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Carolyn, too, began to notice that someone, or something, would move the broom around. Built in 1736, the country home surrounded by 200 acres was the ideal spot for them to raise their five daughters: Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cynthia, and April. An unseen force would yank on their legs and hair while they slept. Eleven-year-old Prudence Arnold was raped and murdered by a farmhand in the house, while her relative, Johnny, took his own life by hanging himself in the attic. Trivia (1) Mother of Andrea Perron, Nancy Perron, Christine Perron, Cindy Perron and April Perron. Another spirit gradually made itself known to the Perron girls. book about her family’s experiences at the house, House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story, Volume One, House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story, Volume Two, The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, The Truth Behind Ed and Lorraine Warrens Most Infamous Paranormal Cases, 10 Locations with Violent Pasts that are Terrorized by Spirits, The Haunting Stories Behind Six Strange and Unusual Graves, Midnight Hour: 7 Paranormal Games to Play in the Dark Tonight, Haunted Isle: 10 Spooky English Ghost Stories that will give you Goosebumps, Ghosts of the Past: 10 Locations with Violent Histories that are Tormented by Spirits, The Most Haunted Libraries in America that Will Make You Whisper-Scream, The World’s Most Haunted Graveyards and Where to find them, 7 Sinister True Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark. I’ll drive you out with death and gloom”. For the most part, the spirits were harmless, but there was one ghost who didn’t appreciate having to share the home. From almost the first day, they family began to notice several bizarre occurrences. Bathsheba began to throw various objects at her whenever Carolyn was caught unaware. The Warrens and the Perrons watched in horror as Carolyn spoke to them in a foreign voice, and was thrown about the room like a ragdoll. Carolyn Perron was born as Carolyn Buchanan. The wound looked as though it had been made by a sewing needle. However, it didn’t take long for the home’s older inhabitants to make their presence known. It’s said, in death her body had mysteriously turned to stone. Beds would sometimes levitate a few inches off the ground. AnnabelleAnnabelle • Mia Form • John Form • Evelyn • Father Perez • Sharon Higgins • Pete Higgins • Detective Clarkin • Robert • Nancy • Annabelle Higgins • Debbie • Camilla, The Conjuring 2Lorraine Warren • Ed Warren • Peggy Hodgson • Janet Hodgson • Margaret Hodgson • Johnny Hodgson • Billy Hodgson • Maurice Grosse • Vic Nottingham • Peggy Nottingham • Anita Gregory • Drew Thomas • Judy Warren • Father Gordon • Valak • Bill Wilkins • Graham Morris, Annabelle: CreationAnnabelle • Sister Charlotte • Janice/Annabelle Higgins • Linda • Samuel Mullins • Esther Mullins • Annabelle Mullins • Carol • Nancy • Kate • Tierney • Father Massey • Pete Higgins • Sharon Higgins • Little Boy, The NunSister Irene • Father Burke • Maurice Theriault • Sister Victoria • Sister Oana • Valak, Annabelle 3Lorraine Warren • Ed Warren • Judy Warren, The Conjuring 3Lorraine Warren • Ed Warren. Bathsheba and Judson Sherman lived out their days at the old Arnold Estate, both dying in the 1880s. She is married to Roger Perron, with whom she has five daughters named Andrea Perron, Nancy Perron, Christine Perron, Cindy Perron and April Perron. Is This The Most Sinister Ghost Picture Ever Taken? Factually, from what can be gathered from the public records, Bathsheba and her husband had indeed lived in the house. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Perron’s quickly enlisted the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a couple paranormal investigators who had already gained a pseudo celebrity status for their investigation into many other paranormal claims. In 1980, the Perron’s were finally able to sell their home and move away to Georgia. He often moved their toys around, unseen. The house, deemed The Old Arnold Estate, had been built in 1736 and sat on two hundred acres of land. But that entity wasn’t the only evil spirit that lingered in the house. For ten long years they endured the multitude of spirits in the house, until they were financially able to move in 1980. Carolyn Perron The girls began to notice a young boy wandering about the house. Remaining in the house, she lived the rest of her life as an outcast from the community until she died in the early 20th century by hanging herself from a tree behind the house. But things grew steadily worse. The Perron’s wanted nothing more than to move out of Arnold Estate, but they could not due to financial strife. The Perron Family: Carolyn and Roger and their five daughter pose in front of their new home, circa 1971. The home itself still stands and has had many new residents, all of whom have had some kind of encounter with the spirits who still reside there. In the winter of 1970, the Perron family into the Arnold Estate in Harrisville but their dream home soon became a living nightmare. He often moved their toys around, unseen. Carolyn Perron recalled that “dreadful night” and explained that even though the Warrens’ intentions were good, they essentially found that things “got worse around them”. The REAL Story of THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES [VIDEO]. Carolyn Perron, Self: Film Theory. Paranormal activity began almost immediately. It wasn’t surprising considering that the house had been the home to several generations of families. The Witching Hour: 13 True Ghost Stories You Shouldn’t Read at... 30 Scary Two Sentence Horror Stories To Read In The Dark, True Crime: The 10 Most Infamous American Murder Mysteries, Urban Legend: 25 People Share the Scariest Stories from their Hometowns, 10 Short Creepypasta Horror Stories That Will Make You Shudder, Campfire Stories: 13 Terrifying Accounts of Paranormal Encounters in the Wilderness. However, it didn’t take long for the home’s older inhabitants to make their presence known. 15 Eerie True Life Ghost Photographs to Give you the Shivers, Nightmare on Chase Street: The Smurl Family Haunting, 10 Blood-Curdling American Hauntings That Will Give You the Shivers, Ed and Lorraine Warrens Most Infamous Paranormal Cases. Carolyn Perron is a main character on The Conjuring. As the situation spun out of control, Roger Perron demanded that the Warrens leave the premises immediately. Furniture seemed to have minds of their own, gliding across the floors of their own accord. Throughout the rest of the movie, Bathsheba now infests Carolyn's body, using her Telekinesis to move objects around and continue to torcher the family. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Strange voices in the middle of the night and furniture moving about of it’s own accord was fairly common place. Born She is portrayed by Lili Taylor. How the Historic Persecution of Witches Led to the Infamous Salem... 14 Unnerving Old Photos With Back Stories Scarier Than Any Horror Movie, 10 Most Haunted Places in Ireland to Visit, 10 Haunting Ghost Stories That Every Book Lover Needs to Read, 13 of the Most Disturbing Last Words from Death Row Prisoners, A Walk in the Woods: 7 of the World’s Most Haunted Forests and Woodlands. Friends & Family The girls began to notice a young boy wandering about the house. Eight generations had lived in the Arnold Estate prior to the Perron family, and many of them had met with macabre fates. Years later, daughter Andrea wrote a book entitled HOUSE OF DARKNESS: HOUSE OF LIGHT, which retold her account of those frightening years in their Rhode Island home. Roger and Carolyn, along with their five daughters, moved into the large, ten bedroom house in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Roger and Carolyn would have likely been hard pressed to believe the wild stories the girls told them to be true, had they not experienced these ghosts first hand. When Carolyn encounters Bathsheba one last time, she is seen to become possessed. Carolyn Perron is a main character on The Conjuring. Roger and his wife Carolyn Perron moved into their Harrisville, Rhode Island home in 1970. She experiences things such as being bruised all over her body, (a sign of infestation) Being thrown into the cellar, etc. Most of the Perron family had encountered Bathsheba at one time or another, but it seemed to focus a lot of its attention on Carolyn. One spirit began to torment eight-year-old Cindy, whispering to her over and over again that there were dead soldiers buried in the walls.

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