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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As a result, when Dean tried to kill him, Jack accepted and even welcomed his fate, caring enough to want to cause no more harm even when he had no soul and admitted that he could no longer feel emotion such as love. https://supernatural.fandom.com/wiki/Jack_Kline_(Nephilim)/Abilities_and_Weaknesses?oldid=402823. Jack at first accepted immediately but after seeing Lucifer's true malicious self he disowned him as his father. While still in his mother's womb, Jack was shown to be aware of his surroundings. He also considers Sam and Dean to be his father figures as well. In Last Holiday, Mrs. Butters states that Jack has grown incredibly powerful to the point that she thinks the Winchesters should fear him. This left Rowena flattered and she agreed to help him. Kelly Kline (mother) †Lucifer (biological father) †Castiel (paternal uncle/chosen father/guardian)God (paternal grandfather)The Darkness (paternal great-aunt)Michael (paternal uncle)Raphael (paternal uncle) †Gabriel (paternal uncle) †Angels (paternal uncles and aunts)Jane (paternal cousin) †Queen of Sheba (paternal cousin) † Jack Kline (maternal grandfather) Mrs. Kline (maternal grandmother)Winchester Family (guardians/surrogate family) Title/Alias Jack comforted her after she expressed sadness that she wasn't able to help anyone and she accepted his words. Jack has also been shown with a large pair of angelic wings, which seems to be as big as those of Archangels. Jack also met his biological father Lucifer and his uncle Gabriel. Jack later explains that Billie's spells are turning him into a bomb, or something more akin to a "cosmic supernova" that will turn him into a black hole of cosmic energy from which even God and the Darkness couldn't escape, but would also kill him in the process. During this time, Jack played a role in the resurrection of Castiel who he had chosen as his father. During this time, Jack played a role in the resurrection of Castiel who he had chosen as his father. However, he also felt worthless as he couldn't stop Michael but overcame it by using his basic hunter knowledge to help out. Another possible meaning for the name Jack is "Godly". He also fell into a deep rage, as Michael's monsters killed the hunters in front of him that forced him to use his powers to obliterate them, despite needing to conserve it to live. While originally not caring about Lucifer at all, Jack, despite being wary of him, decided to hear Lucifer out when he arrived at the Dayton outpost in Apocalypse World. As more time passes, Jack is shown to regain his old personality from before losing his soul, though he is somewhat more reserved due to the heavy burden left upon him. Eventually, after the child helped him defeat Dagon, Castiel also became hopeful that Jack was good, and could make the world a better place. Jack has taken to using the computer more often after Sam showed him how to use it and mostly watches videos or plays games. Jack at first accepted immediately but after seeing Lucifer's true malicious self he disowned him as his father. He seemed to have taken a much better view of his father after learning he fought against Michael to protect him, looking saddened as he contemplated the fact that Lucifer was probably dead and he seemingly sacrificed himself to protect Jack. Also, Jack bonded Mary in their time together in the other reality and even protected her from Kevin Tran's suicide spell. 1 Powers and Abilities 1.1 Other Abilities 2 Weaknesses 2.1 Human Weaknesses 2.2 Harming, Misleading or Trapping 2.3 Killing 3 References As a Nephilim, Jack is one of the most powerful beings in all of Creation; however, as the son of a human and an archangel, Lucifer himself, Jack's power far exceeds that of any Nephilim. Because of his own heritage as the son of Lucifer, Jack has shown an at least somewhat sympathetic view toward those like him (mistaken to be evil monsters) as he connected with Mia Vallens, a shapeshifter who tries to help people. Most recently, Asmodeus described Jack as an entity of immense power, and the angels state Jack may be powerful enough to produce new angels, something that hasn't been done since God created the original angels. This resulted in God returning to Earth and personally killing Jack and plunging the world into chaos to punish humanity for the defiance. 12-15 Even Lucifer himself (upon hearing from Castiel about Jack's view on him when Asmodeus was holding them prisoner and later being told by Rowena that he meant nothing to Jack) believed that Jack wouldn't give him a chance unless he came bearing gifts (causing him to resurrect a recently deceased Sam). While enamored by Lucifer's words and the idea of a father-son relationship with him, Jack came to see the truth about Lucifer upon discovering he killed Jack's friend Maggie, he rejected his father completely in favor of the Winchesters who Jack saw as his true family, not showing anything towards Lucifer except anger and contempt in the process. While still in his mother's womb, Jack was shown to be aware of his surroundings. He was unsure of how to deal with this but decided to hear his father out and even got on good terms with him. While Jack possessed memories from while he was in the womb, he didn't appear to understand what they meant. However, his close status with Lucifer raised concern from the Winchesters and they soon put a stop to it in the evacuation of Apocalypse world by leaving Lucifer trapped. Nephilim When his powers were restored, Jack displayed his full angelic wings to show he was himself once more. Jack's words regarding seeing Sam and Dean as family are supported by the fact that he protected Sam from being killed by a shapeshifter and saving Dean from being killed by an angel. Jack soon died and went to Heaven but he left his Heaven to enter his mother's heaven where he finally connected with her. To keep Jack safe, Billie keeps him hidden in the Empty until God leaves the Earth after recovering his full powers. Lucifer however returned and offered to take Jack to the stars where they could go on a father-son journey cross the known universe. Following his use of telekinesis to stop Buddy, Jack gains a greater control over his powers, particularly telekinesis. He also got along with his uncle Gabriel who was not a hostile angel like the others he met and even considered Gabriel's remarks on Lucifer. This belief was originally shared even by his mother, who attempted suicide … The prophet Donatello, who has been in the presence of God, Amara, and Lucifer, initially mistook Jack for God when sensing his power, as it was "not dark, not toxic", unlike Lucifer's, yet still very powerful. Emma Winchester (Daughter of Heaven and Hell). With Lucifer poised to destroy everything, Dean became the vessel for the Apocalypse World Michael and killed Lucifer in the battle to Jack's great relief before Michael took control of Dean and departed, loose upon the Main Universe. Despite his powers not returning to him as of yet, Jack was able to identify that he was in Heaven after noticing something was amiss.

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