bmw valve stem seals

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Most dealers charge anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 to have this done, so here's your chance to save a ton of cash! Bringing the BMW community together. This is due to worn valve stem seals and it’s one thing that all owners of these vehicles fears. Most forums and technicians will recommend you leave this one to the professionals! My 2013 550i is going to the dealer next next week for what I assume is going to be valve stem seal replacement under the recall from the class action suit related to the n63 engine. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed8b120a8d02e37 © 2020 Select Luxury Service. I remember back in the day, probably around 2008, when this guy came in with an E53 X5 with an N62 engine complaining about smoke from the tail pipe. Select Luxury Service offers a unique combination of high quality and low pricing. I was looking for an engine in bay DIY with associated tools. Status Not open for further replies. You will prevent damage to the catalytic converters (a very expensive repair if they are damaged), prevent oil consumption, improve rough idle, and can turn off certain check engine light codes. • There are 32 of them (4 valves per cylinder). JavaScript is disabled. Some shops do not have the required special tools to perform the repair. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. I had a hard time finding a dealership in the Boston area that would recognize the recall. Our BMW master technician has years of experience and knows all the tricks to get this job done in half the time. If your takeoffs are reminiscent of the aftermath of a 4th of July fireworks display it’s time to replace your Valve Stem Seals. This includes both bank valve cover gasket sets and the updated valve stem seals of course. • We offer extremely competitive pricing for your automotive maintenance needs and will match or beat all luxury car manufacturer dealer prices. Reply.
Black 2002 BMW 745Li (sold) KW v3's, blue angel eyes, 8000K headlights & HID fogs, rebuilt alternator & mounting bracket gasket, sunroof seal, CCVs, plugs, sway bar bushings, timing & valve cover gaskets, valve stem seals, guibo joint, mechatronic sealing sleeve, trans fluid, sanded headlights... Save Share. We also offer great prices at our Luxury Car Parts Department for all you DIYers (Do It Yourself)! BMW N63 Valve Stem Seals BMW N63 Valve Stem Seals. Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Select Luxury Service’s experience and skill enable us to charge less than half of BMW franchise store’s price – just $3,995, plus tax! This is a common problem that effects BMW’s between ’03 and ’08 with the N62 8-cylinder engine. Please feel free to reach us at (678) 324-9577 or click here if you have any questions, comments, or wish to schedule service! At a dealership, this job costs close to $9,000! I would need 2 full days to complete the repair, I'm available on weekends (I work at the dealer during the week). Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business. I consume oil and make an uncomfortable amount of smoke out of the exhaust. 1 - 2 of 2 Posts . The only way to fix it is to get in there and replace your valve stem’s with new seals. (There are multiple manufacturers of goods, I used victor reinz, bmw and erlinch when I could. Click Here To Make An Appointment to get your Valve Stem Seals Replaced Today. In addition to preventing your car from smoking like an old Toyota at a red light, you can do your engine a huge favor by getting the stem seals replaced. We had never seen this before, so we checked the car the first time and couldn't find anything wrong with it so we let the car go. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. For a more accurate diagnosis, let your car idle in the parking lot for about 10 minutes, then floor it! Is your BMW smoking? Enter the email address you used when creating the account and click Send button. You can tell you are afflicted when bluish smoke comes from the exhaust upon acceleration (after warmup). |. Other Common Names: Valve Stem Seal, BMW Smoking, N62 Smoking, BMW Valve Guide Seals, BMW Burning Oil, BMW V8 Burning Oil Models of Concern: 545i, 550i, 645i, 650i, 745i, 745li, 750i, 750li, X5 – Basically anything with the 8-cylinder N62 Engine (’03-’08 Production!) Models of Concern: 545i, 550i, 645i, 650i, 745i, 745li, 750i, 750li, X5 – Basically anything with the 8-cylinder N62 Engine (’03-’08 Production!). Select Luxury Service also has all the special tools to perform this job flawlessly and get your BMW running smoothly again! Your IP: I have a snapon leak-down tester to hold up the valves however I am not finding the tools when the engine is still in the engine bay nor any DIY. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. The valve stem seal replacement cost savings is truly amazing; and we hope this enables many more BMW drivers to get their engine repaired! Valve cover gasket replacement is included in the valve stem seal procedure, and other leaking gaskets can be addressed at this time for a fraction of the cost since the engine is already disassembled including front timing covers, vacuum pump, and VANOS solenoids. We are able to save you several thousand dollars by performing your valve stem seal replacement here for a fair price! The Problem: Valve Stem Seal Smoking in BMW’s with the N62. Our Master Technicians specifically trained, certified, and awarded Master Status will have no problem repairing and maintaining your vehicle to run like new. I've had someone drive over 12 hrs to meet me and to have the repair … Other Common Names: Valve Stem Seal, BMW Smoking, N62 Smoking, BMW Valve Guide Seals, BMW Burning Oil, BMW V8 Burning Oil It is time on my 00 M5 to replace valve stem seals. We are on our tenth n54 that is in need of valve stem seal replacment this year. If its valve stem oil seals, you'll get blue smoke on startup or sometimes if the car is idling as the oil is leaking past the seals on the valves and dripping DOWN into the combustion chambers. A message will be sent to that address containing a new password. Link to my valve stem seal replacement pictures/steps -->. It seems like it's becoming the norm for higher mileage n54s. Fan removal tool (if you have an earlier model with the fan mounted to the water pump), Set crankshaft to TDC (notch in vibration damper lines up with hole at roughly 10:30 / northwest) and stick a pin in hole/notch to lock crankshaft in place, Unbolt power steering fluid reservoir and DSC pump (next to the coolant reservoir) from their mounts so you can move them around a little, Remove fan, air box, intake pipe, pipe(s) going from CCVs to intake manifold, coolant reservoir, hood switch, microfilters, microfilter ducts, metal firewall bridge piece over rear of engine, spark plug looms, spark plug coilpacks, tank vent valve (on top-front of driver's side head), vacuum pump, Valvetronic motors (big round can-looking things at top-middle of each valve cover), VANOS solenoids (2 mounted to face of upper timing chain cover on each head), disconnect fuel line (goes across/above driver's valve cover), remove other stuff I probably forgot, Remove oiler lines (single bolt between cams near VANOS adjustment units, then unclip piping), Pull back and unhook tensioner spring from eccentric shaft (can turn eccentric shaft about 180 degrees to make this easier), Remove gears at ends of camshafts (VANOS adjustment units), tie timing chain to something so that it doesn't slip off the crankshaft, Plug all oil drain holes in head HARD with a balled up paper towel, otherwise you'll lose spring keepers down them -- ask how I know. If you are a customer of Select Luxury Service, you know that we provide high quality services for reasonable prices. Remove camshafts (Valvetronic system's eccentric shaft and intake cam come off as one unit; exhaust camshaft comes off alone), Remove rockers -- there is a small spring that unclips at the HVA (hydraulic valve adjuster), while the other end of each rocker lifts off the valve easily, Pressurize cylinder -- tool for hooking up an air compressor often comes with the valve spring compressor kit you'll need, Mount valve spring compressor across camshaft journal studs (if you have the bridge-looking valve spring compressor kit seen in my pictures), Compress valve spring, remove spring keepers, Remove valve stem seal -- it just pops off if you pull it hard enough; I used a dental pick type tool to hook under the old seal and pull up, Lubricate new valve stem seal with a little oil and push flat to cylinder head -- I just pushed each on with a 16mm socket, which worked fine, Attempt to keep your sanity while you compress valve spring and put spring keepers back on -- I found a magnetized flat head screwdriver VERY helpful in doing this, Reinstall rockers (make sure they are seated well), Time camshafts to crankshaft using special timing rigs, Put everything back together and hope you didn't pinch a wire somewhere, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Imagine the low prices of an aftermarket shop and the quality of a dealership combined into one building. Many BMW drivers that own a 545i, 550i, 645i, 650i, 745i, 745li, 750i, 750li, X5 made between ’03-’08, or any BMW with the V8 N62 engine, experience excessive smoke coming from the exhaust tail-pipe following a lengthy idle. Even if you go to an aftermarket shop, you typically will end up spending around $5,000+ for this kind of service. The Problem: Valve Stem Seal Smoking in BMW’s with the N62. For the valve seals I went with victor reinz as I didnt trust OEM, BMW since I suspect they were nitrile rubber based vs fluoro-carbon based.) All Rights Reserved. If you bring your vehicle to the dealership, this service will cost anywhere between $7,000-$9,000! This is a very tricky and time intensive job, and it is typically very expensive.

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