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Light Novel Debut Como estratega, ha leído muchos trabajos sobre teoría de juegos y tácticas de guerra y es un experto en el tema. Personal Information En verdad, la única persona que conoce el lado menos amenazante y controlador de Mori es Elise, aunque hay una ironía increíble en el hecho de que incluso la actitud exigente y dura de Elise contra él es algo que él configuró intencionalmente. or akutagawa chases gins dog not realizing hes entered atsushis apartment lol. She also accompanies Ougai Mori during the meeting with the ADA to start a ceasefire. De lo contrario, crea una cierta distancia entre él y los demás, como si nada de lo que digan lo desconcierta. N/A Unlike the vast majority of characters in the series, she is not a direct reference to a famous author but is instead possibly a reference to real-life Ryunosuke's work, Ogin. She also, intentionally or unintentionally, masks her gender while in this form. She also carries a purse with her. Her first appearance in the anime was after Ichiyo Higuchi ordered the Black Lizard to raid the Armed Detective Agency. Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. Viste una camisa violeta con botones, corbata negra, pantalón negro, zapatos negros y una bata larga blanca. Akutagawa Gin & Akutagawa Ryuunosuke & Dazai Osamu; Akutagawa Gin & Akutagawa Ryuunosuke; Akutagawa Gin & Dazai Osamu; Akutagawa Ryuunosuke & Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs) ... fourteen when he ran from the mafia and never looked back. As a boy Akutagawa was sickly and hypersensitive, but he excelled at school and was a voracious reader. Occupation Her heels are instead boots, and the cross completely omitted. Many of them will probably be hurt/comfort. After Osamu Dazai extends an invitation to the Port Mafia to Akutagawa, Gin joins as well, however, the full circumstances behind her decision remain unknown.[7]. Yukichi Fukuzawa , su antiguo aliado, conoce las profundidades de la oscuridad de Mori, y él y Dazai suelen ser los que ven directamente a través de Mori. Gin was otherwise absent from the entire three-way conflict. He’s leashed to the other man in a way he wasn’t before. atsushi watches the life fade from his partner, his friend's eyes.he's met with a revelation, and a burst of anger. Mori es un hombre de cuarenta años, con un físico bastante alto y delgado. Gin would have been proud of his self-restraint if not for the fact that he would hold back even when it meant trouble for him. Además, deja su cabello suelto, y dos mechones caen sobre su frente. Supernatural Ability Special Investigation Division, https://bsdmayoi.fandom.com/wiki/0155_Akutagawa_Ryuunosuke?oldid=6626. Three days later, they're missing, and she discovers why, exactly, Ango was so enthusiatic about helping this particular homeless man.If he comes out of this alive, Mizuki is actually going to murder Sakaguchi Ango. He has short, choppy black hair with side bangs which reach his chin and turn white at the tips. Despite her seemingly impassive nature, she is easily embarrassed and blushes when O… (JP/EN) Powers/Skills Acquisition Dazai responds mockingly, embarrassing Gin by revealing her past when she was a cute, small girl until Yumeno is mentioned in which he runs off to save Atsushi. Max. Fitting of an assassin, Gin is deathly quiet, seldom speaking, and pairs her silence with either indifferent or serious expressions. Female (JP/EN) 0155 / 0124. 芥川 銀 0155 / 0124 Esto se alinea con el margen de maniobra de Mori hacia los miembros más activos y poderosos de la organización, lo que les permite un cierto grado de "libertad" e independencia de su estricto escrutinio. Name. - Dazai-san told me... 100 years could pass and I'd still lose to you. How will the Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia react to their most devoted members being actually children? When it comes to others, it appears she prefers keeping this side of her to herself and dislikes being put on the spot over it. Birthday Compared to her older brother, she is more physically fit and capable of handling long-term strenuous activity. She has only been seen in this form once when taking her brother home, but everyone described her as extremely attractive. perhaps he just wants to see the shit that goes down? Family Turns out Gin enjoys it more than she admits, seeing it as a fun family bonding activity with Ryuu. De manera similar, detesta a los "parásitos" como los contrabandistas y personas que él Los creyentes chupan Yokohama para su propio beneficio y alteran su delicado equilibrio. While in her Port Mafiaform, she's nigh mute. Those brothers of his, they’d continue, demons the both of them with faces of humans.

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