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Vanessa Anne Williams Ethnicity, He is who he is and can live with the attention. There is a new hot show on primetime television that everyone is talking about call Empire. Grace Byers (née Gealey; born July 26, 1984) is an American actress, known for her role as Anika Calhoun in the Fox music-industry drama, Empire. In the story line, Andre (portrayed by actor Trai Byers) is a successful black man that is aiming to continue the legacy his father started. It’s inspiring to see her in her light.”. Make sure you check her out on her website at “In moving forward I had to overcome a lot of things in my life that I had experienced and I had to rediscover who I am as a woman and who I am as an artist.”. Actor Trai Byers stars in a hugely popular TV series and plays a big part in one of this year’s best picture nominees.“I would play the mess out of Sam Cooke,” he says. But my main focus was connecting and coming closer to God.”. Create a free website or blog at Now, what?” Put A Ring On It explores what happens and the season looks like it’s going to be a doozy! Brandy is a mental health counselor and mental health advocate. February 16, 2015 03:42 PM, ... Byers brought his sister, Brandy, to the party. He was raised Muslim, and converted to Christianity in high school before turning to Judaism. What are your thoughts about Mental Illness? Of course, because I’m the creative soul that I am, I was never fulfilled. “Selma” is now in theaters.We’ve pitted Trai Byers of “Selma” against other KC celebs in our annual alternative Oscar poll. To see her be so good, to see her get into the studio, layer her voice and stack her vocals. With this mindset, wonder why people who are rich end up committing suicide or having mental break downs. Gray) is a fame-hungry, womanizing rapper. “I’m taking their picture and Oprah says, ‘Get into the light, baby. “I was feeling down and out, like I didn’t know my worth or my value and that is not a great place to be creatively or in life. She really loves music, it’s just who she is. They’ve been around the block, they’ve had love in the past and it didn’t work out and now they are on a resort with no distractions, just one purpose…to find love.”, It’s going to be an exciting season. We feel that if you have money, you should have no worries in life. “I hooked up with my high school friends after some time, and they admitted they knew I was so on fire, so spiritually-focused that they would get jealous. Eisenhower Middle School in KCK with another future star: singer Janelle Monae.Byers says he’d love to catch up with Monae; he hasn’t seen her since she moved to Atlanta. I’m not big on rap.”Byers attended D.D. But you see these are people just like you, with regard to how they live their lives and the dysfunction in their unit.” Byers credits the show’s success to the guiding hand of its acclaimed creator.“Lee Daniels pushes boundaries,” Byers says. Part of her issue, is boundaries; having them, holding them, creating them, not violating them and she crossed a boundary with me.” Sounds like the season premiere is going to be epic!

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