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After graduation, she hopes to find a residency program that allows her to work in an urban, medically underserved setting. How is the CHSU-COM interview process affected by COVID-19? Communication Chair: Roxanne Dekker Project Keepsake (CKD) Chair: Christian Xiong The CHSU-COM is making history in the Central Valley and we hope you are inspired to join the Class of 2024 medical students already hard at work and learning in the Valley’s new medical school. Digital signatures are acceptable. Their academic performance, experience and dedication made them stand out from the crowd. Visit us on Instagram This scholarship means so much to me.” 7. “This scholarship speaks volumes to CHSU’s commitment to meeting the needs of their students and their community well, which goes beyond the scope of academics or medicine to include the whole student – just as we will go on to serve the whole patient after graduation. CHSU-COM is not responsible for receipt or processing of materials that do not conform to these guidelines. Visit us on Facebook She knew early on that she had a passion for life sciences and after watching her brother go through a near-death experience, she recognized her next step would be to attend medical school. She was inspired to care for others. 1. or M.D. The AACOMAS application and all other required materials, which include MCAT scores, official transcripts, and required letters of recommendation, must be received by the Office of Admissions on or before February 1, 2021. Must Be Taken at Accredited College or University. The inaugural class of medical students at the California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine (CHSU-COM) embarked on their journey to serve the Valley’s health care needs in July 2020. California Health Sciences University (CHSU) is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). SNPhA Over 70 CHSU faculty and staff have strong values and incredible passion about our mission. All prerequisites must be completed at an accredited four-year undergraduate university, four-year undergraduate university extension program or two-year community college located in the United States prior to enrollment in the COM. When her brother was enrolled in a pediatric clinical trial at UCLA, she discovered how clinical research has a profound effect on individuals, their families and advancing the field of medicine. Take part in a Q & A session Without knowing much about some of his medical conditions, she would often have to explain what the doctor was trying to tell him. Carter is a Central Valley native and proud HMong American. Mental Health Chair: Jennifer Dang *The COVID-19 pandemic has forced universities to offer instruction and handle grading differently for courses taken in early-mid 2020, and it has also forced the cancellation of certain MCAT test dates. These inaugural students made history on July 21, 2020 when they began their journey to become physicians at the Valley’s new medical school during Orientation. This cohort of 79 future doctors were chosen from a competitive applicant pool of approximately 4,000 candidates. Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” or higher to satisfy completion of each prerequisite course. CHSU-COM reserves the right to refuse any letter that is not submitted on professional or College/university letterhead and signed by the evaluator. Applicants who have taken prerequisite courses more than ten (10) years ago may be required to repeat that coursework prior to matriculation. P2 Class Representative: Jennifer Dang For those Valley students interested in pursuing medical school, the CHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine is currently accepting applications for their second cohort of medical students to matriculate in July 2021 through the AACOMAS website (link). Below is a snapshot of the CHSU-COM inaugural class of 2024. Visit us on Twitter Maram Cooper With proper nutrition being essential to good health, we’ve included it throughout the curriculum and have also encompassed early service learning opportunities for students to be embedded in our agriculturally based community and discover the impact of population health initiatives. She plans to stay in the Central Valley to practice as a physician in her hometown. 6. Worthy Correspondent (WC): Khanh-Uyen Duong “I was 13 years old when I migrated to America with my mother. Take a look at this year’s student organization boards. She was exposed to the healthcare industry at a young age by her parents, a midwife and a Nurse Practitioner, and while she explored other sciences as a career, she kept coming back to careers in health care. The medical students were selected through an application process that is based on both merit and financial need. Updates such as test scores, experiences, achievements, and/or certifications can be made directly in AACOMAS. Student Senate (College of Pharmacy) Generally, all applicants must complete all prerequisite requirements within ten (10) years of enrollment in the COM. VP of Advocacy: Jordyn Kamitono The Admissions staff will review all Primary Applications to determine if the minimum requirements have been met. The following requirements apply to all prerequisite coursework: 1. Visit us on Twitter California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine (CHSU-COM) has officially welcomed their first cohort of medical students. Becoming a physician allows for her to advocate for patients and make an impact on people’s lives and the health care system. Download the Infographic... California Health Sciences University will be closed Monday, September 7, 2020 in observance of Labor Day. Immediate Past Regent: Thomas Vu Worthy Vice Counselor (WVC): Kristina Kordoghlanian Applicants will be notified via e-mail if they have a change in admissions status or if they are prompted to complete next steps in the admissions process. Sanger, CA Read News Media stories about the CHSU-COM inaugural class here: If an applicant would like guidance in terms of prerequisite planning, we would encourage them to review our prerequisites and contact their academic advisor at their institution. WES transcript evaluations should be sent directly to AACOMAS. Applicants who have done coursework at a foreign institution must receive an evaluation through World Education Service (WES). Questions that are not answered on our website should be emailed to “I am grateful for this scholarship and how it came at a time when it was very beneficial.   Visit us on Twitter Applicants must meet minimum requirements in order to be moved further in the admissions process. Founded in 2012 and envisioned by the Assemi family, California Health Sciences University (CHSU) offers a local option for those seeking doctoral and post-graduate programs and to help remedy the shortage of health care services offered in the Valley. Twenty-seven different languages are spoken amongst the students in the inaugural class, including 38% that speak Spanish.  ... CHSU Celebrates Health Care Simulation Week 2020. Stephanie credits her fellow CSHP board members for helping relaunch the chapter and generate membership interest. The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) represents pharmacists, technicians, and student pharmacists from all practice settings including community pharmacy (both independent owners and employees working in chain drug stores), hospitals & health-systems, and specialty practices such as compounding, managed care, and long term care. 14. Cultural Chair: Laura Khrayan In high school, Maram became a teen parent and battled overcoming the social stigma associated with her newfound responsibilities. President: Stephanie Aquino, Copyright © 2019 California Health Sciences University, Health Care Services Available to Students. Our minimum requirements were intentionally set at a level that will attract a more diverse applicant pool, while staying at a level where applicants are more likely to achieve passing grades and board scores. Upon completion of the Supplemental Application process, selected candidates will be invited for a virtual interview. And while her decision to pursue a medical education was an easy one, the path to med school proved to be a little more difficult. CHSU-COM has achieved Pre-Accreditation status from the Council on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA), which is the highest level of accreditation awarded to a new COM until graduating its first class. Recording Secretary: Denesse Segura Welcome to California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM-COM)…your medical school journey begins now. Corresponding Secretary: Christian Xiong 2. Lees Summit, MO The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is an organization that is dedicated to the profession of pharmacy and serving the underserved community. Unsure of whether or not her dream of becoming a doctor would ever come to fruition, she worked hard, earned her undergraduate degree at Fresno State and was accepted into the CHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. Chowchilla, CA Policy VP: Yelena Martinez The CHSU-COM Admissions team receives a lot of questions from applicants about what they can do to set themselves apart and make their application stand out. She also plans on becoming actively engaged in public health advocacy. Finance VP: Jesus De La Torre For more information, visit And for her that provides a deep sense of fulfillment. Secretary: Deanna Sweet Visit us on Instagram

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