get paid to listen to music paypal is a music research company that pays you to provide feedback for radio stations on what kind of music to play. The question here is why RadioLoyalty would pay you to listen to music? Sometimes, you don't want thousands. 15 Ways On How To Save Money As Small Business Owners. Your job will be to convert those lyrics into plain text. Once you’re done recording, press stop and the recordings will be in your Library. At Playlist Push, you basically get paid to be a curator of music using playlists. Cash4minutes pays its listeners roughly $0.08 per minute. is also available as an app for either your iPhone or Android device. And, don’t worry as it isn’t as hard as you think to gain followers as you can often buy them for a low price on Fiverr if you don’t want to hustle yourself. For instance Musicxray has got only two slots i.e for Artist and MIP no more slots for Music fans. Listen to your podcast and earn rewards, all based on how much you listen. The more you tap on the music or other features of the app, the more money you will make. (No Scam). Wow, had no idea this was even a thing! I have worked in the finance industry since 2006, consulting with multiple Fortune 5000 companies. They give you $4 per transcribed song via a HyperWallet account. I know you must think I am crazy or what? Selfie Payment - How To Get $1 Per Selfie (Free App). Many people who want to make money taking surveys often think you can only take surveys online, pointing and clicking on your answers. Once you earn enough credits, you can then cash out for cash, gadgets or even gift cards. To start earning, swipe up on your lockscreen after you download to access more than 100,000 stations. Slice the Pie is hands down the best way to get paid for listening to music. It is only necessary to listen to the first 60 seconds of each song before you start writing a review. To ensure that you are an active listener, they have you sign in through its CAPTCHA every 3-5 minutes. Slice the Pie Review – How to Earn Money for Reviewing Music, The Ultimate Guide to Help You Make Money on Music Xray, Top 15 Sites That Let You Listen to Music for FREE (Plus, Two That Pay! Learn how your comment data is processed. Get Paid to Listen to Music SliceThePie. Once you hit $20, you can then request a payout that’s sent to your PayPal account. The minimum threshold for a payout is $20. Listening to music and getting paid is entirely possible, as you can see, however, don’t expect to retire doing it. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Legit & Free. I have to upload an mp3 song and wait. They pay their users 10 cents per song. PlaylistPush is a platform that allows Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music users monetize their playlists. The company works with artists who are looking for exposure and curators alike who want to make money by exposing these artists on their playlist. The material we share on this blog does not constitute as financial advice nor is it offered. So, essentially, while you’re rating music, you may be asked to rate a morning show segment, etc. Where should we send it? UniqueRewards pays you to listen to an internet radio if you’re a resident of the US, UK, or Canada. You won’t make much, but the company says you can make up to $120 a year if you’re active enough. 1 hour/1point. Musicxray pays its users through PayPal only. Cash4minutes doesn’t appear to work in the US. Why? I always like hearing from you guys. It is a website that connects the artists to talent hunters. These methods can pay much more and won’t burn you out as fast, I promise. You can use it on many different devices and it is open to people living around the world. Once you have reached $20 in earnings you can cash out via PayPal. The company basically asks its users to fill out a survey via email. I only endorse products or services I've used or gotten great feedback from. In other words, you just type out the lyrics of the song and submit them to get paid. Current Rewards – Earn Cash Back Free Music Screen. Read this amazing travel jobs to earn passive earning. As one of the many ways to make money online in somewhat of a fun way, I only recommend this route only if you love listening to no-name music and like writing reviews. Free PayPal Money Listening To Music (Get Paid To Listen) You will earn points after every 15 minutes of the music track. Earnably is a paid-to-do site that rewards its users to complete different tasks. If so, PlaylistPush will not only reward you to listen to and review songs, but the company will also pay you up to $12 per song if you add it to one of your playlists. Payments are made every monthly by Paypal. At first, don’t expect much, maybe a few cents per review, but as time goes on, seasoned reviewers do report making more than $0.30 per short review. 1. Music Xray could quite possibly be the largest and most reliable website online that rewards you to listen to music. Just connect and listen. Copyright © 2020 T2 Web Network, LLC - All rights reserved. My goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world. Also, keep in mind that you will need at least $10 to cash out. Fusioncash is different from other sites is because it rewards you with $5 just for signing up. You didn’t mention what styles or genres of music one might possibly get. 16 Best Travel Jobs: Earn Easy Money While Travelling! We will update the list very soon. All payments are issued via PayPal. These Bonus points are distributed to reviewers who provide a given volume of feedbacks within a set period. Make this a priority as you won’t get approved if you don’t have the followers! Check back every 30 minutes to show you're still listening. I read the company pays about $4~ per song. Finding Phone Surveys for Money ($25-$200), Make Money With Computer Power (Do Nothing & Earn). First, like any websites I mention, you will need to create an account. Each recording that you have to listen to in order to earn is usually around 30 seconds. They also offer additional ways to make money online. Basically you earn money by earning points for being active on the app. RadioLoyalty pays you to listen to its music. Turn Unused Phone Minutes into Cash with the Radio. Earnably is another brand that is partnered with RadioLoyalty. It pays you to provide feedback on new songs via emailed surveys. Need for an update on your blog, since some of this sites you mention above have already changed their policies. I bet you listen to your favourite songs every single day, but you probably never made any money from it. Hey Ray, Thank you for supporting comment! All Rights Reserved. I had done the survey junkies but wasn’t worth the effort. Users have the option to listen to any radio station that’s available at the time. If you grab the opportunity to listen to Internet radio, you’ll earn money for every time you enter the site’s CAPTCHA. Payment: $0.08 per minute.Payment method: PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin. Users simply have to sign up and choose their type of music, listen to the sample of music provided and rate it.

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