kimber carbon rifle

Hand-made carbon composite rifle stocks. For these pursuits, Kimber offers three options — each of which are built for a specific role. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. These rifles balance out at just over seven pounds and come in a wide range of calibers. The Pro Varmint is available in .204 Ruger, .223 Remington and .22-250 Remington and the Long Master Classic in .223 and .308. Kimber’s new bolt gun is an accurate, long-range and lightweight mountain rifle. The Talkeetna's stainless steel and carbon-fiber construction is intended for the rain-soaked country that big bears call home. The actions are scaled to the cartridge chosen, making them sleek and well-balanced. Contact Kimber Manufacturing; Tel. Kimber has been a market leader in creating specialized rifles for nearly every hunting niche, as well as general-use models that can be used for a wide-variety of species and terrain. Both rifles wear iron sights and barrel band sling swivels, features that are considered standard for dangerous game. The action's round profile is conducive to precision manufacturing and lends itself well to providing a solid bedding surface with the stock — two factors that are key to accuracy. Length of pull is 13.75 inches, overall length is 43.5 inches and it comes with a sub-1 MOA accuracy guarantee. This is the part of the world where we crawl on our bellies to close the distance. Whether you're searching for one rifle to do it all or a specialized tool for a specific hunt, Kimber's diverse product line has you covered. The Open Range Pro Carbon is a dual-purpose bolt gun that can be shot at longer ranges, but is also accurate in situations where you might do some continuous shooting. Take your venison loin to a whole new level with this delicious reverse-seared stuffed elk backstrap. North America's Toughest Black Bear Hunts, Best Reloading Supplies for Rolling Your Own. The filling of diced mushrooms and creamy Boursin cheese adds a whole new level of amazing flavors to an otherwise classic smoked venison loin. : (888) 243-4522; Web:, Kimber Open Range Pro Carbon – Open Country Rifle, Defensive Handgun Issue Gun & Gear Giveaway, Nosler M48 Long Range Carbon Rifle in .27 Nosler, Mossberg Patriot Predator Rifle .450 Bushmaster, Wilson Combat 300 HAM’R Hornady 135-gr. They don't waist an ounce on fluff. 3 oz. Some animals hunt back. This open terrain that stretches from the Rockies to the Appalachians is home to everything from pronghorn antelope to elk, as well as whitetail and mule deer. Everything we needed would have to be flown-in and carried on our backs. The heart of all Kimber rifles is the action: a unique hybrid of some of the most successful bolt actions in history. Sheep hunting is the toughest of hunting pursuits and it demands the most of both the hunter and his or her gear. Smoking the backstrap on a Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grill first, then finishing it on a blazing-hot skillet or flattop, creates a perfectly cooked, medium-rare steak with a crispy, seared exterior. Kimber Open Range Pro Carbon – Open Country Rifle. Not all hunting means chasing big game. A hunting rifle must be reliable to be useful and that ability to feed, extract and eject can mean the difference between success and failure. Despite their unrivaled portability, Kimber's mountain series of rifles are chambered in potent cartridges that are ideal for taking game up to and including elk and moose, and are guaranteed to be sub-MOA accurate. Combining Kimber's proven stainless steel barreled action with a honeycomb composite stock and a detachable box magazine, the Hunter is a pile of rifle for the money. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. All Rights Reserved. If you're wondering which Kimber rifle fits your needs, the names are a good guide: Montana, Mountain Ascent, Open Country, Adirondack, Talkeetna — you get the idea. The stock uses a pillar bedding system and includes a 1-inch buttpad. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Easy to make, and incredibly delicious, these mini cheeseburgers, wrapped in bacon, make the perfect one-bite-fits-all snack for your next tailgate party or hunting camp. These four hunts will test your endurance. Subscriber Services. Once the Piper Super Cub lifted off the tundra valley floor, we would be on our own for 12 days. Whether we are talking about brown bears on the Alaskan Peninsula or cape buffalo in the wilds of Mozambique, dangerous-game hunting demands a highly-specialized tool that a hunter can stake his or her life on. These rifles combine stainless steel barreled actions with durable ultralight carbon fiber stocks. PSE rifle stocks are strong, stiff & extremely lightweight. Other features include gray KimPro II metal finish, Mauser claw extractor, 3-position Model 70-type wing safety, oversized bolt knob and 4-round magazine capacity. Check out these top choices for building out your ammo reloading bench. |   My choice was simple: the Kimber Montana. The rifle features an AG Composites carbon fiber stock with a 24” PROOF Research carbon-wrapped barrel. They mate highly-figured walnut stocks with matte blue metal work, making them both beautiful and useful for nearly all North American game. Kimber has long been known for its lightweight mountain rifles, and this particular model comes equipped with an improved carbon-fiber wrapped barrel. Mountain hunting can be the toughest pursuit in the outdoors, but also the most rewarding. We will begin with the niche where Kimber built its legacy among American hunters — the mountains. Check out their website for specific information on each model: For this very useful niche, Kimber offers choices at both ends of the price spectrum. The rifles use Kimber’s 84M action with front locking lugs, a three-position safety, and a Mauser-style claw extractor. Hunting in remote and difficult terrain can be challenging to both the mind and body and has the potential to be downright dangerous.

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