hms suffolk ww2 crew list

to                            Radar Type 282 fitted for fire-control of Close Range AA defence. learn something along the way. (Note: 33 individual attacks were counted). (Note: HM Destroyers ANTELOPE, CATTERICK, FOXHOUND joined escort from Gibraltar. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Launched 16 February 1926. 13th        Landed Royal Marines for initial occupation of Faeroes (Operation VALENTINE). seafarers of the late 19th and early 20th century. transcribed are only a small sample of the huge volume of crew documents scattered across many archives. On return in November she underwent repair at HM Dockyard Chatham which was completed during January 1946. August                  On arrival in UK prepared for use in trooping duties. Bombed 17/4/40 off Norway - repaired Clyde 5/40 - 2/41. 1,089: 6.913: 389: Built by Portsmouth Dockyard. 29th        Returned to Scapa Flow from patrol duties. November              Continued Squadron duties based at Trincomalee. Crew List (Photographs) Search For A Name. Laid Down 30 July 1924. She then made a second trooping trip to, Singapore where she arrived in late May 1946. Find out who you are at one of the largest family history events in the UK! harbour installations and oil refineries at Soerabaya. Ice flows can be seen in the background. We are currently providing database and transcription facilities for projects at The National Archives, Glamorgan Archives and Portsmouth City Archives. This site uses cookies. Finding records of individuals in this huge resource can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding 18th        Returned to Scapa Flow steering by engines and with quarterdeck awash. (Note: HMS NEWCASTLE, HM Aircraft Carrier BATTLER and HM Destroyer ROEBUCK. One example is the large crew of the training vessel HMS Britannia which was docked in Dartmouth. Deployed in Iceland - Faeroes Gap. Sailed from Clyde for Denmark Strait. These were all fitted in 1942. 30th        At Trincomalee. (Note: Seven enemy aircraft were destroyed for loss of three from carriers. CUMBERLAND, LONDON, HM Destroyers RELENTLESS. Along with providing access to Census, BMDs, Non-Conformist Records, Wills and more, the Diamond subscription gives you access to record collections that make it easy to find so much more about your ancestors. Made the first complete record of British registered ships, from 1855 to the 1950s, with 200,000 entries from the Appropriation Books at RSS in Cardiff. (For details of naval operations in Indian, Ocean see OPERATION PACIFIC by E Gray, THE FORGOTTEN FLEET by J Winton and, July                         Withdrawn from operational Fleet duty. See ARMED MERCHANT CRUISERS by K. Poolman). For this item, that is: © IWM A 4224. We are continuing to add to Free exhibitions held in venues, which do not charge an entry fee. 21st         Rejoined Force 67 as escort for passage back to Trincomalee. February                Continued patrol duties in NW Approaches (For details of Northern Patrol duties. Prepared for refit. 15th        Trials and exercises with HM Cruisers NEWCASTLE, FROBISHER and SUSSEX. 1st           On arrival at Scapa Flew nominated for duty in the Mediterranean with the 1st Cruiser Squadron. 1st           Took part in further bombardment of Car Nicobar. December              Rejoined 1st Cruiser Squadron now including HM Cruisers DEVONSHIRE, BERWICK and. 29th        Detached from WS30 on arrival at Freetown. The Navy Lists. There is one snag - the huge pile of records has no index (that's the point of CLIP). Ships of the 5th Battle Squadron (Battle Cruiser Fleet) H.M.S. 11th        Embarked Royal Marines for initial occupation of Faeroes. There is no radar on top of the HACS, the pom-pom is not fitted with splinter shields. 25th        Lost contact with German warships and deployed with Fleet during search for BISMARCK, (For full details see SINK THE BISMARCK by L. Kennedy, Transcribed 57,000 entries of foreign-going masters and mates from the records in BT 124 at TNA Made the first complete record of British registered ships, from 1855 to the 1950s, with 200,000 entries from the Appropriation Books at RSS in Cardiff. 29th        Sailed to Scapa Flow from Portsmouth to work up for service.  (saving a third off the standard price of £64.95). took passage to Mediterranean with main escort. Deployed to intercept force of German destroyers and came under heavy air attacks for several. Searching for David Benzie shows us to the two ships he was Master of and then by clicking on the full details icon it reveals all of his information including his ticket number. Facebook. Launched 16 February 1926. Shropshire did not carry a pom-pom abreast the forefunnel / foremast. January                  Convoy defence and interception in Indian Ocean. complicated tale and if you really are stuck, do please get in touch. This unpleasant-looking character is called the Squander Bug, and it was created during the Second World War by artist Phillip Boydell, an employee of the National Savings Committee. October                  Remained with Home Fleet for patrol and interception duty in Iceland. 23rd        During interception patrol in Denmark Straits made first sighting of BISMARCK. 8th          Deployed as Force 68 with HM Destroyer QUADRANT in search for U-Boat Supply Ship. google_ad_client = "pub-7466149702193824"; December. Bombarded Stavanger airfield (Operation DUCK). Compiled a further 470,000 records of ships from the Mercantile Navy List, making the largest database of British registered ships of the era. BEACHY HEAD 1690 - BARFLEUR 1692 - GIBRALTAR 1704 - VELEZ MALAGA 1704 - CARTAGENA 1741 - LA, . That year, the United States' War Department published. We are the largest and fastest growing community of UK forces veterans on the web with over 500,000 members! Then by using the crew list and the list of casualties, the names of the survivors of a World War II ship or vessel can be created. The cartoon bug appeared in press adverts and poster campaigns as a menace who encouraged shoppers to waste money rather than buy war savings certificates. (For details see RAWALPINDI by Ludovic Kennedy). December              Passage to UK and began refit in Thames shipyard. 21st         Sailed with convoy as part of Ocean Escort. We explain what indexes are available and how to use them. 1st           On arrival at Scapa Flew nominated for duty in the, November              Squadron recalled from, 23rd        Joined search for SCHARNHORST and GNEISENAU with HM Cruisers. Deployed for convoy defence and patrol duty in NW Approaches. to Facebook Groups by Ship. Taken in hand for repair in Clyde shipyard. 15th        After refuelling was complete transferred to Force 68 with HMS, Joined aircraft carriers HMS ILLUSTRIOUS and USS, US destroyers detached to return to US 5th Fleet. She served throughout the Second World War , where she was involved in the sinking of the German Navy's battleships Bismarck and Scharnhorst . Fire control Radar Type 284 fitted for main armament and Type 285 Radar for the, control of secondary armament. Aboard HMS SUFFOLK on a patrol of the Denmark Straights, between Iceland and Greenland, 1941. Oh, and if we've helped, a thank-you is appreciated! SCHEER reported attempting beak out to attack Atlantic convoy routes. 12th        Passage to Faeroes escorted by HM Destroyers HAVANT and HESPERUS. 23rd Carried out j oint patrol with HMS SUFFOLK after German battleship BISMARCK was known to be on passage to Atlantic. . Built by Portsmouth Dockyard. go It gives details of over 439,000 Royal Navy and Merchant Seamen records which are searchable by name, rank, age and ship. engaged by HM Battlecruiser HOOD and HM Battleship- PRINCE OF, 25th        Lost contact with German warships and deployed with Fleet during search for, June                        Deployed on interception duties in north, July                         Deployed for Fleet duties based at. Terms and Conditions | January                  Deployed on interception patrols in NW Approaches based on Clyde. BISMARCK by Baron Burkhard. 24th        Provided Distant Cover for the first Russian Convoy with H M Aircraft Carrier, VICTORIOUS, HM Cruiser DEVONSHIRE, HM Destroyers ECLIPSE, ESCAPADE.

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