Y��H�m � �5I�~�{���RoO~��WEp7��������.W`��$J`& w��ŷ�{:|�b�Q~N�JX(�S@��M Joanie too appears to be in conflict within herself (over her cheating on Arthur). stream /MediaBox [0 0 595 842] Could what you thought was happening was or wasn't? The reader never knows for sure whether Lee will discontinue his affair with Joanie or if Joanie herself, having expressed some guilt over what she is doing, will end the affair.

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