empress ki ending

You’re answer has to be one of the most delusional one I yet have read in any blog. I cringed when she embraced that person who just killed the man who truly loved her. Ta-hwan was thinking of keeping it a secret from Seung-nyang since he knew that she won’t agree with the plan. It’s interesting that before this fight, Dowager admired Ki for her brains and skills but just because she wasn’t born in Yuan, that somehow made her a person of less value. Ta-hwan appeared and told Yoo that he needed to die. As much as I like how he was able to separate friend from foe, it came at the cost of his health. Tal Tal, whose uncle, Bayan, became El Temur 2.0, was caught between his relatives and despised their vile acts. If it’s you, I believe it’s something you can achieve. It’s been months since the last episode but i still visit here to enjoy your wonderful recaps of my first and true love of KDrama *wink wink*. termino este drama hooooooooo! Byung-soo: Living a country which killed its own citizens to die, I don’t really have any other choice other than that to continue living, right? His love for Seung Nyang is amazing, their love story brings warm in my heart every time I see their scene together, the epilogue is reminding me how Seung Nyang choose to ride a horse with the emperor at the beach, such a deep interpretation of their love story, brilliant acting, and chemistry! The plot is your usual inspiring story of success, of how a lowly Koryo citizen named Seung Nyang became an Empress and ruled a nation. Maybe, she made Ayu do it, but Ayu is Ta Hwan’s son in the first place. She never stopped loving him. I just thought of this about the ending. It was for his throne, but still, they were good deeds. Actions speak louder than words. It was practical for Seung Nyang to be with him because he offers her the power that she seeks. It could be interpreted in different version, but it was definitely more than just ‘Seung-nyang choosing Ta-hwan over Wang Yoo’. Did anyone notice that the Dowager was missing? Tessieroo: I have a feeling I’m going to email you on Monday – blowing my nose and sobbing. She didn’t cry like that to Ta Hwan, even in their deaths. to in next life forget her , bcz if these events repet 10000 times again she wont be able to fall in love with him (just repect as king) and she will always fall in love with th even he has many flaws. Ta-hwan spent the night before the Empress’ coronation with archery while waiting for Golta. She never promised anything like that to Ta Hwan. Rinchan: Indeed, you can’t have one without the other. Golta was thinking of finishing his work faster before the Empress found out about it and sent the poisoned medicine to Ta-hwan, who had been attacked with intense headache. Wang Hoo was a strong, loyal, selfless man deserving of any women’s love and respect. She learns that Wang Yoo married El Temur’s niece and decides to become a concubine. I was truly sad when I heard he died. remeber he doesn’t a lot of thing’s that wang did nyang in short he does not have the same point of view as the veiwer’s have. Rinchan: Tal Tal is like Ki: once he is loyal to you, he carries it out in thought and deed. Yet, SN and Bateneu learnt a great deal from him which in turn benefitted others. (if she/he be in real and pure love ). They obviously tried a last-ditch of effort to save Ta Hwan’s character, but failed to do so. Look in to my eyes….admit it, you can’t look away. He went from joyful, to someone who had to be very stoic as he managed the deep pain and hurt he was feeling. In fact, she didn’t even finish it… “i truly… truly… truly…. Nothing. His independence makes him of no use so the plan is to oust him and bring in this guy, Bolad. Ta Hwan will forever be remembered as the pathetic, insecure, and coward Emperor. I bet he also envies Wang Yoo for having people who are willing to die in his place, because he himself couldn’t trust his men, they are all traitors. we think that the 2 men that fall in love with seung nyang is totally different. With the presence of her enemies, he made her a liar and laughingstock. WY made it clear that his everything was Goryeo. This is the last thing I’d like to tell you. Nice jei very interesting…. The betrayal by the closest person (Ta Hwan & Gol Ta) is the most painful and heart-wrenching. the second empress section) and it still tied well. He was lonely and depended on Seung Nyang as his only friend. ( Log Out /  My owner is only money. Although Yoo was already dead, Byung-soo was still suspicious of this Leader-nim. She never promised anything like that to the Emperor. When suddenly, Ta-hwan’s headache started to bother him again. Taltal entered the hall together with the soldiers and killed everyone there except for a few. I said that it is just my OPINION.

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