how strong is chimera ant kite

Their cave is their shelter and their dart board game is their weapon; in the absence of these factors, they are completely pitiful and inept fighters. RELATED: Hunter x Hunter: 5 Most Underrated Nen Users (& 5 Who Are Overrated). After the end of the King's reign, she would return to her mother, shocked and relieved that her child was alive – at least, in a sense. The Spiders are internationally feared for their strength and destructiveness, it seems off that two prestigeless Hunters (who aren't even done being apprentices yet) would be on their level. Meruem was the Chimera Ant King and the strongest character in the entire arc. He was primarily an Enhancer and his ability, known as Metamorphosis probably made him the physically strongest Chimera Ant in the series. I just saw a clip of when chimera ant Kite was talking to Koala and these questions just popped. Some Chimera Ants are extremely powerful, while others are comparatively weak. He did, however, succeeded in giving Youpi a hard time monetarily. When compared to all the other powerful characters who were in the arc, Killua was average at best. Another one of the King's Royal Guards, Menthuthuyoupi, simply known as Youpi, was just as strong as Pouf, if not stronger. When Palm was attacking Killua she was pulling off impressive hand to hand moves. His aura was tremendous and even multiple Hunters struggled to take him down, showcasing his superiority over others. Shoot is one of the students of Morel, just like Knuckle and he made his debut during the Chimera Ant arc of the series. NEXT:10 Hunter X Hunter Characters We Wanted To See More Of In The Anime, Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. As seen throughout the Chimera Ant arc, they're all incredibly powerful as even a regular Ant can kill a human if they're not careful. While Knuckle was quite powerful, he was not able to stand up to the might of Youpi, or any other Royal Guard for that matter. According to Killua, she could not have killed him even in his sleep. Here are the 5 strongest characters in the arc and 5 others who were just average. She was pretty weak before the transformation. Meruem was born with incredible power which only kept growing, thanks to his aura synthesis power. Meleoron is one of the Squadron Leaders of the Chimera Ant army, however, he isn't particularly powerful. Right now, though, I think she could take on some of the weakest Phantom Troupe members. Chimera Ants are one of the strongest known species in the world of Hunter x Hunter. As you said, however, it is difficult to estimate how durable her hair really is, and how much harder it can get with Ken or Ko. Youpi, when enraged, was nearly unstoppable. If he weren't to have it, I feel like it would complicate comparing him to his former self. Known as Hagya prior to his death, Leol was quite a mighty Chimera Ant Squadron Leader whose powers were phenomenal. I think that is why she was required to wait for Gon and Killua's success - because she didn't get on with Shoot and Knuckle; but would presumably do okay with them, if she was able to assist their training. Boruto: How Old Is Naruto In Boruto? The Chimera Ant arc is arguably the best arc in the entire Hunter x Hunter series. A one-stop shop for all things video games. His body was able to mutate to his advantage, summoning long appendages which he would use to grasp elusive opponents. She appears to constantly ooze ren when she's upset; even a low-skilled nen user would have to be unconscious not to sense her coming from a mile away. When it comes to power, Zazan certainly wasn't lacking in any sense. While we didn't get to see what Netero was like in his prime, we did see him display all the power that he could against Meruem. As seen throughout the Chimera Ant arc, they're all incredibly powerful as even a regular Ant can kill a human if they're not careful. Unfortunately, Cheetu had his limits, as explained by Morel. You make a good point when you say she could probably counter Meleoron's abilities to some extent, but I don't believe she can see through Morel's smokescreen, because even then she will see only smoke, or Morel without seeing his surroundings, thus she will not know his position. Moreover, among the royal family, he's the only one who got his memory back. Another ability of his, known as Spiritual Message allowed him to use his En quite remarkably. So who do you think she can beat up in the Phantom Troupe...? However, the catch is that it only works as long as he can hold his breath. At the moment idk about strongest but Kite definitely has potential to be stronger than he was and he's definitely gonna have an insane amount of nen too. He served as a member of the Phantom Troupe at one point in the series, although his motives have always been different from the rest of the members. Colt's Nen was described as powerful and that paints an image of where he stood among other Chimera Ants. After her transformation I think only Feitan pain packer could pass through her defense and maybe Nobunaga katana but the others might have a alot of trouble fighting her. Just like Pouf, his aura output was greater than even Netero. According to the story, Gon became a threat even to the King at this point, which just shows how strong he truly had become. Like Knuckle, he was quite powerful, however, his abilities certainly paled in comparison to that of the stronger characters in the arc. In fact, he could even fight against Morel to quite some extent. Morel's smoke screens could prove quite ineffective, she may even be able to follow Perfect Plan, while Meleoron might be undetectable himself she could still see the environment and detect him by his surroundings. But that's just speculation. As a Squadron Leader, it is a given that he was impressive in combat and the usage of Nen. His strength was such that nobody could inflict any form of serious damage to him, let alone beat him. Also known as the Clown, Hisoka is one of the antagonists of the Hunter x Hunter series. The strength of Black Widow is that it protects her without using any aura (from what I understood, it is because her hair became much more durable after she turned into an ant, so she can use it as armour), so she can just pummel her opponent and go fully on the offensive.

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