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Chip (also known as Light Gaia) is a dear and good friend to Sonic. [42] He can push and lift things several times bigger and heavier than himself, run with extra weight slowing down and his attacks can smash through metal and rock, and damage foes countless times his size. Not like all the other people we've seen. This form grants Sonic a strong golden armor with a red cape, the ability to fly, greater strength and the power to wield the legendary sacred sword Excalibur. [31] It is stated that in his heart he may not dislike her as much as it seems,[14] and that deep down he might actually have some feelings for her. They look almost identical (to the extent that many initially got them confused), and they can match each other in speed, agility and abilities,[92][93] including Chaos Control. Its supporting YouTube channel can be found here: The Main Group of Non-Disney Villains: Tzekel-Kan (The Road to El Dorado) Stone Jaguar Cortes Theodore Lindey Tempelton (The Boss Baby) Stacey Jimbo Professor Pinchworm (The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald) One-Eyed Sally(The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald) Queen Oriale (Argai: The Prophecy) Infecteds (Left 4 Dead): (Tank, Witch, Hunter, Smoker, Boomer) Darla … Sonic was likewise genuinely annoyed by Marine's antics, her bossy behavior, and the way she insisted that he followed her orders. However, when Sonic took the Flame of Judgment for Shahra in their first encounter, Erazor decided to use Sonic and told him to gather the seven World Rings for him before the Flame of Judgement burned out, or he would die. Appearance Nintendo DS. When they first met during the Time Eater incident, they were left somewhat confused about standing face-to-face with another one of themselves, although they put that aside to sort out the crisis at hand. Alignment Rohan Kishibe is the ex-husband of Jill Thompson. Area/Level: Birthday on Windy Hill. Wiki Content. Add new page. [110] Despite this, Sonic was willing to endure it, as he often noted how "hopeless" a case Marine was. Other names Regardless, Sonic later stopped Gawain from committing suicide. Sonic Colors. But Silver befriended Sonic when he discovered, with Shadow's help, that Sonic was not the Iblis trigger and that Mephiles the Dark had lied to him. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. This was best demonstrated with his encounters with Erazor Djinn, and to a lesser extent with his encounter with Infinite at Mystic Jungle. However, these defeats have only increased Metal Sonic's hatred for Sonic and endowed him with an obsession to surpass and defeat him, promoting him to repeatedly challenge Sonic in vain. (The Channel Awesome logo and NC title sequence play) NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. Sonic first met Amy during his adventures on Little Planet where he saved her from Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik's captivity which made them fast friends. Sonic even told Infinite upon holding his own against the latter compared to the previous time they fought that he becomes more powerful every second. Gallery. Nintendo Switch. In movies, notable Weird West stories include The Valley of Gwangi (1969) which used special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen's talents to pit cowboys against dinosaurs. Upon learning it, however, Sonic, in his trademark banter, then tried to get Infinite to reveal the secret to his power, although Infinite refused to divulge the ability. Sega. Her skin color is pale green. By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Sonic can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser or even a fireball, each one possessing its own unique abilities. You must have been protecting me this whole time. He also has incredible jumping skills, capable of jumping up to several hundred meters even with extra weight. As far as stamina goes, Sonic's is seemingly limitless as he is never winded from running. Marine the Raccoon is a good friend of Sonic from Blaze's world, as they quickly befriended each other soon after meeting. Area/Level: Asteroid Coaster. Disney Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The same year, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter paired another famous outlaw with another famous horror character. Knuckles the Echidna is one of Sonic's greatest rivals and best friends. Area/Level: Opening sequence. Like Jagar and Misty, Olive was killed in her time by Dimentia, as Dimentia was afraid they would use their power to end her eternal childhood. ", Sonic Team (December 9, 2008). In their new meeting in Sonic Rivals, Silver had traveled to the past to bring Eggman Nega back to the future, but he seems to be more competitive to Sonic as they raced each other see who would get to Eggman Nega first but later they teamed up with each other at the end to defeat Eggman Nega and also in Sonic Rivals 2 to defeat the Ifrit. Sonic has proven himself as a world-class Extreme Gear rider. Sonic seemingly has a knack for Extreme Gear riding, quickly grasping the controls on his first try and later developing advanced techniques despite being self-taught. Instead, he lives in the present and always looks forward to his next adventure, holding no regrets for what has transpired. The two worked together to save Princess Elise and when Sonic was killed by Mephiles, Silver realized that they could save Sonic with the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Thank you for understanding and we hope you have a happy, safe Halloween! Although Shahra was bound to treat Sonic as his master from then on and would refer to him "Master" on several occasions after that, Sonic would feel uncomfortable about this title and insist that she referred to him by his real name. Please do not change any existing article unless you are adding proper updates and fixes. After dark the dead rise and not even the Reverend Jebediah Mercer can save the inhabitants. When Shahra later took a lethal blow from Erazor to protect Sonic, Sonic assured her in her final moments that he held no ill will against her for bringing him into this mess in spite of what she thought herself. The Main Branch has existed for over 20,0000,000,1 years, they are … When they met, Sonic was surprised at how polite Cream was. It has been stated that if Sonic does not sleep for eight hours during the night, it will spoil his running. Hard West, turn-based tactical game. While there is technically no hostility between the two, Sonic, along with Tails and Knuckles, displayed some noticeable disgust towards Rouge's selfishness during the second World Grand Prix where she and Shadow held no empathy for their teammate E-10000B, and exerted him past his limits in order to get the cash prize. Sonic has also demonstrated the ability to harness chaos energy for his own use; with a Chaos Emerald, Sonic can perform Chaos Powers, such as Chaos Control, and occasionally gain a boost in power too. However, when the echidna discovered that Dr. Robotnik had tricked him, the two of them joined forces to keep Robotnik and his robots from stealing the Master Emerald, and they departed on good terms, befriending each other. However, their differences does little to hurt their relationship and is later shown to mix very well as their friendship and mutual understanding grows. [57] Sonic first met Tails on West Side Island where he noticed Tails following him. Rohan and Jill separated after Rohan attempted to use his stand, Heaven's Door to try to force her to let him eat the last slice of pizza. GameCube. As his species implies, Sonic can also roll up into a concussive ball, primarily to attack enemies. In the Spirit World, Olive and her allies were made assistants to Dialga, and were allowed to keep their timebending abilities. [31] He has the ability to instantly accelerate to the speed of sound and run at speeds far greater than Mach 1,[32][33] which is at the blistering speed of about 768 mph, and can run backward just as well as he can forwards. Naturally, the zombies are the reanimated town folk, dressed in period attire. However, when Sonic recklessly got rid of the Cacophonic Conch used to control the Deadly Six, they rebelled and planned to destroy the world, making Sonic responsible for the subsequent danger to the planet. Eggman, Casey Jones (from The Brave Engineer) as Dave, Lillie Lightship as Tillie (Both beautiful), Ten Cents as Rollo the Clown (Both leaders), Lillie Lightship as Lee Kanker (Both girlfriends to Ten Cents and Eddy), Casey Jones (from The Brave Engineer) as Jon Arbuckle, Penelope Pitstop (from Wacky Races) as Mama Mousekewitz, Casey Jones (from The Brave Engineer) as Papa Mousekewitz, Cats as Spencer, Bulgy, D261, Old Stuck Up, Spamcan, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Troublesome Trucks, Smudger, Sixteen, The Foreign Engine and Hector, Domeheads as Arry, Bert, Splatter, and Dodge. Sonic Forces. Super Sonic and Burning Blaze shaking hands. Shadow is the antithesis to all that Sonic stands for,[57] and ever since they first met they have fought, argued, and even had outright death matches, though Sonic is never out to take Shadow's life and does not consider him an enemy in the true sense of the word. Sonic Heroes. Since defeating Jet, Sonic has kept a more relaxed and tolerant attitude towards Jet, taking his insults and rash determination to beat him in stride. Not like all the other people we've seen. Sonic cares very much for Tails' well-being. While Sonic does not hold back on Knuckles' shortcomings, they deeply acknowledge each other[90] and Sonic knows he can count on him to do what is needed to succeed.

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