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Television Stations & Broadcast Companies, Alternative Medicine & Health Practitioners. Available on. When Ryan and PRS delve into the family history, they hit a nerve with Jimmie's dad, Parker. Ghostly children are believed to reside here as well. Past seasons of Paranormal State have included cases such as a Pennsylvania couple besieged by paranormal activity in their home, and an aggressive poltergeist in Maryland, and a ghostly hag nicknamed the “Lady Vampire” by the Texas family she torments. 20:58. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Psychics & Mediums in South Weymouth, MA. Bridgewater State University is said to be haunted by a former headmaster in Tillinghast (Tilly) Hall. The presence of a child has been reported in the attic, but is thought to be playful. The portraits are said to watch guests and employees as they go about their business, and doors open and close on their own. When the investigation yields a possible shape-shifting Native American connection, PRS drums up the spirit with a bonfire. The sound of leaves rustling, according to local tales, is his body parts trying to get back together. CAD $31.99. The mystery takes a turn when Ryan … You reunited me with my love. Series 1, Episode 3 14+ Paranormal State. The apparition of an old man likes to sit in the research section on the third floor, and is known to shush loud library patrons. Established in 1945, Berklee College of Music has been attended by many famous musicians. CC Now other family members are coming forward with their own chilling stories about a voice from the grave. Ryan's investigation turns up a New Orleans connection that leaves the couple fearful for their lives. Series 1, Episode 16 14+ Their neighbors know them; they don’t mind, she said. The living room curtains are burgundy lace. At Cape Cod Café, a ghostly baby has been heard crying. When Ryan shows Matthew a picture of the real Timmy, the boy identifies him immediately! Paranormal State Season 3. PRS travels to Massachusetts to investigate a converted old schoolhouse where disembodied voices of children disturb the couple who lives there now. Turns out this haunting might be all in the family. The PRS try to help a 26-year-old woman named Laura who claims she is attacked and left sickened by an unseen force. The dark hardwood floors lean slightly to one side upstairs. Please try again later. Series 1, Episode 17 14+ Dead Time offers some of the strongest evidence to date and guest tech expert Chad Calek and psychic Chip Coffey get more than they bargain for when they join Ryan in the basement. When he investigates a paranormal event, D’Agostino said he’ll walk into a house with his tape recorder on, and talk to no one in particular. SD. I have trusted…, Great reading!!! Some attribute the activity to the fact that the place was an 1800s hospital where many spirits ... Charlesgate, built in 1901, was bought by Boston University to use as a dorm in 1947, and then was also used as a dorm by Emerson College through the late 1990s. A young woman named Kristy in Allentown, Pennsylvania has been haunted in her own bedroom since she can remember. She’s wearing a black skirt, black shirt, silver jewelry and black boots that lace up to the knee. she has always been the woman of my…, Thank you so much, Love Spell Caster! (1-hour show), The PRS investigates a family's new dream home in, The PRS and guest investigator Lorraine Warren come to the aid of a woman named Paula who claims her autistic son Michael, who has limited verbal skills, utters words told to him by a "scary dead boy. Captain Henry Quiver died here in the 1850s, and was said to join the ... TV's Ghost Hunters has featured this inn, at which Room 24 is said to be haunted by a ghost. CC Between possible UFOs in the sky and winged creatures in the woods, Ryan and his team are forced to face their fears and deal with the question: Are we truly alone in the universe? 25.9 miles from Weymouth, MA At Framingham State University, visitors may hear ghostly laughter or feel cold spots, and orbs are often photographed at Horace Mann Hall. Passersby have described screaming and laughter coming from the empty building, or simply a feeling that something inside is watching them. Chandeliers are said to sway and cold spots can be detected. Series 1, Episode 8 14+ I was hooked immediately. The 26-year-old claims she's been beaten, choked, even forcibly submerged in the bathtub of her parents' Quincy, Illinois home. SD. SD. PRS and psychic/medium Chip Coffey delve into an open murder case and wind up exposing a family divide. She would always be spot on with all my readings. A ghost, or at least a shadowy figure, has been seen crouching behind the boxes. SD. Formerly the Lyceum and now Turner's Seafood, the spot is said to be haunted by a woman in a long, white period dress on the staircase. She went as a witch. D’Agostino and Nicholson founded the Paranormal United Research Society, a group that investigates paranormal accounts in New England. 8. All rights reserved. The kitchen is more modern, but if you spill something, it’s easy to clean up; the floor dips so everything runs to the middle. Two years ago, they stayed in a lighthouse a mile into the ocean on Halloween. Funny thing is there was no one in the house at the time. The PRS is called in to help a young mother named Kimberley who believes she is being tormented by the spirit of a teenage girl who was raped and murdered in her neighborhood years ago — which is still an unsolved case. There are three spots in Endicott College rumored to be haunted. CC Ryan and his team investigate the bizarre haunting of a woman and her dog in isolated Waterboro, Maine. Get inside the lives of members of the Paranormal Research Society as these supernatural sleuths seek to find the truth behind terrifying real-life mysteries. A team of about six work with him. The Top Tens 6,280,637 views. SD. “We don’t ask questions like ‘How did you die?’ “ SD. He has the tools of his trade in silver cases in the dining room: a digital recorder to capture the voices of ghosts, a two-way radio and infrared cameras to see in the dark. SD. When Ryan discovers that "Emily" is in fact a real-life murder victim from San Antonio, he dispatches Katrina to the scene of the crime and recruits psychic Chip Coffey to mentor the budding teenage medium. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 ... MA, has been living with a spirit for the last 40 years. It was built in 1923 as a Sheraton Hotel and had been renamed the Shelton; the university bought in in 1954. The laughter most often comes from the back corner of the cemetery on the left side. PRS sorts out the chilling details. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles lacking sources from December 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The Paranormal Research Society (PRS) are called in to help a young boy who claims to see dead people. The Ghost Hunters debunked the ... Below Verna's Donut Shop is a basement storeroom, used to hold supplies for the doughnut shop and the adjacent cake-decorating shop, and it's rumored to have more than flour and sprinkles. The PRS interviews an anxious college student who claims to see a ghost in her dorm. Paranormal State Season 2. PRS explores the belly of the beast: a New York State Prison that was once a mental asylum. But psychic CJ Sellers gives a reading so precise it prompts the family to open up about a dark event in their past. Ryan and his team lend paranormal assistance a family that lives in a historic home that was once a part of the Underground Railroad. I first met Jeanne at a Intuition class I took through Community Ed. Now, every year on the same night, a blue mist comes off the pond and creates a blanket of fog over the campus. I offer direct, honest and compassionate guidance. SD. So the question is, what happens to this energy?” The clients are new, but the spirit is all too familiar as Ryan prepares himself to battle the taunting demon that has been following him. My mother and brother-in-law heard two people arguing in my second story kitchen while they sat on the patio. His name's Charlie and he’s been dead since prohibition. PRS visits a gothic graveyard where a jealous spirit seems to be preying on the newlywed wife of the cemetery's caretaker. Christina has been experiencing paranormal activity ever since her father and step-mother were murdered near Columbus, OH last year. My entire family has validated. The daughter who lived here had two beaus on opposing sides of the war, and they happened to kill each other on the staircase. Thomas D’Agostino moves them only in summer when he has to cut the grass. CC CC Neighbors say they’ve seen a figure in the upstairs balcony; perhaps a ghost of a previous owner who died of a heart attack. The PRS visits a ranch in Deer Park, Washington State that is a supposed hotbed of … “We ask nice questions,” he said. “We haven’t even decorated for Halloween yet,” said Arlene Nicholson, D’Agostino’s wife. Series 1, Episode 13 14+ This former Navy cruiser is now a museum ship and open to the public. The team discovers a family history of health issues and look for a natural cause, but the case becomes urgent when one of the family is rushed to the hospital. CC Does the answer to their haunting lie in the mysterious tunnels beneath the house, or is an old-fashioned ghost behind this old-fashioned ghost story? When a shocking secret is revealed, Ryan and PRS learn this case is far more serious than they ever imagined; lives may hang in the balance. SD. Will a menacing sign from beyond the grave lead a skeptical husband to believe in ghosts? Last year, they went trick-or-treating. Ryan and psychic, The PRS claims strange activity during a "dead time" investigation of a, The PRS declare a paranormal emergency for a, The PRS team investigates a coastal home in, The PRS joins up with technical expert Chad Calek and psychic. A former piano teacher opens and closes doors and occasionally plays the piano, and the fourth floor is home to some spectral nuns, students say. Seven swords are mounted on the walls, along with a small ax, and framed grave rubbings, including a rubbing of Lizzie Borden’s headstone, hung over the doorway. As PRS discovers, Lucy may not be the first canine to experience the phenomena - at least four other animals died violently on the property. She has often been seen standing near the fireplace, and has visited since the place opened in 1970. Twelve gravestones rest in the front yard. Series 1, Episode 5 14+ It's now a condo building. SD.

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