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That all being said, is this a Big Kahuna burger at all? Other than that complaint, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out a “debearded the mussels” double entendre and wishing I could taste your hand-cut pasta, mussels, and sauce with that lemon-infused olive oil that Zach wrote about, so I think you mostly achieved your goal. I take a big swig of Americano, stir my sauce, and sit goddamn down. In just a few short years, he’s become a luminary in the field, even getting featured in Netflix’s The Chef Show. I found this heavy, oven-safe pan at a pro-kitchen shop in Berlin and it was about one-third the price of a fancy-smancy dutch oven and, hey, it does the same damn thing. To celebrate our 25th entry in the series (though only 24 are counted in the standings), we decided to chase internet-food singularity by asking Andrew Rea to do the roasting. I just cut the dough ball into quarters, then rolled each quarter out as thin as I could with a rolling pin, floured it well on both sides, then rolled it into a little log and cut it in pasta-width columns.

I don’t really know why keeping this true-to-film became so important to me, but it was a fun challenge to secretly write an idea into the Tarantino universe. ‎Show The Intersection of Cancer and Life with Emily Garnett, Ep Episode 30: Being with Babish with Andrew Rea - Dec 26, 2019 ‎Way back in The beginning of 2019- which feels like a lifetime ago- I was starting a clinical trial as my second line of treatment. To get the “bite” of the tomato back in play, I added jalapeno to the top bun along with a thin layer of my sauce. For one thing, I host and produce a Sopranos podcast (4.8 stars on iTunes, debuted in the top 100, had El-P from Run The Jewels on as a guest… nbd). Like, why not tie the herbs in the dish to the herbs on the garlic bread? Italian Comfort Food Showdown: 1) Steve 2) (tie) Zach & Vince Ultimately, I decided against it. In a large mixing bowl, I combine two eggs plus two yolks, the meat (I had the meat processed at the butcher as I don’t have the means to do that home), oats, half a diced onion, four cloves of minced garlic, chopped handfuls of fresh oregano and basil, the spices listed above with a hint of chili pepper flakes to add a little edge in there, and finally a lot of cranks from the pepper mill and large pinches of salt. I think you may have crossed the rubicon into madness, Steve. I only have very minor nitpicks here.

I then dunk them into ice water in a bowl to stop the cooking. Would I even attempt something this preposterously labor intensive? So I kept this pretty basic (yes, I added bacon — store didn’t have pancetta, wasn’t that important of a difference — because it goes great with clams and mussels).

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