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12 Padma Purana.pdf. The style of composition and textual arrangement suggest that it is likely a compilation of different parts written in different era by different authors. "RAMAYANA OF VALMIKI" translated by Hari Prasad Shastri, ENGLISH, 1952 (1709 PAGES) -, 11. The text, in some versions of the manuscripts, ends with Kriya-yogasara which is a discussion of ethics and hospitality to guests. 14 Skanda Purana.pdf. The Bengal recension of Padma Purana consists of five khandas (sections): Shrishti Khanda, Bhumi Khanda, Svarga Khanda, Patala Khanda and Uttara Khanda. These files are not to be copied or reposted for promotion of Chapter 24 - Piṅgatīrtha, Narmadā, Dvārāvatī, Timi etc. "VASUDEV MAHATMYAM", English-Sanskrit published by Mahant Purani Swami Dharmnandan Dasji, Shree SwamiNarayan Temple Bhuj -, 7. ), Chapter 80 - The worship of the Moon (Candra), Chapter 81 - The Birth of Bhauma and His Worship, Chapter 82 - The worship of the Planets (Graha), Section 2 - Bhūmi-khaṇḍa (section on the earth), Chapter 2 - Life is Restored to Vedaśarman, Chapter 3 - The Heroic Deed of Viṣṇuśarman, Chapter 4 - Somaśarman’s Devotion Put to Severe Test, Chapter 10 - The Practice of Penance by Demons (Dānavas), Chapter 12 - Dialogue between Somaśarman and Sumanā, Chapter 13 - Sumanā Explains Ten Basic Virtues, Chapter 14 - Sumanā Describes the Death of the Virtuous, Chapter 16 - The Death & Post-mortem State of Sinners, Chapter 17 - The Story of Somaśarman’s Previous Birth, Chapter 18 - The Account of Somaśaman’s Birth in a Brāhmaṇa Family, Chapter 19 - Somaśarman’s Eulogy of Viṣṇu, Chapter 23 - The Slaying of the Demon Bala, Chapter 29 - The Story of Pṛthu (continued), Chapter 30 - Sulobha and Śapharahā; Suśaṅkha and Sunīthā, Chapter 32 - Aṅga Gets a Boon from Vāsudeva, Chapter 35 - Rambhā Helps by a Suggestion, Chapter 36 - Sunīthā Gets Married and Vena is Born, Chapter 39 - On Gifts and Worthy Recipients of Gifts, Chapter 40 - The Fruit of Occasional Charity, Chapter 43 - The Boar Gives a Tough Fight to Ikṣvāku, Chapter 46 - The Story of Raṅgavidyādhara, Chapter 47 - The Story of Vasudatta and His Daughter Sudevā, Chapter 49 - Padmāvatī Succumbs to Gobhila’s Fraudulent Approach, Chapter 51 - Padmāvatī Returns to Her Husband’s Place, Chapter 53 - Sukalā’s Sickening Description of the Body, Chapter 54 - Sukalā Gets Prepared For the Showdown, Chapter 55 - Indra Tries to Dissuade Kāma, Chapter 56 - Satya & Dharma Come to Sukalā’s Help, Chapter 59 - Religious Observances Without One’s Wife Are Fruitless, Chapter 62 - Parents As Sacred Places of Pilgrimage, Chapter 63 - Merit Resulting from Service of Parents, Chapter 64 - Mātali’s Discourse on Old Age, Chapter 65 - Mātali on Why the Body Is Left Behind, Chapter 66 - Mātali on the Universality of Suffering, Chapter 67 - Mātali on Three Kinds of Sin, Chapter 68 - The Fruit of Righteous Deeds, Chapter 69 - Righteous Acts Enjoined by Śiva (Śivadharmas), Chapter 71 - Identity of Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Śiva, Chapter 72 - Yayāti’s Reluctance to Part with the Body, Chapter 73 - The Efficacy of Viṣṇu’s Name, Chapter 74 - Popularity of Viṣṇu Cult during Yayāti’s Rule, Chapter 75 - Yayāti’s Subjects became Deathless by the Grace of Viṣṇu, Chapter 78 - Pūru Gives His Youth to Yayāti, Chapter 79 - Youthful Yayāti Enjoys with Aśrubindumatī, Chapter 80 - Yadu Refuses to Kill His Mothers, Chapter 82 - Yayāti Takes Back His Old Age, Chapter 83 - Yayāti Visits the Divine Worlds, Chapter 84 - Glorification of Devotion to Parents, Chapter 85 - The Story of Cyavana, Kuñjala and Divyādevī, Chapter 86 - Divyādevī As Citrā in Her Former Birth, Chapter 88 - Divyādevī Goes to Viṣṇu’s Heaven, Chapter 89 - The Miraculous Bath in the Water of Mānasa Lake, Chapter 90 - The Powers of the Holy Places, Chapter 91 - Vidura, Candraśarman, Vedaśarman and Vañjula, Chapter 93 - Vijvala Narrates His Experience, Chapter 94 - In Praise of Making Gift of Food, Chapter 96 - Good and Bad Deeds and the Fate of the Performer, Chapter 100 - Vena Asks to Hear More about Kuñjala, Chapter 103 - Aśokasundarī is Saved and Āyu Gets Boon, Chapter 106 - Indumatī’s Lamentations on the Loss of Her Child, Chapter 107 - Nārada Assures of Nahuṣa’s Return, Chapter 108 - Vasiṣṭha’s Instruction to Nahuṣa, Chapter 109 - Vidvara, a Kinnara, Dispels Aśokasundarī’s Apprehensions, Chapter 110 - Nahuṣa Gets Divine Weapons from Gods, Chapter 111 - Nahuṣa Enters Mahodaya, the City of Huṇḍa, Chapter 112 - Aśokasnudarī has a Glimpse of Nahuṣa, Chapter 113 - Rambhā Acts as Aśokasundarī’s Messenger, Chapter 114 - The Fight between Nahuṣa and Huṇḍa Starts, Chapter 115 - Huṇḍa is Killed in the Battle, Chapter 116 - Nahuṣa Marries Aśokasundarī, Chapter 123 - Kuñjala’s Story: A Preceptor Is a Holy Place, Chapter 125 - The Merit of Listening to or Reciting This Purāna, Section 3 - Svarga-khaṇḍa (section on the heavens), Chapter 1 - Sūta Romaharṣaṇa Agrees to Narrate Padma Purāṇa. 1-93 [to be continued], Vayu-Purana, Revakhanda [wrongly incorporated into the Skanda-Purana], Visnudharmottara-Purana, Adhy. Vedic Reserve of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi University of Management (MUM) has following formatted PDF files. Padma Purana. Chapter 229 - A Description of Viṣṇu’s Vyūhas, Chapter 230 - The Fish Incarnation of Viṣṇu, Chapter 234 - How to Observe the Vow of Dvādaśī, Chapter 236 - Characterization of Various Texts and Doctrines, Chapter 237 - The Boar Incarnation of Viṣṇu, Chapter 239 - The Rise of Bali and Kaśyapa’s Penance, Chapter 248 - Rukmiṇī Formally Married to Kṛṣṇa, Chapter 251 - Destruction of Pauṇḍraka’s Son, Chapter 252 - Kṛṣṇa Goes Back to His Abode, Chapter 254 - One Hundred and Eight Names of Rāma, Chapter 255 - The Three Gods Subjected to Test by Bhṛgu, Section 7 - Kriyāyogasāra-Khaṇḍa (Section on Essence of Yoga by Works), Chapter 1 - A Dialogue between Jaimini and Vyāsa, Chapter 2 - Characteristic Marks of a Vaiṣṇava, Chapter 4 - Praṇidhi, Padmāvatī and Dhanurdhvaja, Chapter 5 - The Story of Mādhava and Sulocanā, Chapter 6 - Happy End of the Story of Mādhava and Sulocanā, Chapter 7 - Kālakalpa is Liberated by the Touch of Gaṅgā-water, Chapter 8 - The Love Story of Indra and Padmagandhā, Chapter 10 - The Efficacy of Campaka Flower, Chapter 12 - The Greatness of the Holy Fig Tree, Chapter 13 - Viṣṇu’s Worship with Lotuses: The Story of Prajā, Chapter 14 - Prohibition regarding and Fruit of Viṣṇu Worship, Chapter 18 - The Greatness of Puruṣottama. None of these have TOC except kalkI. wisdomlib - the greatest source of ancient and modern knowledge; Like what you read? The first eighteen chapters of the first part (khanda) of the text is notable for its description of lake Pushkar, near Ajmer in Rajasthan as a Brahma pilgrimage site, followed by chapters with Vishnu-oriented presentation. It is notable for its inclusion of parts of the Ramayana, large sections containing pilgrimage guides, and its dedication to both Vishnu and Shiva/Shakti. homa_sangraha.pdf. Chapter 46 - More about Merits Derived from Pilgrimage, Chapter 48 - Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Śiva Dwell in Prayāga, Chapter 49 - Kṛṣṇa Recommends Pilgrimage to Prayāga, Chapter 50 - Viṣṇu’s Name the Greatest Holy Place, Chapter 51 - Karmayoga or Rules of Conduct, Chapter 53 - Rules of Conduct for a Celibate Student, Chapter 55 - Dont’s for a Twice-born Householder, Chapter 57 - Acts of Charity Prescribed for a Householder, Chapter 58 - Code of Conduct for an Anchorite, Chapter 59 - Rules of Conduct for a Sannyāsī, Chapter 61 - Devotion to Viṣṇu the Best Way to Salvation, Chapter 62 - The Merit of Reciting the Padma Purāṇa, Svargakhaṇḍa, Section 4 - Brahma-khaṇḍa (Section on Brahman). The Padma Purana (Sanskrit: पद्म पुराण) is one of the eighteen Maha Puranas, a genre of texts of Hinduism in sanskrit. The Padma Purana categorizes itself as a Sattva Purana (one which represents goodness and purity). "SHREE VISHNU-PURANA", complete English edition (5 Volumes), H.H. "SHREE NARADA-PURANA", FULL SET (All 5 Volumes in English), Motilal Banasirdass, 1952-1997 -, 4. has following Puranas, among other texts such Agama, Dharma Sastras, General, and research. Chapter 67 - The Slaying of Bala and Namuci, Chapter 70 - Devāntaka, Durdharṣa & Durmukha Slain, Chapter 74 - The Slaying of Tripura’s Son, Chapter 75 - The Hymn of Victory at the End of War between Gods and Demons, Chapter 77 - The Vow of Saptamī in Houour of the Sun, Chapter 78 - The pacification of the Sun (Bradhna, Sūra, Ravi, Āditya, etc. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Padma Purana English . The second major different recension, traced to western region of India, has six khandas (Adi Khanda (also known as the Svarga Khanda in some printed editions), Bhumi Khanda, Brahma Khanda, Patala Khanda, Srishti Khanda and Uttara Khanda) and is the adopted and oft-studied version since the colonial British India era.

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