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You could never guess David’s political leanings from his interviews. Speers has also wrote regularly for financial website Switzer. Despite Sky's low ratings – most programs average fewer than 200,000 weekly viewers – Speers' interviews are frequently reported in other media outlets. and will need a certified copy in return. He is the best ABC hiring I can remember: David Speers is a month into hosting what has become the most important political program at the national broadcaster. Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. He lives in Melbourne,[21] and is married to Liz, with whom he has two children, born in 2010 and 2014. Top Stories. Previously he was political editor at Sky News Australia, as well as host of PM Agenda, The Last Word and Speers Tonight. AEC's Senate count is a minefield - comment at your own risk! It’s known as “getting Speered”: a term describing the fate of politicians who try to dodge tough questions from Sky News alumnus David Speers, the new host of ABC’s Insiders.. Previously he was political editor at Sky News Australia, as well as host of PM Agenda, The Last Word and Speers Tonight. “Like any profession, politics is not something you’re instantly perfect at but a craft that you learn. There won’t be any radical changes though because it’s such a successful format and I don’t want to wreck that.”. Widely admired for his razor-sharp interviews with politicians, Speers has managed to keep his reputation as a fair minded journalist despite being the face of the right-wing channel. [20], Speers' parents are Peter Speers and Robyn (née Cowled). David Speers Children David and Liz have two children, named Matilda who was born in 2010 and Olive, who in 2016 while aged two years old, was flown from Canberra to the Sydney Children’s Hospital and placed on life support for nine days following the onset of croup. Sky News has been "rocked" by the defection of political editor David Speers to ABC – and could try to delay his move to the public broadcaster. He’ll host the Insiders Show which will move its production from the palatial ABC Melbourne studios to the press gallery in Canberra. "This is a superb appointment," Rowland tweeted. “At his farewell party, both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader said they couldn’t guess who he votes for,” he says. [16][17] Speers won the same award at the 2015 event (which Speers also hosted) for his notable "The Fixer" interview with Christopher Pyne on PM Agenda. Former Sky News political editor David Speers is the new host of ABC’s Insiders.Credit:Justin McManus. Speers was chosen to moderate the leaders' debate between John Howard and Kevin Rudd for the 2007 Australian federal election[10] and again in the 2010 Australian federal election between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, as well as the 2013 Australian federal election between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. Additionally, he presented political updates and conducts interviews throughout the day on the 24-hour news channel. He'll contribute to major breaking news coverage on the ABC but his priority is Insiders, a rare example of a long-running program that’s been growing its audience. Welcome aboard, mate.". In June 2019, Speers was appointed as host of the ABC's Insiders, replacing Barrie Cassidy from February 2020. The ABC has confirmed David Speers will join the public broadcaster to host Insiders – but not until 2020 as Sky News has insisted he work out the remainder of his contract. “She’s 100 per cent now and we’re very grateful.”. It’s known as “getting Speered”: a term describing the fate of politicians who try to dodge tough questions from Sky News alumnus David Speers, the new host of ABC’s Insiders. In a strategy dubbed "right at night", Sky has replaced the bulk of its evening news programming with conservative commentary. | When Speers joined Sky in 2000, the station was frequently confused with the unaffiliated Sky racing channel; two decades later, its influence extends well beyond its viewership and Speers is one of Australia’s pre-eminent political reporters. Memo fraud squad about Theiss - Ralph Blewitt said Theiss auditors required that the WRA needed to be Inc. [22][23], Speers plays the trumpet and demonstrated this ability while hosting the 2010 ASTRA Awards. David Speers has pocketed $725,000 for his Alexandria investment pad. He’ll host the Insiders Show which will move its production from the palatial ABC Melbourne studios to the press gallery in Canberra. “There’s a lot of noise and clutter in news so a well-produced weekly digest like Insiders works in that environment,” Speers says. Two years later, then Liberal attorney-general George Brandis defended the government’s metadata retention plan with an analogy even he appeared to find perplexing. I had stopped watching Insiders. “We’re experimenting with a few ideas like taking the show out of the [Melbourne studio] and into the regions on occasion to look at things like the drought. Speers to remain as Sky News political editor before taking over from Insiders host Barrie Cassidy, who leaves the post on Sunday, Wed 5 Jun 2019 11.04 BST “It was a terrible time and it certainly tested us but something like that makes you re-evaluate everything,” he says. Live: Biden slams Trump for 'outrageous' claims about validity of election Locals concerned the Accident and Death Fund was being used to buy property and office equipment with the funds they paid into the fund. “The beauty of it is that we could have these arguments and thrash out an issue on air.”, Better to challenge controversial claims than stifle them, he believes. Here’s Why She’s Hopeful About Politics Today, Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign. “I never miss it. A big thanks to Paul Whittaker and @frangopoulos for the support you’ve given me, the top-shelf Canberra team & especially my ace producer @caitotaylor & great mate @Kieran_Gilbert who’s been with me for nearly all of it. We're seeing more of that these days – politicians refusing to kowtow to certain media commentators.". Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone! Michael Lallo is a senior culture writer at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. On 28 January 2016, Speers began hosting a new weekly Sky News format Speers Tonight from Canberra.[6][7][8]. Doris Kearns Goodwin Has Profiled 6 Presidents. When people hear that, they just switch off.”, This isn’t helped by media outlets that give more attention to a party’s polling numbers than the impact of their policies on voters: “I’m not pretending that Insiders can fix the disengagement and disaffection with politics but I think [all media] can do more to make it relevant for those who shrug their shoulders and say politics isn’t for them.”, Already accustomed to working long hours at Sky, Speers knew the 2016 federal election would demand even more of his time. “I never miss it. [19], Speers won the Subscription Television Award for Best Male Presenter at the 2017 AACTA Awards. While most established programs continue to shed viewers, Insiders has bucked the trend and grown its audience. Olive Brosnan certifies Power of Attorney, A memo from Sylvia to Olive Brosnan about the application for the loan for Ralph Blewitt and the Kerr Street property, Memo to Olive Brosnan from Sylvia about the loan approval and the return of the chq for $500 from Ralph Blewitt’s personal account, Memo Julia Gillard wants details of penalty interest rates, Memo to Julia Gillard from Olive Brosnan about penalty interest rates, Letter to Ralph Blewitt requesting Cheque for $67,772.30, Julia Gillard went on holidays while Bruce Wilson organised house renovations, Interview with Slater & Gordon about the Renovations, Cheque for $15000 - $10 000 for K Spyridis and $5000 cash, AWU went back to central funding arrangements, Letter from Robert Smith (AWU) to Ian Cambridge and Steve Harrison about the unknown AWU bank accounts, Letter to the National Executives about the freezing of the accounts, Bob Smith wrote to Ian Cambridge to say the AWU was going to charge Bruce Wilson, Ian Cambridge visits QC Richard Kenzie from Maurice Blackburn for discussions to fix it (get union money back), Affidavit - Bill Ludwig - Bruce Wilson get sprung, Julia Gillard interviewed by Geoff Shaw, Peter Gordon and Nick Styant-Browne at Slater and Gordon - It’s recorded and she goes on leave of Absence until May 96 (WA AWU-WRA not yet discovered by AWU yet), Ian Cambridge addresses AWU Qld Branch meeting, Ian Cambridge talked with Commonwealth Bank - Diary entry - Discovery of Workplace Reform Association INC. WA branch, Discovery of Accounts in AWU name by Ian Cambridge letter from Commonwealth Bank, Fax from Com bank listing the accounts in the AWU name - for Ian Cambridge, Newspaper article about Joe Trio and the AWU fraud article from sometime in 1996. “He joins Australia’s best and most trusted political journalism team.”, There’s a bit going on at ours: David Speers joins @abcnews as the host of Insiders https://t.co/aNExx3yNUB.

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