how to make a rain gauge with a mason jar

For our rain gauge we used 100 CD/DVD cake box with its spindle removed. We would require a measuring cylinder that can read at least 1 milliliter of volume. You could even video call one of your family members and show them how good you’ve got at it. Take your glass jar and your ruler. Do you remember in Nursery when we thought about the rain and lots of rhymes with rain in them? If you are happy with the numbers on the front of the jar, you can just write them the normal way. on Introduction, 9 years ago This is a wonderful project for any group of people. For example you can keep an aquarium in open with a scale pasted to it as a rain gauge. It’s that simple! Make sure the wood block is heavy enough to stand up to tumultuous weather. You may want to correct these typos: "the the" and "of of". Take a ruler or tape measure and place inside the jar against the bottom and you can either leave the ruler in the jar or mark off your measurements. Your gauge holder is now done! Please email, By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. Rain gauge must be placed clear of obstacles so that raindrops do not splash into, or out of, the collecting funnel. we can easily measure the diameter of the the funnel mouth and get the radius by dividing it by 2. Can you design a table to record the results? Here’s how to make a really simple rain gauge using a mason jar and a ruler, for some rainy day fun! :). This is kind of cover is available in the stores where material for school going children is sold. The denominator in the equation is, therefore, a constant. Now you can start to make the “cradle” for the gauge. The cover can be locked to its black base. For rest of the material you may follow the instructions below and/or improvise on it. Take a marker and a straightedge to draw a horizontal line just above the pebbles. With the hook end up, place your gauge onto the long part of the hanger so it is touching the hook end of the hanger. A rain gauge is an instrument to measure rainfall, which is measured in millimeters. Cut a long piece of duct tape and place it on the side of the gauge so that it creates a straight vertical line from the bottom of the bottle to the top. Make sure the ruler touches the jar bottom. Get an adult to help as the edges might be sharp. Now you have a rain gauge! The mouth of the container should be the same size as the walls. In this design we have used one small bottle (1 litre) and a thermal cover bag for it. Then the first bottle is slide into this bottle. Our rain gauge is now ready. There was so much water in the can, I wanted to know how much,  so I measured it. Therefore, in principle any vessel that has a uniform cross section can be used as a rain gauge. I did this a few weeks ago with my three children and they love going outside every day to see how much it has rained. Occasionally the rain fall is also reported in centimeters or in inches. The edge of a fence, away from the building, is often a good place for your gauge. Also, rain may be blown FROM or INTO the gauge by wind gusts accompanying the rain storm. I modified it just slightly to make it work a little better. this idea from the Franklin Institute website, Organizing Your Insurance History (fun, right?) Line the “0” of your ruler up with the bottom of the glass jar and mark with the sharpie every so often (I did every 1/4″). However, I cheated. This gives us value of 'h' to be equal to 25.7672 or rounding it to 35.8 mm. I couldn’t wait to see the results as I drove home from the studio yesterday. This part is going to sound a little more complicated in writing than it is in real life, so just take a good look at the pictures as you are going along and you will be able to figure it out easily. This is amazing, I really wanna make this.thanks for sharing this. Fairly easy (and cool-looking) gauge holder. We then placed it at some convenient place. An empty jar or plastic bottle ( remove labels ). It’s good for it to be in the open. We didn’t bury ours very well, you might want to put yours further into the ground. If you’ve experienced the amount of rain I have and want to keep track of the results of your “Monsoon Season” this is an easy and simple way to do it! The basic material need is a funnel and a measuring cylinder. Occasionally the rain fall is also reported in centimeters or in inches. thank you for the idea and instructions!! The rain fall can be measured in different ways. Always finding something interesting on your site- love it! :). You are just basically going to use the coat hanger to make a sort of cup holder for the rain gauge. (with foil! These activities are designed to be carried out by children working with a parent, guardian or other appropriate adult. we then have value of h in cm as (measured volume) * cm divided by the constant value. A makeover for the garden | Mummy..Mummy..Mum! However, from an open rain gauge collected water will evaporate quickly when the rain stops affecting the final reading.

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