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Variations in metabolic rates can alter this figure by as much as 20 View the feline calorie calculator in a separate window. Loss of muscle mass present. Please monitor the pets body weight and adjust as needed to achieve ideal weight. Is your cat receiving subcutaneous fluids? Ran all this past my Vet. Has your vet checked for diabetes? This tool was designed to aid the veterinary health care team in making nutritional assessments and recommendations to help their patients maintain or achieve their healthy weight. Had issues with both dogs .. Too picky..Never would eat dry food.. Wouldn’t eat so I started cooking for them .. Bad idea.. He gets Purina Healthy Weight. Right now the only thing he will touch is baby food and then he only licks it off my fingers. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Not working? Here's what the calculations look like for a neutered pet dog weighing 45 pounds that is at his or her optimum weight. My wee fur baby weighed in at 5.5kg and her target weight is to get to around 4kg. Calculators for Emergency and Anesthetic drugs, Constant Rate Infusions (CRI), IV Fluid Rates, Chocolate Toxicity, Calorie requirements for dogs and cats and Unit conversion (including Weight, Temperature, Body Surface Area, mg to ug, cc's to ounces's, cm's to inches). You will need to know your cat’s ideal weight, which you can find out from your vet, although for an average adult cat, an ideal weight is typically 4-5kg or 8-10lbs. Good luck! If anyone has a idea that is better than mine, speak up. I was easily able to syringe high calorie food right into his stomach. Some people feed their cats with a feeding tube or with a syringe. No kidney or liver failures or infections except for her mouth. If she eats everything, I give her more canned cat food. And how much do you giv... Linda Clayton: My dog has cataracts and my vet thinks that the reason she seems like she may sh... A safe weight loss goal is around 0.5kg (~1lb) a month, Avoid rapid weight loss as this can cause additional problems, Switch to a ‘light’ diet manufactured by a, Don’t give human food as treats (although boiled fish or boneless chicken may be given as a special treat very occasionally), Put down multiple small meals as opposed to a couple of big meals, Carefully monitor calorie consumption – including main meals, treats or any additional meals, Offer fresh water if your cat is begging for food, often this alternative will be enough to satisfy them, If your cat continues to beg, offer a very small food portion, In multi-cat households, ensure cats are fed individually so you can be sure of what each cat has eaten, Try introducing some extra play time (10-15 minutes a day) to get your cat moving and burning some calories. Even when taking into account a pet’s lifestyle, age, activity level, etc., it is impossible to mathematically determine exactly how many kilocalories a pet needs. I was given the Royal Canin obesity wet and dry food for her. I’m presently battling a problem with my cat being overweight. It will take some research to come up with a meal plan that will be right for your cat but right now she/he is likely getting more than twice the amount needed. See below for some tips on safe weight loss. What’s the problem? First, the energy to perform essential body functions like digestion, respiration, heart functions, brain functions, etc. See the guide below for the previous top 100. ( I use BLUE Buffalo )….they woof it down ..even the senior girl… I’m so happy with this .. And yes they have their vet visits !! can anyone give me any advice, i have two cats 1 is a healthy 4kg the other is a chubby 6kg, i need to get some weight off her but they feed together and i am at work all day, any advice will be welcome. A healthy adult cat on a maintenance diet requires 264 calories per day. We bought a good sized plastic tote. because she is starving to death. PNA may adjust the formulations based on new data findings. Healthy Weight Tool. I buy these foods for me so it is not an additionsl expence for me except I buy a little more for her. Others (large breeds like Maine Coons, for example) should stay on kitten food for longer. So, you take factor two and multiply by 110 = 220 calories. Cat Food Calculator. Use the report function to generate a summary of the calculation. He didn’t think anything I was using to be dangerous for her. She has had these sores for a long time. He has now gained 4 lbs to be 22 pounds. I hope this helps your baby Veterinary Drug Calculators on your Phone or Tablet! If not, it is always great to hear your feedback! The feline calorie calculator uses a basic formula to determine the resting energy requirements (RER) of  felines. I have been feeding royal canin satiety support for 10weeks, she gets 40g per day of dry food, I don’t use wet stuff. With feline obesity becoming a growing problem, it is becoming increasingly important for us to monitor how many calories our cats are consuming. A Pet Owner’s Guide to Surviving Firework Night, Pet Ownership Reduces Allergies and Obesity in Children, Minitablets for Cats Set to Make Medicating Easier, Myoclonic Epilepsy Gene Discovered in Dogs, Dogs Enjoy the Sounds of Soft Rock and Reggae Music, Is My Dog Pregnant? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Disclaimer: This tool is designed to be used only by veterinary professionals. This was a last ditch effort. I am lucky, she is eating my mix first and then canned cat food. I still buy canned and dry cat food for my other cats. An infographic from the team at Rebates Zone of the top 50 pet blogs of 2014. NOTE: TO USE THIS CALCULATOR FOLLOW THESE STEPS: So now you know how many calories your cat needs in a day!!! ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE VETCALCULATORS LLC CALCULATORS IS PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. We have the same problem but the more you cut her food down the less she will start coming home. Much like humans, cats have a recommended daily calorie intake, which is dependent on their life stage and their ideal weight. I seem to be having the opposite problem from everyone else. What weight does the vet want your cat to be? Canine Epilepsy and the Causes of Canine Seizures, Protein Losing Enteropathy: Intestinal Protein Loss in Dogs, Increase Your Dog’s Fertility by Supplementing Essential Fatty Acids, 8 Common Household Products That Can Poison Your Pet, Common Types of Canine Benign Tumours: Lipoma, Papilloma & Adenoma. Ribs, pelvis, backbone easily palpated and somewhat visible. Daily Calorie Requirements for Cats body weight growing normal, intact obese weight in pounds kitten neutered adult adult prone loss 4 275 132 154 110 5 325 156 182 130 6 373 179 209 149 7 418 200 234 167 8 460 221 258 184 9 503 241 281 201 10 545 262 305 218 174 11 281 328 234 187 12 300 350 250 200 13 318 371 265 212 14 336 392 280 224 This could be bad for your cat and changes would need to be made if bowel movements change or there is any other problem with a cat (kidney failure, heart or any other vet diagonsed problem).

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