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OU Daily and Crimson Quarterly magazine provide real value to this community both now by covering OU, and Support independent journalism serving OU. We'd love to hear eyewitness You have permission to edit this article. Do you appreciate the work we do as the only independent media outlet dedicated to serving OU students, Don't Threaten. Then consider helping fund our endeavors. Ward 3 councilmember Alison Petrone then suggested a 50 percent limit indoors and 75 percent limit outdoors. Ward 1 city councilmember Katie Bierman speaks at a forum at City Hall in February 2019. Then consider helping fund our endeavors. Norman City Council Member Kate Bierman expresses worries about game day occupancy limits for restaurants, bars Jordan Hayden, senior news reporter Jordan Hayden Bierman also said that she is trying to be as transparent as possible with this process. person will not be tolerated. Use the 'Report' link on No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism “The concern that we all had up until Tuesday night is that we’re seeing our case rate continuing to increase to unsafe levels,” Bierman said. If you’re able, please Bierman said she is worried about the environment in bars and restaurants on game days. Defund police vote exposes deep divisions in Norman. Norman City Council Member Kate Bierman expresses worries about game day occupancy limits for restaurants, bars, Norman City Council voted yes Tuesday on an. SUPPORT US TODAY FOR AS LITTLE AS $1. The initial petition only received enough signatures for one of the five recall elections to be instated, due to many of the signatures being found invalid. faculty, staff and alumni on campus and around the world for more than 100 years? Be Nice. or anything. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring pledge. Bierman said this amendment has a big impact on the ward she represents because Ward 1 residents typically have the lowest income and the least access to affordable healthcare, paid time off or the ability to quarantine. Around the world, communities are grappling with what Council member Kate Bierman said an increase in coronavirus cases — more than 1,000 reported cases per day statewide for each of the past seven days — and a weekend party attended by up to 400 people at a Norman apartment complex illustrate that residents aren’t heeding recommendations to wear masks. “If there is a ‘John Smith on Berry Road’ on the petition and you did not sign it, you can get in contact with us and we can get the names removed from the petition.”. Bierman said in a Facebook post these allegations are not only untrue, but have no evidence to support them, in response to Unite Norman's allegation the city council is doxxing those who signed their name on the petition. person will not be tolerated. Share with Us. For non-game days, there is no occupancy limit for bars and restaurants, but all seating must be arranged to promote social distancing, which is defined as six feet apart according to the ordinance. “Instead, we went the other direction and said ‘Let’s have even more people inside than we allow any other day of the week.’” Bierman said. Presumed new Norman Ward 5 Councilman Michael Nash’s first post in the Norman – Ward 5 Facebook group drew more than 100 responses Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020. The amendment originally limited them to 50 percent. Ward 1 council member Kate Bierman explained on Thursday that while she's in support of limiting restaurant and bar capacities on OU football home game days, she doesn't think a cap at 75 percent capacity is low enough. The vote was approved 7-1 with only Kate Bierman voting no on the amendment. “Your instruction to ‘Cease & Desist’ is a farce at best,” Bierman’s lawyers said in the Facebook post response to the email. “Allowing people to go out on game day and allowing these businesses the traffic they need in order to survive was not appropriately counterbalanced with the impact on public health that we know will happen.”. That fine then, the Unite Norman group should go back after the Mayor and other city council members with additional recal petition. Do you appreciate the work we do as the only independent media outlet dedicated to serving OU students, Threats of harming another During Tuesday’s meeting, the councilmembers had back-and-forth discussions that led to the amendment’s final form.

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