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Anyone..? I gotta stop reading these. List is missing many much more talented folks; Al Dimeola is a huge miss, Steve Howe, Robin Trower, Steve Hackett, Steve Morse to name a few! could wes montgomery contribute inventing or reinventing punk ? Thanks for your lists out there. It is hard to compare him with anybody else. Peter Green and Gary Moore are far better. Jerry Garcia was supremely creative on stage–what an imagination he had. It’s about guitarists. Now, here is a bit of subjectiveness on my part, though I would venture to say that I will be supported in my comment by a great many others, and that is that Keith Richards could carry Stevie Ray’s jock! It doesn’t surprise me that only mainstream guitarists are on this list. I would definitely place him within the top 10! Why not Neal Schon? At least they have Chet Atkins…. Knopfler is the one who deserves top of the list. My first thought was “Where is Robin Trower?” If these people are old enough to get the others right they should never have missed him! The omission of Alex Lifeson is a fuking joke. There are some excellent models on the market at the moment. The biggest single controversy here is what to do with Jimi. Not my personal preference on a lot of these, but they are all accomplished players who deserve to be recognized. he probably doesn’t or didn’t even know what it was. There’s great guitarists who aren’t even mentioned, or mentioned in passing, like my man Larry Carlton, Steven Lukather is a monster ! 31. Guitar playing was never the same after him. Producer Derek Drescher Contributors. (His absence on tour dates was explained as his need to attend to the band's business affairs). It would be so easy to do an alternative list of 50 guitar players. He’s also laid down some legendary session work on the likes of Paul Simon’s Graceland and Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral, and, lest we forget, he does great animal noises. Joe should be Number one by the way ! Along those same lines, how does any list not include Kenny Burrell?? 1. He might have been the world’s fastest at some time but what he was actually playing was also sometimes a mystery. Malmsteen, Vai, Satriani? Bullshit that list!! This list is limited by being more a popularity contest. He didn’t even make the list!! When Jimi Hendricks was asked what it was like to be the greatest guitar player in the world… He answered “I don’t know, ask Rory Gallagher.” That says a lot. Having passed Grade 8 piano with distinction at the age of 15, he subsequently studied with Robert Markham at Yorkshire Young Musicians, the centre for the advanced training for gifted young musicians based at Leeds College of Music. 7-Tina S ( I know him), also Shawn Pittman, and George Harrison IS one of the greats… Derek Trucks and Ry Cooder, Eric Johnson, and Eric Clapton should all be in the top 10, with Stevie Ray Vaughan (whom I saw hundreds of times) and Jack White really IS an awesome guitar player. Glaring omissions… Otis Rush , Ike Turner and Wayne Krame,r all important progenitors and stylists . ;p Well….I just read “Forbes’ Greatest Lists Of All Time” and… guess what? Page isn’t better than Clapton or Duane for that matter. But John Kay should have been in there somewhere, imo. Joe Bonamassa Canadian Guitarist who is best known for being a member of rock group, Galactic Pegasus. I mean what a load of balony. esPECIALly the first…i would hope you’re familiar with the al dimeola, stanley clarke and jean luc ponty work, ‘rites of strings’. On those records in particular, Mark Knopfler’s soloing is clean, economical and effortlessly tasty. Stupid list. no offence..but really? Required fields are marked *. No Rev. I agree with Mr Greaves comments. … this is a pretty funny list … just to mention some names that definetely have been missed … steve vai, allan holdsworth, paco de lucia, brett garsed, steve morse, steve lukather, guthrie govan, andy timmons and so many others …. Maybe he won’t make your version of the list, but for MANY years, Buddy Whittington played blues guitar for Mayall, and he can stand proudly with the other Guitar Gods that John Mayall introduced to the world. First two I expected on this list ere Atkins and Less Paul, and was happy to see them there. Thats probably why he hasn’t put out much new material lately. bluzking is stupid. Jimmy Page was always over-rated, Clapton hasn’t done anything decent for years! Why did they leave Angus Young off the list? No way! No Larry Coryell? What a joke! It riles everyone up. 1) RICK EMMETT: I am proud to say that I went to the same school that Rick attended (Humber College in Toronto, Ontario) and transcribed SUITCASE BLUES for a band That I played for in the late 1970s. His all sounds the same . Or better yet, use it for toilet paper. Same thing with Clapton, everyone on that band wagon but he is way overrated. And is probably not a guitarist!!! where the f**** are Alvin Lee and Nick Valensi from The Strokes grandpa ? Equally, I am still dead chuffed that I performed alongside The Manfreds, Blake and Lulu for the Prince and Princess of Monaco, and I got to meet them both after I performed. So… Where is Gary Moore? The liberal mind is screwed up. Posts like this get you into bickering trouble.. Lol, i read that you did your scientific research. Those bass string solos on ‘Galveston’ and ‘Wichita Lineman’ are models of economy, but if you really want to be impressed, check out his live version of ‘MacArthur Park’, proving his spot on a list of the best guitarists is more than well-earned. Buddy Emmons (steel) should be mentioned also. Hendrix should be Number 1 because what else are you going to do with him? Yes agree about Bonamassa but my absolute favourite and never on anyone’s list was Johnny Winter. He’s not a guitarists arsehole. He is not on this list and just like TINA S, was not mentioned by anyone except ME!! Robben gets a “B+” and Carter gets an “A” on this video. He is better than many who made the list. I read her article with interest and have enjoyed a lively discussion in response to it with members of my own pianistic and piano teaching community on social networks. This planet symbolizes the principle of assertive drive and energy. Keith Richards belongs exactly where he is. 9-Tina S And if you don’t actually play the guitar it’s pretty difficult to credibly comment on whether one guitarist is better than another. Lukather? Keith Richards? How he plays so well with those stumpy fingers is beyond me. Youtube Jake and BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS. She was the guitarist on Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What about classical guitarist John Williams, he must surely rank in the top 50. I once heard Eric Clapton remark that Mark Knopfler was by far the best electric guitarist ever. Where is Joe Bonnamassa? Just like after his cancer surgery a couple of months earlier, doctors told Gahan that he simply couldn't keep touring and that he'd have to stay off of his injured leg in order for it to heal properly. Hank Marvin Dame Fanny, I beg to differ. – the Greenwich Festival 6-Steinway concert at Eltham Palace years ago, a horrendous, long, difficult, fractious, uncomfortable and very unpleasant experience. David Gilmore so many amazing pink Floyd songs 39. Check out: ‘How High The Moon’, The trailblazing folk and blues musician originated her distinctive style by accident. My teachers, for me, have always been the most wonderful influence on my playing, not because they have dictated what I do – what does anyone actually learn from that, after all? John McLaughlin? All incredible in their own right. . However, he knew it had gotten out of hand when his regular breakfast consisted of two double vodkas. It does not mean he has to be the best for everyone else. 50. There may be much better technical guitar players out there but how many could come up with as many memorable riffs and tunes as those two did? And while Dave Gahan and Martin Gore suffered numerous medical setbacks both big and small, bandmate Andy Fletcher's mental health deteriorated. Wish I was selling tape measures…. Athletes and musicians have some integral things in common; one of the most important being totally supportive and dedicated parents. I love David Gilmore’s playing, but have not heard much by him since he stopped working with Steve Coleman. This list is NOT about “showmen”. Before I even read the list, I pegged Clapton in the top 3. In fact, I think many young artists have too wide a repertoire, as they feel they must have the big warhorses of the standard piano repertoire in their fingers by a certain point in their career in order to gain recognition and respect. But you could still get down to them. But if you listen to Page, away from Zep, you wouldn’t be able to tell who that was. So boring so you fall asleep. And some come to music in adulthood. 10-Mark knopfler

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