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Game As soon as he is returned to work, Ky Kiske is thrust into a new conspiracy which includes robot clones of himself, a secret organization, a woman in red named I-No, and his bitter rival, Sol Badguy. In 2180, one day while on duty, the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament is announced. When his left eye becomes red with a Gear-like sigil inscribed on the iris, he can regenerate fatal wounds in mere seconds, and his strength vastly increases, as Ky was able to prevent the titanic Justice from falling in -REVELATOR-. Does anyone know if May's Theme (Blue Water Blue Sky) is in this game? He is one of the most well known characters, and has been an integral part of the series since the first Guilty Gear. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. He is diligent and scrupulous. Ky later takes a walk with Sol, with the latter asking if their score is truly settled. However, Sol’s deptaure with the Outrage weapon, the Fireseal sword, earned Sol Ky’s hatred. However, Ky discovered this power out of desperation to save Dizzy from sublimation and does not know how he performed such a feat. Ky wants to know more, but she dies, leaving Ky to ponder if he was doing the right thing. He was soon promoted to rank of captain. All Rights Reserved. Guilty Gear Xtra Ky shows them Dizzy's state, and Paradigm says she can be unsealed but they must first defeat Valentine. Status Hobby His hair has grown in the timeline of the series, to the point where he sports it as a ponytail in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. Ky can be seen once in a black outfit in one of the early drafting books. He sets out to find the truth in Justice's final words and the flaws within his own concept of justice. He takes shelter at the Grove until Dizzy, who is paying a visit to Testament, loses control of her systems due to Crow's Justice Copy. In his one Guilty Gear X Plus ending, Ky is pursued by a robotic copy of himself, the so-called Robo-Ky; in another ending, he manages to beat Sol in a duel. I main Ky and I don't know when his hair goes down. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ky pursued her trail only to find "lava and flames" (Sol's work) that made Justice lose power. Soon after his appointment, he led the Knights to victory, and ended the 100-year genocidal war. Sol asks Ky if Dizzy is safe, but Ky doesn't know what to say; Sin lashes out, calling him a "shitty king" who can't protect anything, and storms out. KnightLaw officerMonarch For Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to unlock Ky Kiske with hair down? Hobbies France It wasn't long before they fell in love but because of the lack of official records and her concealed identity, they could not get officially married. View and download this 646x850 Ky Kiske image with 22 favorites, or browse the gallery. They begin a search for Elphelt as the Information Flares start. En route to Zepp, Ky privately tells Sol not to run away from the truth, "tomorrow always comes", and that he, Dizzy and Sin will wait for him to come home. Birthday ksen | MDZS / Scum Villain | HouEngi | Gundam | art blog and fandom stuff | art tag Ky Kiske is one of two leading characters alongside his eternal rival, Sol Badguy. Sacred Order of Holy Knights, International Police Force Magic Collecting teacups View and download this 640x800 Ky Kiske image with 11 favorites, or browse the gallery. The following chart uses the most recent, localized names from Λ Core Plus R, with the original/Japanese names placed below or alongside. View an image titled 'Ky Art' in our Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. Ky invariably wears dark fingerless gloves. Ky owes his name to the two musicians of Germany's Power Metal scene - Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, former Helloween members. Depending on if players defeated Dizzy with an Instant Kill or not, Ky will either look after Dizzy, leading into his Path 1 ending, or he will leave Dizzy in Johnny and May's care again before going his own way (Path 2). How exciting! He looked amazing. Ky Kiske Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. He claims to use basic Order techniques (unfairness, deceit), but even so, Ky stood out in the Order as a brutally efficient fighter uninhibited by emotion, mercy or honor in the face of monsters. During Ky's Instant Kill (Rising Force), a figure of a woman can be seen curled into the ball of lightning, and then would fly along the projectile. I wish it was an unlockable costume. Origin Guilty Gear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ky is a handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes. When Sin brings up if Dizzy is related to Sol, Ky quickly realizes (comically horrified) that Sol may be his father-in-law. Likes Sin's design also contains white gloves on each of his hands, white trousers with two golden loops hanging from ea… Ky was soon recognized as a "prodigy swordsman" and promoted to the rank of Captain. I'm falling!". However, Ky never used such skills during their battles, as he didn't see Sol as a monster. Justice wonders if his unwavering faith in the concept would continue if he met That Man, who is still alive. In 2175, Kliff challenged Justice to one last battle, and Ky stepped in to save him, pushing Justice to retreat. He also actively wishes to move on from the "killing machine" (in Sol's words) that he was during the Crusades, wishing to leave his hatred behind. Ky has also discovered that one of Thunderseal's hidden abilities is to isolate a person or object within a selective space where time has stopped. His relation with his son Sin is not quite close as well, as Sin is shown calling his father a "shitty king". Although it eases the use of lightning, Ky's skills are not reliant on its power, as he has shown the same level of mastery over said element with normal swords. They fight side by side, but Ky soon lets Sin go help Sol, as he just wanted to see how much Sin had grown; Sin leaves, saying Ky doesn't need to be "formal" if he wants to act like a dad. Powers/Skills Blue-green Ky, Sol and Sin fly over to confront Ramlethal in Japan, but she is a distraction, as the Cradle is retrieved from Babylon. Ky and the latter fought alongside one another during the Crusades, with Kliff Undersn and Testament. Finally, Ky, Sin and Sol ambush Ariels while Jack-O' positions herself to fuse with Justice. Origin Sin reflects that he will protect Ky because he is irreplaceable to Dizzy. Ky later leads his men into battle against the Vizuel so that Sol's party can enter the Backyard. He is adept at performing other forms of elemental magic, but prefers to use lightning. The following is Ky's move list in the original Guilty Gear. It is unknown if he's either a human implanted with Gear Cells, or if he performed an experiment on himself to give him Gear-like qualities. Ky then ordered all support units to engage and seal Justice in a dimensional prison—thus bringing the war to an end. Ky is a handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes. Leo, Sin and Ky defend the control room from the Opus while Dizzy overloads Justice and Sol removes Chronus. Ky helps Paradigm undo the Gears' brainwashing, his compassion moving the doctor. Ky loses, but he will no longer pursue Sol and reunites with Dizzy. Jul 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Galaga. Charismatic and highly talented with both swords and magic, he was the former commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights (Seikishidan) during the Holy War (2074-2175 AD) that was fought between mankind and the Gears (the latter under the leadership of Commander Gear Justice). Dizzy (wife)Sin Kiske (son)Justice (mother-in-law)Sol Badguy (father-in-law, allegedly)Robo-Ky (robotic copy) When Sol wakes up, Ky pieces together the purpose of the battle: Sol is learning how to face monsters to prepare for his final showdown with That Man—who, as they speak, surrenders himself to the U.S. government. Unknown. Takeshi Kusao, Ky's voice actor, is known for voicing heroic young men using swords, such as. In his desperation, he "rushes" her sealing and is unable to release her. He is one of the most well known characters, and has been an integral part of the series since the first Guilty Gear.

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