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If you’re into ironic cat names, but none of the following strike your fancy, try popping over to have a look at the article for some more ideas. this article for more black cat name ideas. © What started out as pest control gradually became a friend. It comes as a surprise to many that Grumpy Cat is a female. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Garfield's nemesis Nermal is known as the world's cutest kitty cat. the Siamese cat is mysteriously enigmatic, The Feline Five: An Exploration Of Personality In Cats, Vocal recognition of owners by domestic cats (Felis catus), What We Understand about Cats and What They Understand about Us, Black and Orange Cat – Guide To The Black And White Tortoiseshell Cat. The Japanese anime Dragon Ball has a feline character named Puar. Then there’s always the confusion that attends the eccentricity of naming all of your pets the same thing. (Yes, that’s right, I absolutely adore a ridiculouslybrainless dog.). Maybe her purrs are so rhythmically beautiful they rank #1 on a top 40 music chart for weeks on end. There are so many cute names really! I mean, can’t some cat parents do more research in choosing a nice name for their cat? You can usually only name them once so give them one you love as much as you’re going to love them! After all, you wouldn’t go around naming your cat heels or sneakers, would you? (Notably the ones that aren't shown often due to a racist caricature.) We can understand where the inspiration came from, which is Puss in Boots, but it is a name people shouldn’t use. We’ve created the ultimate list of Swedish cat names. NEED MORE LEONARDO DEFUZZY!!!!! (Hey, girls have bad moods too!) Plus, it’s not fair to your vet, who will have to yell out things like “is Shi**y Kitty here?”, I’m sure you can guess what’s behind the stars, it rhymes with “kitty.”. No one likes to be a sheep, especially when there’s the option to be a shepherd! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I think one of these names would be purrfect for a Siamese cat: This beautiful feline represents one of the oldest known breed of cats and is associated with the Egyptian Pharaohs. She really is the purrrfect pet. If you want a Winnie-inspired name, why not choose one of the lesser-known characters such as Roo, the baby kangaroo? This name, in particular, has often been used in the past, but it is s common and you would be better off choosing something more unique. It is another one of those old-fashioned names which have slowly died out. It just doesn’t sound right and while Mittens might sound cute, not everyone will understand it. We have some pretty cat-astrophic names for your furry feline friend, which are purr-fect if they are a goofball. Cleopawtra – Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, similar to modern-day cat owners, Mewriah Carey – famous for her song ‘All I Want For Kit-mas is You’, Daenerys – for if your cat prefers dragons over mice, Cersei Lannister – perfect if your girl cat has a darker side. Discover the secret world of cats. Your cat may not be a comedian all on his own. When asked to accept other pets we said, “Sorry, but we already have Toomany.” It worked. Instead, let’s talk about naming conventions to avoid. Cats were domesticated over 5,000 years ago. If he has nine lives, it stands to reason that he should have at least as many names, right? These names are definitely not appropriate for cats. Sylvester. A cat named Stubbs was voted mayor of Talkeetna, AK in 1997. All rights reserved. If you’re considering adding a funny name to your cat’s given name, or want to start off a new kitty on the right paw by bestowing it with a funny name from the get-go, how about one of the suggestions below? The reason why this name is on the list is that it is quite plain and boring. (and more). Cats were domesticated over 5,000 years ago and were considered sacred to the ancient civilizations in Egypt and China. If your cat is a regular comedienne, you probably could use a list of fabulously funny female cat names to choose from, right? Sometimes, human-based names just fit. If you are certain that your feline friend would be a box office star, or on the cover of a bestseller, then give your cat the name of a female fictional character and make yourself smile every time you call her name! Charles de Gaulle had a Chartreux named Gris-Gris that followed him everywhere. They also face vicious verbal attacks. Did you know that thousands of research papers have been published on cat behavior and health? If you have any other funny names you’d like to tell us about then also leave that in a comment, especially any claw-ver puns you have! Had a Calico named Ufda (it’s kinda Norwegian for “Oy vey!”), When a friend got two new kittens, and said hmm, what shall I name them, her boyfriend being a smartass, laughed and said, just call them dog food. © 2001-2020  A team of researchers studied how 78 different cats responded to people saying their names. All rights reserved. We’ve got the best funny cat names — funny female cat names, funny male cat names, funny orange cat names, etc., from funny to punny and even just plain silly — all waiting for you here in this article. In Through the Looking Glass, Dinah is a grown cat with her own kittens named Snowdrop and Kitty who Alice imagines as the White Queen and the Red Queen. Garfield's nemesis Nermal is known as the world's cutest kitty cat. Say for example that you have a timid, shy kitten. Hello Kitty. So I've decided to take affirmative action and reiterate that while some words have evolved way beyond their original meanings, the original animals are still here and demand respect. Florence Nightingale had many cats in her lifetime, many of which left little paw prints on her manuscripts. your cat likely has more than one name, like mine does. But sometimes a serious cat with a punny name just makes the name all the more hilarious. Today is National Voter Registration Day! I live at the coast & have Purrsea Louise, Omg my friend has a classic orange tabby named Toulouse ? Felix, Figaro and Sylvester are good names for black and white cats. They've found their way into myth and folklore and even still into modern pop culture. Well, tell that to the hordes of aggrieved pets living with the outright obnoxious names their loved ones have given them. All rights reserved. Felix. You could even match your cat’s name to her purr-sonality – if she’s smarter than she looks then dress her in pink and call her something original; like Elle Woods! The Happy Cat Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Cat Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There are also so many actors and actresses who share the same head of hair as your cat – where do we start…. Cats are the heart and soul of internet humor and you might be forgiven for thinking that the internet was created primarily as a place to share funny pictures of cats.

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