halmahera gecko breeding

Then the other end of the tank can hover just above 70°. Even being so, they still will sell offspring as "pure" without test breeding it for themselves. Dull Day Gecko Phelsuma dubia ... or even to start your own reptile breeding project. He’s very picky and has never touched any live food we’ve ever given him so we’ve resorted to feeding him fruit flavored baby food with gecko vitamin powder mixed in because he won’t touch any gecko food we’ve ever bought at the store. Posted by 2 years ago. Mix it in a plastic disposable bathroom type cup with a small spoon or a popsicle stick. Halmahera Gecko? Instead you should be misting with a spray bottle daily until the enclosure basically looks heavily rained on. I've been keeping odd pets since I was 14, keeping and breeding a variety of species from viper geckos to poison dart frogs. https://m.facebook.com/Aryas-Exotics-1841922079418266/, If this is your first visit, be sure to RHACODACTYLUS HEALTH AND BREEDING; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Yea , her belly looks good, and her poop is good too, All content Copyright Pangea Reptile LLC 2007. Archived. The vet told me when I first brought him that he was likely wild caught (we purchased him at a reptile expo and his sale was probably a grey area legally). I've seen some lizards with white patches on their skin that were essentially scars, from burns due to high temps coming from their tank lights o-o, Check out my website for helpful info about Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Abronia Alligator Lizards, and Brazilian Rainbow Boas. Frog Eye Gecko Teratoscincus scincus Captive bred $49.99. Currently the species we are breeding are: Halmahera Giant Gecko. We also keep and breed other popular species of New Caledonian Geckos such as Giant Geckos (R. leachianus), Mossy Prehensile Tailed Geckos (M. chahoua), Slender Prehensile Tailed Geckos (C. sarasinorum) and more! I personally feed my leachie a dollop of food on a square of wax paper on the bottom of her cage. I've got a leachie that hates people, and had a Tokay that was deadset on killing me in my sleep. The fecal came back clean? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you've had him for three years then he's established enough to know what food looks like. We dont usually have these species for sale as frequently as some of our other geckos so we lumped them together. Run by Aliza Azart, our content ranges from in depth breeder interviews to species spotlights in which we highlight different geckos and deliver detailed care guides and articles. Makes life a breeze. It's a fairly simple process and with some time and patience you can raise your own feeders. Close. The exo terra style tanks have locking front glass doors. Okay so I definitely don't think that's shed, it looks a bit powdery. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Get an exo-terra style tall tank that will allow him the space to climb. Guide to Breeding Leopard Geckos on a Small Scale, Caring for Elderly or Terminally Ill Geckos: A Personal Reflection, Breeding Superworms: A guide to raising and breeding superworms, My Gecko is Not Eating: Why and How to Fix it. Leave the backdrop in it and add a variety of suction cup plastic hanging plants. My question is does anyone have any experience with these geckos? Guide to Breeding Leopard Geckos on a Small Scale. My parents take care of him when I’m off at college and now that I’m home for the summer he is my responsibility again. Ok so I rescued a reallly skinny gecko from a pet store that was closing, I have all the stuff I needed, because I have had these geckos before. As for not being friendly and tank setup. 18x18x24 exoterra with a uvb and a basking light ( but she hides) . True, if you get the breeding formula, you'll be able to supplement wirth extra calcium. Hopefully she'll get through this. Stop feeding the other stuff altogether. Any flavor will work. We tried to get him to get used to us but he was having absolutely none of it. It’s a rainforest in there. Tokay Gecko Morph Interview with NERD. Might have to mix in some of the baby food to start out with. You can use grocery store twist ties to affix them to the top of the tank's mesh. He is obviously extremely quick and he’s prone to biting if cornered. That's a veyr strange situation and I'm afraid without a picture it might be a little tough to figure out for some. That way your reptile can warm up and cool down safely. The picture definitely helps! Breeding leopard geckos is relatively easy and rewarding. He may hold out for a few weeks, but he will eat. Matthew  /   /  No Comments  /  January 2, 2012. We had the opportunity to interview Kevin of New England Reptile Distributors, asking him about the amazing Tokay Gecko morphs they are working with. All you gotta do is open it enough to slip food in and out and you're done. Maybe burns from too much heat from the light? Get more information here. check out the. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Halmahera Giant Gecko Gehyra vorax $79.99. Egads. We’re likely getting him a new setup soon because he’s grown in length about 4 inches since we got him and the tank he’s in is too small. That white on her is just her being really faded from either her just being fired down or that she's gonna shed soon, nothing to worry about really. That poor critter is in terrible shape. Use compressed coconut fiber bedding. I met a breeder who made her own mix to treat her gargs and crestys. For example, a hot rock placed under the heat lamp can range from 88 to 90°F while the air around it doesn’t go over 85°F. (don't worry, I have a separate magic bullet just for the geckos lol)", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Pictures of geckos, advice for care, requests for information about geckos, Press J to jump to the feed. I might give that a go! Give him just a little at a time each night so that you can tell whether he's eaten any. The damn lizard hates humans with a burning passion. He needs to be on a commercially made diet. Any advice on how to setup a new tank, substrate, foliage, etc...? What about blending up crickets and bee pollen into fruit as a treat. Man, she really looks like she's been through a lot. I've found that fired down my geckos will look pale but still have color to them but when their about to shed, they just look white washed and then the next day they look good again because they shed while we were sleeping. This page was generated at 11:16 AM. I don't have halmaheras but my geckos like it the best. There are so many exciting images on the internet of gorgeous and unique animals that many of us get bitten by the breeding bug. Halmahera Gaint Geckos :) They are also know as Gehyra Vorax or Gecko Vorax. Poor little gecko. Now living in Georgia, working in online advertising. Breeding leopard geckos is relatively easy and rewarding. It's not hard, we promise. If it is powdery, my first guess would be that this is residue from the fogger and that it is somehow related to the device giving up the ghost (especially if hard water was used). Was this residue anywhere else in the enclosure or on the fogger? We will even edit lightly to make the grammar and wording sound good. Mine like the pangea with BSFL in it the most. Here is what Kevin had to say. Eventually, he will. Gecko Time understands why people enjoy keeping geckos. We do mist his cage regularly. How often do you get bit (if you don't mind my asking) and how painful/bloody are the bites? Here is what Kevin had to say. Find a balanced gecko diet. Have you tried Pangea brand gecko diet? Someone else suggested that as a treat and then Pangea as the usual diet. Also need to know the best way to tame them down a bit, so I don't have to play catch everytime I open their enclosure up and get bitten trying to catch them again. I really want a Tokay, but the whole "death to my owners" attitude and their impressive bite power gives me pause. 7. You can "wean" him if you want, or just stop feeding him the other stuff altogether. This is a dishonest (or ignorant) practice, and only causes more problems down the road. I just use a reptile carpet for a substrate . Finally, set up a place for the gecko to bask and keep the other end of the tank a little cooler. Didn't eat when I got her and she hasn't really eaten much since, I have force fed her ba few times , seems to help. He will not starve himself to death. We had the opportunity to interview Kevin of New England Reptile Distributors, asking him about the amazing Tokay Gecko morphs they are working with. Like if you stay in the bath for too long you get pruny, does that happen here too. His current setup is small so I’m gonna give him something with a couple more inches of height so it’s 18in tall but it’s also got more width than he currently has because he likes to roam and he has a habit of liking to press himself on the front door of his current setup so we can’t access it without him making a break for it. I met a breeder who made her own mix to treat her gargs and crestys. Is the coconut fiber not a risk for impaction? Ok, where to start. For the past several years I've been breeding superworms for all my geckos. Help/Advice. Halmahera Gecko? Pangea is very widely accepted by most geckos - I recommend the Apricot or Watermelon flavors as they seem to be most palatable. All too often someone will buy a gecko from a breeder and not know what other hets the gecko might carry. "They absolutely can as a treat - I will usually blend up a homemade fruit smoothie for all of my geckos in the summer months using banana, mangos and figs and I will add some calcium, bee pollen and blended up crickets and worms to the mix. How has she been eating since you got her? We are always looking for people to write about things relating to geckos which interest them and that they think others would like to read about. He knows it is food, he'll just be a picky brat about it. True, if you get the breeding formula, you'll be able to supplement wirth extra calcium. Im taking him to the vet this weekend for his yearly checkup. I also use the Pangea fruit mix with insects. What are you feeding her? Baby food, even mixed with vitamins/calcium isn't going to be nutrionally balanced and can lead to serious health issues. Here's a visual. They don't need a water dish. Cat Gecko Aeluroscalabotes felinus $99.99. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. To post a picture, click the image icon above the text box and upload the file from your computer, it will attach to your post. All times are GMT-5. We tried him on Pangea and he wouldn’t eat it but I’ve never tried mixing it with the baby food in order to transition him. Gehyra marginata Tokay Gecko. I’ve had a Halmahera Gecko (Gehyra marginata) for around 3 years now.

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